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OCTOBER 27, 2012 9:42AM

Bear with us if you can

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Hey Guys,

I know it's been a while since my last note, but unfortunately, I haven't had all that much new to report. The site's still maddeningly slow, due in large part to the spam that's consumed the Most Recent feed (and the comments section, and Most Viewed, and the far corners of Tink's mind). What I can say is that Salon is mobilizing to make Open more usable. I'm reluctant to get into specifics until we're actually ready to implement our changes, but help is on the way. We have no plans to let the site languish indefinitely in hospice care as Chuck Stetson so eloquently put it the other day.

Now, I recognize that a bunch of you will write this off as another Romney-esque promise of a better tomorrow, and that's totally fair. We have a long way to go to earn back your trust. I just wanted to let you know that I really care about this site and its community, and none of your frustrations are falling on deaf ears. Really hope you'll hang around.


Your occasionally fearful leader 

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Just do the deed: your are actions will speak louder than words. The server has been excruciatingly slow, but that is nothing new.

(Most likely, I will be blacklisted for commenting on this post, but as of this writing, I noticed I was the third to Rate it.)
I hope it's soon Jacob. OS has lost too many contributors because of all the blogging sites I'm aware of, it's the most difficult to access. Folks who have been around here a while are willing to cut it a lot of slack because of its high points. But I suspect that new users just give up in a hurry because no other site makes it so difficult to post, comment, search, and just get the damn page to load.
A gal can always hope. Thanks for checking in with us.
I'm stubborn and have been here too long to give up easy. But I think what Abrawang said is true. New people won't stick around.

Thank you for posting this and hope the fix is soon. (my name is Mimetalker, and I am an addict...)
i take hope from this message , but then again
i am well known to be rather naive.
i am happy you give a shout out to one of our best,
chuck, who honestly and passionately cares about this place,
as i do, and alot of us do.
What you have to realize is that our outrage and general pissiness
and doom-mongering is due
to our love of what os was, and is.
It is unique in this wild west Blogospherical Babylon...
Not to be hyperbolic, but it is kinda like the planet Earth itself!!
(Yeah, that is a bit hyperbolic...)
Such promise , so many goof ups, so little hope left amongst
its inhabitants, yet...we really should save it.
A shame to see it die from fire, or ice.
Could we at least get the five point plan?
Thanks for the update. Here's hoping that whatever you guys are up to will work out... sooner rather than later... sooo damned frustrating for us, must be completely driving you nuts!
Jake, I suspect it would be easier for us to bear with you if you would be so kind as to bare some specifics to us.
Can you paint that weight-bearing, dark-colored column in your avatar background white so it blends in with the ceiling?

Also, what is it with you younger, male professionals with the 5 o'clock shadow? Is that suppose to portray an image that you're at your job 24/7?
Thank you for your open announcement.
Abrawang made a strong point. There are other places to blog where the loads are speedy, so the newbies head for those places as soon as they find out OS cannot accommodate their needs for speed. I used to blog more seriously here, spent hours reworking my posts, until the spam problem became so tough to fight, and other issues such as in-fighting became so distracting to every reader.
I prefer the OS format, and the friends I've made here have kept me coming back for more. But don't look for me to stay if these issues are not tackled much more speedily than they would appear to have been so far. I actively have an eye out for a different spot altogether which offers the same amenities, but without the worry.
I hate to say it, but we are skeptical, even if you are sincere and really do care. Certain issues could easily and swiftly have been tackled in the past. Others much more tech savvy than myself have offered their time and expertise for free to help with these problems before, and to no avail.
I will hang in there for you. I will even believe you mean to do us better than every past editor. But the proof is always in the pudding.
Peace and good luck with your repair job
We love this site, clearly, or we'd not be here dealing with all the technical troubles, we'd be elsewhere....
At noon on a cold Saturday, you have 7 posts in the top rated feed and one of them is yours. Things better get cracking on your end.

Some advice, if you're interested in keeping us interested? A regular update, even to log the baby steps & what you guys are thinking in the ivory tower, would go a long way.
Alive!!!! HE IS ALIVE!!
I would love to see Open Salon come back to it's former vigor.
Does this mean I'm not going to get my email notifications restored anytime soon?

Jacob, I think most of the members understand your earnest efforts to improve the site. Thank you .

I'm also concerned that many visual artists have left either because they are frustrated with the slowness, or because they no longer get any EP s or cover time. We did have a brief conversation via PM about this and I am still afraid the visual folks are leaving for other venues.

One thing about a forum like this is the excellent format for short videos that are problematic in other venues. The format here offers an excellent place to screen time-based art and images in a wide range of media. I feel strongly that research done in the fine art realm has a place alongside the harder news pieces, as well as the more academic writing. All media employs the human imagination, and all are vehicles for discovery. Well....that's my four cents...thanks again

If you're actually dealing with this.

I wish you luck. I'd rather stay here and, if it doesn't get way too frustrating, I will.
... fearful? You fearful?
You no be the coward?
You wears skin of fox?

You don raccoon cap?
Tarzan swing in trees.
You be reared right?
No Apes rear` Jake?
Ay, You a ` Prudent?
O!` Care is Courage!
... fearful? You fearful?
You no be the coward?
You wears skin of fox?

You don raccoon cap?
Tarzan swing in trees.
You be reared right?
No Apes rear` Jake?
Ay, You a ` Prudent?
O!` Care is Courage!
Who deleted?
Let's get one thing dealt with first: Tink has a mind?????

Anyway, thanks for the update, Jacob. I sincerely hope you and the boffins can fix this site. I've been on here nearly four years, and I'd sorely miss it if I had to leave, for whatever reason.

Yes, I post elsewhere as well, when I post at all, but Open Salon has been a second home since I first climbed aboard.
New Jersey Snores!
walls are horizontal!
walls perpendicular!
whoops/wooer woe!
O heehaw\woes-we!

Jake eat green plant!
ay editor Vim/Vigor!
Blogger Linnnn\Oho!
I forgot what to convey?
Who deleted Salon's
Blogger named `
She gave me,
and my son,
banana tree.
New Jersey Snores!
walls are horizontal!
walls perpendicular!
whoops/wooer woe!
O heehaw\woes-we!

Jake eat green plant!
ay editor Vim/Vigor!
Blogger Linnnn\Oho!
I forgot what to convey?
Who deleted Salon's
Blogger named `
She gave me,
and my son,
banana tree.
too slow to post?
I wait for` Whoops!
okay. I sit and heehaw!
frustration frustration
promises promises
nothing nothing
you Jake are a bone being thrown
bone upon bone
a bone we have tired of
do not make me a prophet
all i want is to write
all i want is to crazy blog
return to the days of thousands of views
lightening speed interactions
a sense that we OS bloggers matter
please please
make the white and blue blogs
relevant again[?]
a place to share art
front page glory
I wrote out a plan about a year ago to simply, and with little to no cost, fix both the content and IT issues with this site.

If you'd like a copy, just contact me.
Oh, and stuff like this is what I do for a living, so I'm not just some would-be know-it-all who thinks they can rebuild a car but doesn't even know how to drive one.
Jacob, with all due respect there is a deja-vu-all-over-again, been-there-done-that feeling about your post. There is the standard heartfelt apology. There is the New Plan, the details of which cannot now be disclosed. There is the appeal to patience. There is the rebirth of hope, and the promise that all will be better.

We've gotten posts like this every few months for the last two years. During that time the New Plans have been implemented and yet things have gotten increasingly worse.

But even if now at last you solve the spam problem, there is a larger issue that is not being addressed --

Four years ago Open Salon was an innovative concept. There wasn't anything like it on the internet. There weren't any other reasonable options.

Today it's different. There are social blogging sites that have far more features than Open Salon -- features that would take OS years to implement, even if OS had the resources and willingness to implement them.

So it's not just the spam. While full-featured social blogging sites have come on-line, Open Salon has been largely frozen in time, paralyzed by spam and a lack of resources. Open Salon is like a Ford Model-T. There's nothing wrong with a Model-T, and it was great in its day. But while you guys are still trying to get your Model-T to run, the Toyota Prius has become available. The Open Salon Model-T has a certain sentimental value, but it doesn't have the features that a modern social blogging site should have.

And it's not just the features. When it comes to customer service the paid staff of Open Salon typically can't be bothered to respond to inquiries and suggestions. Meanwhile the volunteer-run social blogging sites often answer inquiries within a few hours.

I still stop by Open Salon to marvel at the spam and to see what else is going on. But I now post at a different site, one largely populated by the many members of the Open Salon diaspora. My posts get as much attention there as they ever did here, there's no spam, the customer service is better, and the features are better.

The social blogging world has moved on, I have moved on, and I hope that everything works out for you here.
Part of my comment to mishima after reading his thoughts here:

"...While waiting for an OS page to load this week, my youngest ( a teen, his mid-20s brother nodding along behind him) came along and asked why I was just sitting there. When I replied 'waiting for an OS page to load' his response was: "You can tell OS is only old people -- nobody under 50 would wait like that for a page, Mom.
OS: the site, you and your 'friends,' (his air quotes) are a bunch of dinosaurs. Move on already." "

Yup. Meanwhile I'll be with Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin.
There you are! Was wondering where you'd got to... Keep at it -- everyone bitches, but in my experience they're not going anywhere... :-)
Now THERE'S a healthy dose of deja vu....!

(*But then, it's worked for 2 years....*)
Thank you Jacob - and if there's anything I could do...let me know! R
Seer. That was Elder Concern.
You/me must edify the youth.
Ay Inspiration can be gleaned.
Good Night. It was a wild day.
We can now view Moon beam.
We can be ay`re-invigorated.
Tomorrow. It only a day away.
Actions speak louder than words so I guess we shall see!
Jacob - does contact by an RSS update-bot count as a view? Because there's been some spooky misalignment of statistics lately. What I am "just saying" is that if that category or any other can be manipulated, then the real estate on the cover could be editorially more well thought out.

For free, one expects Albanian standards, but OS continually rises above that. Thank you for all you do and try to do.
I hope that all you've written is true!
Jake ~ it's great to hear there is a new plan in the works for fixing things here!

While I have not posted much lately on OS it has more to do with some huge priorities in the "outside" world that recently transpired and not so much with the tech problems here. However, I will say it has been nearly impossible to access my existing posts for archival purposes and I have had to resort to using Google's "caches" to back up recent posts which is a really sad statement about how troubled the server situation is on OS.

I noticed the comment by mishima666 above, a member of OS who was in the OS beta group before I showed up and have this statement regarding his comment:

“If I’ve lost Cronkite [mishima666],” the president [the editor] is reputed to have said in reaction to Cronkite’s [mishima666's] pronouncement, “I’ve lost Middle America [a major league beta member].”

To prove that you even came back here to read the replies just say hi as a comment so we know you were here. I hate to say it, but, I'm not going to hold my breath. Yes, you are being tarred and feathered by the people who came before you.

Now if you really want to say something productive, and not tell us what is going on, then give us a timeline, or tell us when you will be back to give us an update. You can't expect people to have on for HOPE AND CHANGE forever. We expect you go be going FORWARD but we can't wait forever for you to do something.
Thanks for the HOPE.
Jake... I have to admit I am an old, short, fat, ugly, toothless Troll with a bad attitude and my great grandmother's cast iron skillet... However... it's the middle of the bloody night here in God's Country and I'm STILL getting messages like THESE (and they damn sure are NOT because anyone is working on the servers given the ungodly hour I'm trying to post!) when I TRY to log in so that I can post:

Bad news! SELECT new_msg from salon.open.user_message_folder WHERE fid = '114823' AND is_active=1 [nativecode=FATAL: terminating connection due to administrator command
server closed the connection unexpectedly
This probably means the server terminated abnormally
before or while processing the request.]
Hello, MrsRaptor\n

New Post
View Blog
More ↓\n\n\t
Inbox (0)
Manage Posts
Blog Ads
Edit Account
Invite Friends
Log Out\n\n\n\n\n\n\n"}}

I've GOT to tell you...

I'm ANNOYED because for SOME bizarre reason the system, despite the FACT I tell it to keep me logged in, keeps LOGGING ME OUT.

I'm ANNOYED when it takes an HOUR to load a page IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BLOODY NIGHT in EVERY browser on my computer (and there's FOUR of 'em on here FYI).

I'm FRUSTRATED because I CANNOT POST the vast majority of the time... due to BLOODY SERVER ERRORS.

And then you come along and tell me... "Oh it's going to get better... SOON" and yet it keeps getting worse and worse...

Explain to us PLEASE... exactly WHY was it again we should keep trusting things will IMPROVE when the available evidence tells us it's getting worse not better?

Now, if I take my car to a mechanic (and it has been in the repair shop for a week because it got into an accident whilst parked in my driveway) you can BET YOUR SWEET BIPPY I'm NOT going to trust him if he tells me he can fix the problem only to discover the problems are WORSE after he works on it... You can ALSO bet your sweet bippy I'm not going to trust the owner of the repair shop if his mechanic makes the problem worse.

THAT up there ^^^ is the point a LOT of us are at when it comes to OS.

Did y'all sneak into my gun safe and swipe some of the tranquilizer darts to shoot the servers with? The dang things are about as sluggish as a heavily sedated elephant.
There's laudable attempts to make sense of this, congratulating Jake for writing an email, making light of it, letting off some steam but here's the thing : nilesite and seer have NO problems with OS. The rest of us do.
I say we go to nilesite's and seer's and commandeer their gear.
I want to know why the most viewed list is schizophrenic and can't decide between 4 and 5 items on the list. I don't know why that one post is getting viewed like it is, but I like seeing Hotcakes on the cover, and she'd be there if 5 items were showing as they have at other times this week.
Jacob writes: "The site's still maddeningly slow, due in large part to the spam . . . "

It seems to me that there are a couple of easy temporary solutions that you could consider. I've mentioned these before (but never got a response) so forgive me if, like a broken record, I mention them again.

Suggestion 1: First, discontinue all new accounts. Most spammers rely on new accounts, so cutting off new accounts would make it difficult for most of them to continue spamming. Second, for the spammers who continue to spam with old accounts, delete those accounts. I'm sure you could round up a few OS member volunteers who would be happy to get some payback against the spammers by deleting their accounts. Initially there would be a significant decrease in spam; over time a continuing decrease.

Suggestion 2: Have an analyst build a process that would identify all accounts that publish more than five posts per hour, and then delete those accounts. No legitimate member (with any sense) is going to do more than five posts per hour. This would permit the low-level spammers to continue. But the spammer publishing a few posts a day isn't the one who is bringing the site to its knees. You have spammers with multiple accounts publishing 1,500 posts PER DAY with EACH ACCOUNT. A single energetic spammer can easily bang out 15,000 posts every day. In other words, in order to get control over the site, you don't have to kill every spammer, just the ones doing the most damage.

Both of those suggestions are temporary. Suggestion 1 is temporary because it would block new legitimate people from becoming members. Suggestion 2 is temporary because it allows some spammers to continue. But at this point we're talking about pulling the site out of the fire. In that context, you don't need to wait for the perfect solution. There are things that you guys can do TODAY to start getting control over the spam. Suggestion 1 above will help do that.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if Jake or anyone in OS read this thread, or cared enough to respond ?

Mishima's suggestion is so simple, so inexpensive ... like ChickenMan said above, what's up with an occasional response ??

Jake, an Editor needs to communicate with writers. That's what Editors do, on the other 6 continents.
All the same, we have to be patient, not get too bent out of shape over his slowness. It could well be they won't allow the dear fellow to change everything. Or it could be I'm full of shit on this one....
You have enough time to call up another post calling for photographs for Salon's use, but not enough to respond to anyone here.
I was amazed before ; now I'm simply sickened.
If this is how the US runs companies, good luck, everybody !
Since no one else wants to say it, I will -

Move to Our Salon - http://oursalon.net/ - the site mishima alluded to.

Why in God's name are any of you still putting with this crap and these excuses?

The invitation includes you too, Jake, if you have anything to write other than apologies & excuses (that should be coming from Kerry if he were man enough to take the heat).
.....checks in the mail.....
I want to add that I've been on OS as a lurker for 4 years. It WAS a great place. It hasn't been a great place for way to long - I'm NOT talking about the members - I'm talking about the people that run the place.

I very much wish it was still a great site for some of the best writers I've ever read. But wishes aren't reality.

I have better things to do than try 10 or more times just to get one page up. Especially when there is an alternate site that doesn't have these problems.

How much more abuse are you going to accept? How many more times times are you going to be pathetically thanking Jake because he said he's working on it, or because things are OK for a day or two?

Grow up people! Open your eyes!
Tink has mind?

SINCE WHEN?? Teehee!!!

Here's a song for everyone to sing along!! They've been playing it two or three times a day at my new store, I've changed the lyrics a bit, HERE IS A STORY ABOUT A MAN WHO USE TO BE COOL BUT NOW HE HAS A PRICING GUN....teehee!!

"What I can say is that Salon is mobilizing to make Open more usable. I'm reluctant to get into specifics until we're actually ready to implement our changes, but help is on the way."

And that help is an Atari 2600 with E.T. preloaded!! WEZA GONNA HAZ FUN!!!
You are right; the promises do sound Romney-esque.

Besides, the damage has been done, hasn't it? We've lost thousands of readers and hundreds of great writers.

Just took me a half hour to access my OS email (repeated error page) to tell concerned community members that I'm all right after the hurricane. When I tried to reply to an email, I received another error page, so not sure if it was sent…friggin’ torturous.

Seriously, how hard are these fixes? Why can't someone detail exactly what we're up against and what's being done to remedy it? Many of us some back-end experience, , so we get it. Not just the spam excuse.

Or is it finances? Has Salon management just turned their back on this site because it doesn’t generate enough money?

Open Salon is a train derailed. And it has been for a long time. That kind of damage is incalculable and often permanent.

What saddens me most is that the "powers that be" let this happen. We had a thriving, popular website that received tons of attention. I mean, we’re talking *years* worth of the same site issues. Why?

It’s sad for all of us, Jake. This was our home and we all helped drive it. But it seems like most have moved on because of this protracted neglect. We definitely deserved better than this.

(I'm sure you're not the one responsible for this mess; I get it. But still...)
Open is running fine. Just use Atari 2600 and Notepad for your browser!! Works fine!!!
All of this would be funny, if it weren't for the mendacity of the staff ( ? )
OS has become a tax write-off.

Thanks for keeping us up to speed, Jake, and for all your help.
The speed it takes for this comment to load will be about 5 minutes 14 seconds ~ I'll report back if it's any less ...
You outdid yourself there Jake.
That comment took 6 minutes and 17 seconds to load.
i never complain about free services. otoh, if they're inadequate one must move on...
I wonder, Jake, if you knew about what happened these past hours here ... and if you did ... why you didn't say ...

I'm loyal probably because I like it here.

also I don't want to break in new shoes. these fit perfect.

today I got where ever I clicked so fast, I got scared. so that's good. keep this old heart pumping. adrenaline is a good thing.
but loading is a load.

I could have made dinner while I waited. or at least a cup of tea anyway. but this is an improvement of sorts.

I suppose.

I don't know.

it's not perfect, but what is?
This time it isn't the same.

I've seen lots of technical problems on OS for the 2 1/2 - 3 years I've been here, but they've been that it's difficult to log on, it's more difficult to get into our PM accounts, etc.

But now, there's a new difficulty:

No e-mail notification of comments or PM's.

Sorry, but I have people who comment on posts that aren't current. What am I supposed to do, constantly check old posts?

That's a deal-breaker for me. I've had an account at the other OS member-founded site for a while and, at the beginning of last month, spent a week exclusively over there. Lower traffic, though the site actually works and we actually get solutions to problems over there faster than we get responses to their existence here. The issue was that they didn't have the equivalent of a Favorites function, where we'd get notification where those who we follow post. That too has been fixed.

I'm not leaving forever. I'll at least double-post here and I'll follow wherever the discussions happen, but until we get e-mail notification back all I'm posting over here is links to my posts on the other site.

I should tell you, though, traffic over there is now increasing very quickly, particularly as this place continues to screw up. Today I got a ton of e-mails asking me if you were folding.

I've now had a recent post over there with over 50 comments. That's not chopped liver; two months ago, I'd have been lucky to get five. They're not inactive any more.

Someone recently told me they felt betrayed by OS. I replied that OS is the platform, not the community. We all love this community, but understand that this community is mobile. If most of us really leave, it won't be like Anatevka - two people here, five there, a few to Palestine - there's a place that loads of us know about where we can keep a lot of our OS friends. Most of us will not scatter.

I'd love to find out what your answer will be, but the only way I can is to keep coming back here until I see an answer. The other site I'm taking about has a feature where you can get e-mail notification on activity on any post, yours or not. There are still technical features about this post that are, believe it or not, preferable, but not many.

We don't want to move. Really. But we're beginning to feel like idiots for staying.

Because there is so much residual loyalty, I think you'd be better off keeping us in the loop, if there really is one, than out of it.

And please be careful of your own reputation. You're stuck between a rock and a hard place, but you're beginning to resemble a White House Press Secretary in the early stages of a scandal. Credibility is not an unlimited commodity.
hey,its back.......and ten percent improved......yowsa...
Noticed that the entire site was down early this Sunday morning and I was hoping you guys were putting in a fix. When OS came back up I had my fingers crossed, but to no avail... still "lots of errors," especially when I try get to my inbox to open PM's. Sighhhh...
yaknow....when things are going extremely badly....and you don't get a shitstorm of complaints.........
heh....you know....
What Koshersalaami said.
In 3 years on OS I've never not once been notified by email or pm of any comments on any posts I've put up here.
What Kosher said is a surprise to me.
When the function worked, I'd go to 'comments.'
That's how I'd keep track.

But like the inbox, it doesn't work anymore.

In 25 years of publishing, & more than seventy books for Penguin, Scholastic, Harper Collins, LittleBrown, Allen & Unwin, etc, I've never struck a person who goes by the nom : 'Editor" as uncommunicative, as mendacious or recalcitrant as you, Jake.

If nothing else, you have set the bar high for your replacement here.

Good luck, Kosher, et al.
Fairly safe in the knowledge you won't be reading this anyway, I'd like to say : If anyone ever invites you to 'edit' anything again, for all of our sakes, please decline.
Its hard to believe that in this day and age, with tech advances coming fast and furious , that the Open Salon platform cannot improve its efficiency. What is going on? Is the budget for improvements so small you can't hire good IT's? Or do you just hope the site will die out from subscribers sheer frustration? If the site worked better , I know it would add to your bottom line with the free writing gems you glean from it. Please be straight with us, we are not children.
Uh, Guys?

It just occurred to me that Jake probably doesn't know how many comments he's gotten because OS isn't e-mailing him when they arrive on his post.

We could PM him to tell him but, uh,

that won't tell him either.

Oh well,

Someone around here is SOL.

Let me rephrase that:

No one around here ISN'T SOL
As days continue to pass ... and there is no word, Jake, from you or from anyone there, one wonders if you or others there have suffered in some way from all the storms. One hopes that that is not the case ... and one hopes ... that word of some kind ... might make its way here. Ships of hope are slipping away here ... in storms that have no names.
You know, that's true. Jake's in Brooklyn.

Well, that's a conundrum.

On one hand, maybe he's been a victim of the weather. I know people in New York, and it's really hairy there. He might not have power; if he lives (or lived) close to the water, he might not have a home. After all, Brooklyn is geographically on Long Island.

On the other, his track record is such that no one's first impulse was to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that his problem is that he can't physically get here. His not earning our trust isn't based on the weather. I will sympathize if the storm is his issue in this case but I won't assume it is.
Jake, why does part of me wonder ... if ... seeing as you must ... what it is we see ... you have already run away ... because you can not make of this ... what ... we all ... wish ... it could once more ... be ...

Sadly ... how many of us here ... would ... find that easier to understand ... than ... just silence ... always silence ... if and when ... we can manage to find our way in ...

There is grieving here, Jake or whoever else ever listens here ... and in the grieving ... there is pause ... and finding ways ... to breathe again ... together ... somewhere else ... if ... and as ... we can ...
does anyone here ... still care ... to hold ... anyone ... here ... it doesn't seem so ... and do any of you ... at the top ... any longer care ...

as long as, at least, doors once in a while ... stay open here ... we can access ... what has been ... our history ... together ... here ... some of us ... know ... and care ... some still write ... in the present tense ... and some ... are in a kind of stasis ... not knowing ... if ... anything ... still ... is ... really ... here ...
Jake ... Kerry ... Joan ... are any of you willing ... to talk with us ... or have you all ... simply ... gone away ... kosher ... here ... listening ...
so many ... here ... have given ... and have cared ... so deeply ... are we the only ones who care ...
If anyone here cared, they would have come along by now.

Jake presides over the demise of one of the internet's most popular blogging sites.

It isn't going to look good on his CV.

I suspect he knows that, and is dumbfounded about what to do.
Talking straight obviously isn't his forté.
Kind of a handicap for one who aspires to be an editor.
Additions to the cover ... at last ... at least ...
Will you offer ... any words ...

I did. We did. Bear with this.
I loved and love Open and genuinely mourn its continual dysfunction.
No self-respecting writer/reader can continue with this level of dysfunction and lack of genuine, specific communication about the tech state of things here.
I will post again here...and I know many will...when Open gives u reason to post here.
This isn't on you; we know it.
At the same time, you're Open's face to us.

What Jon said.

It's just too embarrassing to send anyone here to read any writing at such a dysfunctional site as Open Salon has become....why I stopped writing here 6 months ago.

I'd love to say I'll be back, but....it's up to you guys if you want anyone coming to OS besides spammers.
It just doesn't seem like it matters to anyone here, ineffectual blurbs or not.
Jake ... on such a tiny scale ... a secondary school magazine ... two ... different schools ... different voices ... but voices that so hoped ... so needed ... to speak ... I've been an editor ...
and so I have some sense ...

voices here ... have so hoped ... so needed ... to speak ... and in the past ... so spoke ... but this ... this ... this silence and this ... ineptness ... are driving ... driving, Jake ... so many away ...

and one can only wonder if this is what you want ... bear with us ... if ... if ... if ... you can ...

not a warming welcome home ... or even a hope of something better coming as quickly as it can ...

is that ... the fact that there is no help ... no real help on its way ...
what makes you keep your silence ...

or honestly ... except for finally ... making changes on the cover page ... are you ... or anyone ... any longer ... really there ...

I keep thinking of once upon a time ... when one rarely thought or worried about editors ... for so many voices ... were here ... for ... themselves ... and for so many others ... without that ... without the chance to be a community ... what is there ... to hold ... voices ... hearts ... souls ...

here ...

one wonders, Jake, where your soul is ... in the silence that speaks so ominously ... here ...

Am staying to listen here ... as I would have stayed for all the voices I have hoped to hear ... but where are you, Jake ... where are you ...
On around November 18, someone moved a few posts around on Open Salon's front page.
I wonder if you are still here Jake ; if you've been here at all since October 18.
None of us know.
We know there are pre-election posts on the front page of what was once a vital site.
I wonder whether you are at all aware of how much human energy went into building Open Salon ; whether you are at all aware of what you've trashed.
Hi, Jacob. I just wanted to see if there are still plans to rehabilitate Open. I still enjoy writing here, and the ads are still showing up on my page, so that seems like it should still be providing revenue to Salon. Updates would be appreciated.
I hardly want to ask this here because at this point when the site is being actively abused by a writer and the abuse is being flagged and nothing appears to happen, then all are being demeaned. Does flagging mean anything. Are there souls here, Jake, Kerry, who any longer care.
Please someone speak to this. Now. Please.
anna1liese, I think you've got your answer right there, in the lack of response.

An editor who doesn't even read his own inbox.

I've never in all my years in publishing encountered anything remotely like this.

I think we need to take him at his word. Gather our stuff quietly, and leave.
I wish you hadn't lied, at the outset.

I feel like I was sucked into some kind of ponzi scheme ; I feel unclean.

Whatever it takes, Jake. I'm sure you'll find success somewhere.
Unclean, Kim ... let me go back to gathering things quietly ...
are ours the only voices any longer here ...
I can only wonder as time seems ... only time to us ...
have they ... whoever they may be ... asked you, Jake ...
not to speak to us ... have they asked ... demanded ...
from you silence ...
and if they have ... and if, as you say, you care ... how can you listen ...
there feels a death ... here ... for all of us ...
and silence ... becomes ... the shroud ...
such life there has been here ... and will be ... as long as some door lets us in ... if only to remember and to read ... breathe ... again ...