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Open Call: Facing fears

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We all have something that terrifies us — anxieties, neuroses, rational or irrational fears. They may be major or minor; they may affect our lives on a daily basis or only show up to haunt us once in a while. And often, there comes a time when we have to confront what scares us, whether it's spiders or mortality, public speaking or public bathrooms.

For this Open Call, we're looking for tales of a time you faced your fear. Why were you afraid in the first place, and why did you decide to do something about it? Did you conquer that fear or only manage to exacerbate it?

Blog your response by Monday, March 8th at 3pm ET and tag your post facing fears.

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Great choice - this is going to be interesting! Thanks for this great Open Call.
this is a good topic, but I need to put this to you: is it acceptable to write these open calls in poetic form? if it's appropriately presented, if it touches you or gets directly to it, will it get a cover or an editors pick? I'd like to participate but if I don't have a shot at recognition, I might or I might won't matter so I won't actively participate from that vantage point.
This will require some thought . . .
I'm too afraid to write anything.
Great topic for an open call~
Judy I love this topic. Question: Can we write two, one where we faced it and overcame; another where we faced it to no avail?

I ask because I think that will give more balance to the Open Call, though I doubt most would agree.
You asked for it. Thanks.
Nice meaty open call. Thanks.
great topic. I will enjoy watching you all. :-)R
In response to some questions: As always, feel free to post more than one response, in any form that makes sense to you.
Have I got one for you!
I'll do it, but I demand an award.
@ TATER - I heard they retired that unfortunate tiara. Would you settle for a used lottery ticket?
Used lottery tickets?? OH man, now that's a great prize!! **wanders off to write his next award winning piece about his fear of success**
Toward what end? Not criticising, you understand, but just asking. You put a date and tiner for it to be posted, but being new here and having seen nothing yet that seems to be editor's responses to Open Call posts, I just want to know. I responded to the beans open Call, not with something that I expected to see any Staff accolades or even response to, but I did expect to see something pertaining to something that someone put here in response to. And there were a number orfresponses with serious recipe's (unlike my own) that had it been a serious call for, I would have expected to see some kind of Staff response to, at least for one of them. Again, I'm new here, so there may be some means of doing that of which I am not yet aware.

Toward what end, and where may we expect to see the open Salon Staff response?
Mine is here:
Fear? I fear that I may now be on my last couple of days with OS.

The fears and concerns have been expressed privately, and publicly in my blog. Yet no one in the leadership has yet chosen to take any notice.

The circumstances are detailed in the following link:

It maybe difficult for some to find their way their to respond in an appropriate way, so here is a copy of the substance of the post without the comments of some of the members who have been supportive, and puzzled at the lack of interest by the OS leadership
a man with no name ....... an OS story.

My identity has gone.

I do not exist.

I am forgotten in the world in which I have been communicating.

There is a well used story of the celebrity who did not consider he was being treated right as he was waiting impatiently at the check out desk for his flight out of town. Eventually, in a mixture of frustration and anger he shouted "Do you know who I am?"

Calmly, the member of staff called over the tannoy, "Can anyone assist, we have a man at the check out who does not know who he is."

I kind of feel a bit like that. I have been writing on Open Salon for some time. That has not been so much recently due to caring for an elderly mother and then seeing to her affairs following her death in December. As I sought to bring a further contribution to OS I found considerable frustration with the internat system. For some reason I could not access my account. Why? must be an internet problem. Days went by, and the problem persisted. Then, a brain wave. Lets try googling my name on the OS search system. Could this be another way of gettin in?

Now the answer to the conundrum. I do not exist! my account has been deleted. My name is no longer there. All that I have written is gone. It is as if I have been completely forgotten. Why? Have I done something wrong? I do not know, I have not been told. I have mailed the salon folks, but no reply.


Below is the results of trying to access in my initial name. My new name may give a clue to who I am, for I have used the first half of a title of a book I had published

"From barren rocks ...................... living stones".

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