APRIL 2, 2010 5:23PM

Your iPad reviews

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This is a big weekend. It's Easter and baseball's opening day and the anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination. But I have a feeling the tech junkies out there are marking something entirely different on their calendars. That's right: This Saturday, April 3... the long-awaited Apple iPad goes on sale.

Over at Salon, Andrew Leonard still isn't buying the hype (or the product) but does acknowledge Steve Jobs' knack for promoting his company. But we're interested to see what those of you who do shell out for the iPad this weekend think. Is it changing your life, or is it simply another glorified gadget?

Blog your reviews over the weekend or early next week, and tag your posts iPad review. We'll feature our favorites throughout the week.

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If you send me an IPad I'll be happy to provide an in depth review!

Thanking you in advance.
I just can't imagine what it could do that a good computer and an I-Phone can't do. Does it make milk shakes or fix a '51 Buick?
If so, I'll consider buying one.
Here in Bumfuck, Mexico, we love our i-Pads. Sadly, they are not as absorbant as we'd like........
Here you go, Judy, my quick-and-dirty on the new iToy:

The New iPad: Not All That and a Bag of Nuts
I don't buy the hype either -- yet.