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JULY 30, 2012 7:45PM

Have You Been Affected by Gun Violence?

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It's been almost two weeks since the shootings in Aurora, and we're only beginning to piece together the narrative of James Holmes' crimes. If Dave Cullen's "Columbine" has taught us anything, it's that it may be years before the whole picture finally emerges, and even then there's no guarantee we'll find anything approaching understanding.

What we do know is that a 24-year-old, white man from an affluent San Diego family has been charged with 24 counts of murder after killing 12 people and injuring another 58 during a shooting spree in a Colorado movie theater. We also know that gun violence is an epidemic in this country, and that we can no longer expect our politicians to do anything to cure it.

Open Salon wants to know: Have you been personally affected by gun violence? What has your experience taught you about the values of your family or community?

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Good "Call." You don't have to get shot to be affected by this new level of violence.
yah,but can't tellya bout it.....
when it comes to american gun violence, always remember most, almost all, happens to foreigners.
Does that include our links on our pages getting shot by Spammers? I just cleaned mine up. It would be nice if they can stay the way I want them. I've heard that they won't, though.
phyllis, I have an easy fix for the link spam crap! DELETE ALL THE LINKS, ALL OF THEM...no more issue!!! :D
I have been affected by gun violence. Every time some idiot like the guy in CO goes off , people want to take away my guns.
joseph Im happy someone had the sense to say what you just posted, and I agree with you, Its true too, Thank for the post, Makes great sense.People have compleately "Lost touch' with sense and sensibility and more people need to take a stand on issues that effect us all, having our Guns taken away due to the 'holmes Guy" and other 'issues', would be a shame. as a whole, Americans need to wake up. God bless.
This might read a bit strange because I don't personally know anyone who owns a gun, and I have never even held one, let alone shoot. But many years ago, when I was doing business overseas, I got an indirect message from a competitor (I assume), informing me there was a bullet with my name on it, just waiting for the right moment.

At the time I laughed it off as some kind of sick joke. Yet the odd thing is that some 9 years after that message, I now occasionally have dreams that I die by being shot when walking around the neighborhood after dark. The gunman in the dream is faceless and unknown, and I sometimes wonder if that message from all those years back has returned to haunt me.

How strange is that? Affected by potential gun violence by a fantasized event that seems very real in the dreams. Is this FEAR translated into False Evidence Appearing Real? I certainly hope so!

Andy Aitch
I grew up in a Northern suburb, long enough ago that it was considered normal for ANYONE to walk around at night without even thinking about muggers (a word I never heard until I went to work in NYC, years later. "Guns" were unexceptional, and not considered any problem; most boys had .22s, and there was no thought at all of shooting anyone. Working in NYC, in the '60s it started to change. I didn't think of myself as a likely "victim" being a fairly fit man. Wrong: a couple of times I was attacked by "muggers", but without thinking about it , I started to fight. It was a draw, but my conclusion was, that I had better get a gun right away, if this was the new reality, otherwise I could end up dead. Very illegal, at the time, but as an Irish Policemen, accused of carrying an unauthorized shotgun in his squad car, said: "Better be judged by 12 than carried by 6". So I got a Walther .32. Luckily, never had occasion to use it. So yes, I had a bad experience with "gun violence": it turned me, a nice guy , into a criminal (who didn't get caught)
That's why I own a gun - so I won't be "affected" by it.
This sounds like a good question. But in reality the vast majority of people aren't directly affected by guns. Even with the 40 thousand or so deaths involving guns that is a tiny percentage of the US.