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DECEMBER 4, 2012 2:33PM

At Long Last, Some Good News

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Hey Guys,

Just a quick note to let you know that Open Salon will be going down at 3:00 PM EST for approximately an hour so that our IT team can transfer the site onto a new server. This should help increase Open's speed, and generally make it less stress-inducing to navigate. (I'm crossing my fingers so tightly they're turning purple). 

More as this story develops,



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Please do not take this the wrong way, but I love you.
We wish you and the team the best. Thanks for the heads-up.
Make it so, Jake; make it so.

I'm dying to say, "Nya, nya, I told ya so!!", to certain people.

I have a new book of crossword puzzles I can start on at 4:00pm (what your 3:00pm is in our time here in eastern Canada).

So how long before those hackers get back in? Have we got a half-hour of cool running before they're back, do ya think?

We wish you and the team the best. Thanks for the heads-up.
So, uh, what's the good news???
Loser! What you did? It's worse if anything.
How do you sleep at night (John Lennon)?

Below, from Beck--

In the time of chimpanzees, I was a monkey
Butane in my veins and I'm out to cut the junkie
With the plastic eyeballs, spray paint the vegetables
Dog food stalls with the beefcake pantyhose

Kill the headlights and put it in neutral
Stock car flamin' with a loser in the cruise control
Baby's in Reno with the Vitamin D
Got a couple of couches, sleep on the love seat

Someone came in sayin' I'm insane to complain
About a shotgun wedding and a stain on my shirt
Don't believe everything that you breathe
You get a parking violation and a maggot on your sleeve

So shave your face with some mace in the dark
Savin' all your food stamps and burnin' down the trailer park
Yo, cut it

Soy un perdedor
I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me?
(Double barrel buckshot)
Soy un perdedor
I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?
It must have worked. I'm getting the "there was an error and the error handler crashed" message much faster now. The "server not responding" message is also much faster.

I remember back in the olden days when this place was cluttered with user blogs and people leaving ratings and comments all the time. Now that Open Salon has implemented spam and error messages it's a much more interesting place.
The problem is that the level of spam the site is getting is so high that it constitutes a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack for "legitimate" users.

That's what has to be fixed. A new server -at best - just means even more spam will make it in.
Whoever gave you this job dudded you big-time.

After installing a new server :

6+ minutes to load
Errors occurred
Fatal Errors
Safari can't open this page
Spam in top-rated
No access to Inbox
No notification of comments
No access to Recent Comments
Half the front page still pre-election
A mop announcement with the words " a few minutes"

You're an Editor ?

Don't believe them. Not for a minute. Marketing needs you.
I mean, we all *want* to believe in Santa Claus....but, um...
thanks for trying....?
Meet the new server, same as the old server.
An Editor who 'tries,' JT, would apprise his or her contributors of the situation daily.

Jake has chosen the monthly email model, and elected to hold back any information, about the place where so much of our free work resides at profit to his organisation.
I see a difference, between 'trying' and 'using.'

I have absolutely no truck with people who say 'Poor Jake. It's an outmoded technology, and he's doing the best he can.'

A decent person would have resigned by now. OS is a spam-scam.
Dec. 6... I feel your pain, but still finding access on this site distressingly slow. Got an Excedrin?
We have yet to "meet" -- I have posted sporadically on this site of late, but I've been a regular and loyal contributor to OS, with readers, comments, the usual stuff.
Over the past week - with 3 or 4 new posts, I've not had a sole on my page and I can't seem to access email. Please advise. Anyone?? Thanks.
As comedy, these "repairs" have gone far beyond humor and landed in Pitiful.
Shut down Open Salon, allow no posts or comments and leave it, for a time, available to those who want to archive old posts somewhere besides here. While this site was officially down (as opposed to operative), I was able to get to Manage Posts, so return it to that. Besides, getting those closed for repairs pages was the fastest OS has loaded in a long time.

If Salon is married to the idea that spam is a goal of OS, then continue doing ineffective server-switches. A workable alternative is so obvious and easy one should assume your goal is serving spam. Maybe the $.35 cents a day in revenue is worth trashing what was once a vibrant, unique website.

Anyway, shut this spamfest crap-site down before you get an Horses' Ass award for most incompetently ran website in the cyberuniverse. Relaunch with a moderator-approved membership, allow comments by FBook or similar site sign-in so irregulars don't have to become members. You should consider being a member-blogger aggregation site and let other sites support the archived content.

The current-and-still-clinging-in-hope member's Operative Reasoning should be that you prefer spam crap to bloggers. The idea you keep thinking download speed is the problem sort of points to that reality. Unless people can see a current front page and every new post listed being a blogger, this place is a monumental waste of time and space.

This "we're working on it" theme has become a longer joke than Portnoy's Complaint. Suspend OS and start anew or, if I may be so impolite -- STFU. You've worn out your We'll Come. You're making promises and pleas to...what?...maybe 25 people?

New Open Salon or say goodbye.
Since it took me over 10 minutes to get OS and then your page to load (with error messages along the way for both), it's bewildering to read that the new server will make OS faster. You seem like a decent enough fellow Jacob but do you even test this before you put it out there? Presumably not, and presumably how this affects your credibility with OS's dwindling community is not much of a priority.

Since neither you nor your predecessors address the many suggestions from former OSers over the years, I take it that you and the I.T. folk(s) are too busy on other things to spend more than a few minutes a week on Open. Otherwise, one would have to assume that you've never actually read the anti-spam suggestions; that you have no outside, independent information of how spam can wreck a site (Usenet anyone?); and consequently can only gaze in wonder at how new spammers continue emerging and marvel at how the most prolific can produce hundreds of entries in a day.

Of course I don't expect you to respond to any of the comments here, but in the off-chance an acquaintance reads this and mentions the dissatisfaction of the few remaining OSers, well, what the hell. I guess I'll head out for a smoke now in the several minutes it will take this to load.
And this is how long it took me to post a follow-up after a couple of failed page loads. Just in case you know someone who reads the comments and sometimes mentions them to you. At least you didn't title your post Mission Accomplished.
Surely you jest, Jake ... there is nothing here ...

"Just : I care."
Kim's words ... from your last piece ... speak ...
for so many ...
here ...

Where are words from those ... above ...
in the silence ...
in the nothing ... here ...

At least ...
there is the power ... of all that is ...
already ...
here ...
as long as ...
we ...
can find it ...
here ...

Can you, Jake, promise at least ... that words once here ...
will always ... be here ...
so much wealth ... so much richness ...
so much beauty ... already and always ...
here ...
as long as keys ... will let us in ...
I will hold the keys, Jake ...
if no one else ...
treasures ...
the treasures ...
that are ...
here ...

we ...
treasure ...
treasure ...
here ...
if Salon is serious, it will remove (block) all the nonsense post, including links to videos of sporting events.
if Salon is serious, it will remove (block) all the nonsense post, including links to videos of sporting events.
Sometimes editors respond.

Here you don't, and we get that.

What you've done, Jake, is abused something I don't think you know very much about : trust.

People have written heart-wrenching pieces here. Not for Salon, but for themselves and each other. You didn't get that. You didn't get that there was a community here who over the years grew to care about each other, through pieces we wrote.

Maybe none of it was fodder for Salon, but it was nonetheless important for us. Life stories unfolded here. It was a vital, free blogging site, like the one Lorianne has set up that eclipsed you.

I get the feeling you're a marketing-type person ~ not particularly drawn to stories or the truth. There hasn't been much truth on your page since you arrived. Now the site is down, and you've lost your best writers. It's a spam site. I know you're not given to communication ( after all, you're an 'Editor' ) but I can't help wondering how you feel about it : bringing down an iconic site like Open.

The commercial imperative won out, and this case failed in a spectacular fashion. I wonder if any of this impacts on you personally, or if as they say, "you were just doing your job"?

If you were, what "job" would that be, Jake ?

I've been gone for a good while now. I still come back on occasion to check in and see what my old friends are up.

Except I can't get into the site.

Or I can't sign in without a thousand pages of error messages.

Or it takes me literally more than five minutes to get a page to load.

Or the site is "down for maintenance", which frankly puzzled the hell out of me because when it returned, there were absolutely no visible signs that the necessary maintenance has been done.

You migrated to new servers? Marvelous.

Except it still takes forever to get in here.

And I'm still getting "Lots of errors" when I try to sign in.

And the spam is as plentiful as before.

I'd like to thank the management of Open Salon for the new servers but the same old service.

Please - carry on.

I'm out.
Oh, and Jake?

That last comment?

Over five minutes for it to post.

Not acceptable. At all.

If you actually put this thing on new hardware, you've just discovered one of the fundamental flaws that non-technical folk get trapped into: throwing hardware at a software problem will not solve the software problem.

Jake - If you're going to update the folks on Facebook, the least you could do is pop in to Our Salon and let us know what's going on.
That's crazy talk !
Jake, if we can find ways to push the door open to come in here, dare I say, so might you ... unless you simply choose ... to stay away ...
Sometimes it feels as though the crew is still here while the captain has gone away. Belief? Trust? in what ... and why ...
but words ... lovingly given ... lovlngly heard ...
belief in words ... trust in words ... and in each other ...
we who have shared so deeply here ...
no, not for Salon ...
but for and with others here ...
reread Kim’s words a few lines up ...
they speak so clearly of what is here ...
not a streamlined path to feed Salon ...
but a freedom of soul ...
to share with, draw from ...
feed ... each other’s souls ...
This is what Open has meant to me ...
and why I would hold the keys ...
that all that has reached, touched, filled so many souls here ...
will live ... as words, drawings, images, paintings ...
as long as souls may find them,
breathe them in,
meet them with live response ...
This is the Open that was, has been created here ...
because this is what writers, artists, poets brought ...
Do you not see ... the magic ... the heartbeat ...
of the Open that ... so many of us ... see ... or saw ...
the magic ... the heartbeat that ... so many of us ... trust ...
If, for anyone, Salon is a labour of love ... then let that love ...
not feeding need ... honour what love has created here ...
and help that love ... to live ...

New pieces may be shared elsewhere if need be for words that must be given air will find their air ...
but love, trust, honour ...
for words already and for a long time here ...
some of us honour these ... and will as long as any door at all will open to our touch ... we honour the history, at very least, of work long cherished ... here ...

I will not leave these pieces to stand on their own ... as long as I can hold them in any way at all ...

And you, Jake ... are you anywhere ...
No voice, Jake ... even now ...
or does silence ... speak ... for you ...
A new year dawns, Jake ... and still ... still ... silence ... rings ...
within a momentary thaw ... on a cover page ... which has been still ... so long ... is there still life here ... after all ... and if so ... where are you ...
trust ... for most ... has gone ... away ... voice ... has gone ... away ...
how many ... any longer ... dare ... to care ...
Jake, just a little more than a month after your post it seems clear that OS has been restored to its former glory and functionality. Kudos to the Open Salon team for bringing about this turn around!
It seems as if its back...except...the cover doesn't change very often. Is there still a problem with that? Or is it now a weekly?
Just wanted to mention how commendable it is that you are continuing your OS boycott. Some of us have weakened and returned but you are evidently made of sterner stuff.
If you haven't learned from this the need to keep the members better informed, you have learned nothing.
Of all that once was open ... only our candle here ...
Silence speaks ... as nothing else can ever do ...
I live here still ... for all ...
already here ...
and guard it ...
as sacred word ...
while no one from above ...
offers more ... than covers moving ...
and in the end ...
what is that ...
perhaps it simply matters not at all ...
as long as what is here ...
is here ...
always ...
forever ...
for hearts given ...
as they were ... in trust ...
and in words that mattered ...
most ...
of all ...
matter still ...
matter always ...
for all ...
who ever ...
come ...
to read ...
for what else is writing ...
for ...
Seems to be working. I have not lost any more fingernails clicking the post button.
I think Open Salon should hire this guy to give classes to other OS writers, since he's had a lock on the upper left corner of the Main OS page for months now. Obviously he knows something I don't, because that kind of hang time is beyond my ken.
* * *
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