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FEBRUARY 4, 2013 6:33PM

Ahoy, Open Saloners

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It's been a minute! Actually, it's been about an hour, but I'm ecstatic to report I finally have some meaningful updates to share.

First and foremost, I'd like to introduce you all to our sparkling new moderator, Melissa Noble. Melissa will be our inhouse spam blaster going forward, and judging from the abundance of fresh avatars in the Most Recent feed, she's off to a roaring start. Please welcome her.

Second: As I alluded to in a previous Facebook post, Open has been migrated to a new server that should make the site infinitely easier to navigate. I, for one, haven't experienced a time out error in several weeks, but please let me know if I'm in the minority on this.

This brings me to my third update, which is actually no update at all: Open Salon remains a work in progress, albeit a much higher functioning one. I've seen a smattering of posts from users who have had trouble accessing their accounts, but please let me know what other kinds of errors you're encountering and I will dutifully relay them to our IT team.

Have at it in the comments section. And it's great to have you all back.

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The site is truly a joy to behold these days, Jacob, and your efforts are greatly appreciated. Is there any chance of returning the Editor's Pick to the front page of Salon.com, so that the best essays on here can get some wider circulation via the mother site? I think we'd appreciate that very much!
Great job, Jacob.

Melissa, welcome to Open Salon. Did they issue you the body armor yet? LOL

By the way, will Melissa be issuing a post introducing herself?
Jacob, will you be handing out Open Call assignments?
I am thrilled! I left for a while and when I had free time to return here we were up and in all our glory. I'm glad. My heart was glued here and I am hoping my long time friends will return full force. Hi Melissa! Welcome aboard and best to your and your new spam gun. Thank you Jacob!
How about defining your definition of the role of a "moderator", Jake.

Other than spam killer, what will Melissa do?
I guess Alan Milner didn't get the job.
Like going from driving a goat cart to a sleek Italian roadster. Varoom and bravo! Welcome to the asylum, Melissa. R
I am so proud of you, Jake. Persevering and slogging through crap are not visible on hero resumes, but that is often how the big changes happen. Thanks for sticking with it. I am having no trouble pouring my heart into recent posts. Bravo.
I'd noticed the decrease of spam in the feeds, so thanks go to Melissa. Nice to see OS working properly again.
Glad to see the site functioning again.

I'll just give you one request:

If this happens again, please put us in the loop as to what's really happening and when. (I don't mean "We're working on it.") We'd be considerably more patient if that were the case, not to mention considerably more supportive.

Thank you.
Hi, Jake. It's good to be back. Here are a few issues I'm having:

*Not receiving any notification emails
*The "Select All" box in the Inbox doesn't work
*The pictures don't upload; I must copy the picture which appears in the upload box and paste it in the post.

Thanks for asking.
It's working perfectly for me and I thank you and the IT guys for getting it right. A smooth working site certainly makes the process of doing a blog more enjoyable.
Nice job. Now we need to convince the others that it's safe to go back into the water.
Will the new mod (or SOMEbody) do something about people who post libelous and racist posts and comments?
Will the new mod (or SOMEbody) do something about people who post passive-aggressive / Canadian posts and comments?
Glad to see you've taken some action. I'll echo kosh's point on giving us more particulars about what exactly you're doing to address problems, and Lezlie's on the no notification of PMs. And I wish you'd explain why any of the many spam-blocking initiatives offered by the OS community couldn't be or weren't implemented. It still sounds like you're doing an after-the-fact clean-up.

But these are quibbles compared to the wretchedness of a couple of months ago.
congratualations dude a thousand thankyous. now I can get down to serious time wasting like usual.
could you just do me one big solid, dude?
could you get the IT guys to get a blog.... where ppl can propose *new features* on the site.... oh well I know its a total dream....
Do you know Lena Dunham?
I am glad to be back, to see old friend's voices and to write freely once again. Thanks for bringing OS back.

Now you kids play nice and don't break this moderator. They aren't cheap you know.
My writing has not significantly improved during your absence. What can I expect from you in the way of help down the line?
SFA - If you thought I was referring to you, then you are mistaken. I was referring to Yagoda, or whatever he's currently calling himself. You are only fairly normally insulting. Y. is something else entirely.
Where's the editor's pick button for each user?
Thanks for all you are doing!
Good job, Mr. Sugarman. It is nice to see things moving in a positive direction. One ting we can certainly all agree on is continued success in the future.
P.S. re Amy - And Jake would know I meant Yagoda because I have complained about him by PM many times.
Bravo! Or anything else that'll get me an EP! ha ha But seriously - You Rock!
Oh, I've got this leak in the Bathtub - well, I gave it a shot! R
Worth the wait ... thanks so much Jacob! Welcome aboard, Melissa ... but to paraphrase Bette ... {do} fasten your seatbelt, you could be in for a bumpy ride!

~R~ with great appreciation
You look tired. Are you getting enough sleep?
Oh yeah, tell Melissa she looks awesome in her undercover profile av!! GO GET THEM DONKEY F*CKERS!!!!!

Welcome Melissa! Yay for a moderator! That's awesome news!
I'd like to access my Google Adsense account, sometime soon.

Our eyes have seen the glory of the ending of the spam. Or at least the beginning of the end. :)

Welcome, Melissa, and best wishes as you carry on with the spam blasting.
You took a lot of abuse,...and you came through!

Well done...and thank you!
"...please let me know what other kinds of errors you're encountering..."

I don't know whether this is the sort of thing you have in mind, but I find that when I view my blog, and click on the "Popularity" link, it ranks the postings only by the number of ratings. You can no longer get them ranked by number of views or number of comments. Those functions were disabled during the time of the troubles, and have not been restored.
Ahhhhhh...feels a bit like coming home after a long time away. Thanks Jacob.
Thanks for all you do Jake and welcome Melissa. Also thanks for not stating a bunch of rules or expectations. Gosh, I hate those. This is a free wheeling site. Don't forget some Art and Poetry on the cover too!!
Thank you for sticking with it, Jake.
What everyone else said and of course a big BRAVO!
the sommelier has lost the cork
Thank you so much. RRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Getting the hint, yet???
[r] A wonderful transformation. No more wrestling with ornery withholding technology! Thanks. Welcome, Melissa. best, libby
Thank you, Jacob. I see my old friends!
Jacob, thanks so much. It really makes me happy that this site is finally (at least in my window) functional again. I even got emails letting me know the other day that I'd gotten comments on my blog:) It's the little things that add up. And welcome, Melissa! You are so, so needed. lol
Thank you to Jacob.
Welcome and best of luck to Melissa.

Haven't been around much for personal reasons (I do have at least half of a life in meatspace). I am very happy to see this.

Note to the "pack" - The moderator is not your servant, not my servant, thus giving commands (especially in a public forum) seems a little awkward to me. I understand some are frustrated and aggrieved.
Didn't see this coming. Welcome, Melissa!
I never really left. Just fell asleep looking at the mop. Good job, better late than never, it's nice to be home (and awake), etc., etc. Carry on, sir! All other questions, exceptions and other crap have been duly noted by others who have had their coffee.
uhhhh, excuse me another steve s....

Here's a kleenex.

Wipe your nose, dude. There's still a little poop left.

Take no prisoners! And if you can locate them, prosecute.
SHIP AHOI,Jacob!!!
Good job ,highly appreciated.Thank you.
I now owe you that beer. Thanks to the entire team.
Thanks to you, Melissa and the IT team for all the hard work, past, present and future. It's greatly appreciated. Here's to a renewed era of smooth sailing!
Thanks for the update, and here's to OS's future!
Thanks, Jacob!! If this is posting you've done a great job!!
Hi Jacob,
I'm still confused about what happened here. I don't bother posting as much. It used to be there was an activity feed and the posts would be visible for a while. Now they just go up and disappear, so unless you e-mail a whole bunch of people, nobody reads them. It's become all about the networking, not the writing.

I also thought there were editors looking at everything in order to pick the editors picks. Now I'm less certain of that. All I know is without really trying I had a few things make the center column. Then that stopped happening. I don't think the quality of my writing changed. I don't really understand what happened. Is the center now determined based on hits? Is this purely a social-networking contest? Is there an actual post somewhere explaining it?
Wow, I saw something about Open Salon and decided to give it a try and see if I could get on and here we are! Great news, and I'm off to post something right now.

To show how hard it is for me to pick up clues, I too got an email telling me someone had commented on one of my posts but I thought it was old so I didn't even check it out.

Thanks for all your hard work and congratulations on the Grand re-opening of Open Salon.
You need to get rid of the link to REDDIT.
They have far too many restrictions and cut off linking after 6 posts.

There are far too many sites out there that want our links to have one that doesn't.

I have asked around and NO ONE uses it.