APRIL 6, 2010 1:39PM

Salon Kitchen Challenge: Incredible, edible egg salad

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Last week's Salon Kitchen Challenge asked crafty cooks to celebrate April Fools' Day by whipping up foods disguised as other foods. Winner Mamie Chen created a feast for the eyes and the mouth in a colorful plateful of what looks like sushi but is really Rice Krispies treats. Read her post at Salon and check out Francis Lam's roundup of other great entries.

Now, this week's challenge:

"Whether or not you dyed hard-boiled eggs dainty colors and rolled them around with children this past weekend, it's easy to understand why eggs are such a symbol of the rebirth of spring. And there is a quality of the just-turning-to-warmer-weather in egg salad, a paradox of richness and lightness.

So I love egg salad. But even I was a little surprised when I recently tweeted, "Egg salad. Discuss." Tweets came flying back at me, herby talk of dill and basil and parsley; salty words like capers and anchovies and pickles. Curry? Jalapenos?

That was just the beginning of it, as people came, too, insisting on particular breads: whole wheat, homemade rolls, toasted challah. Even crackers and the South American corn cakes called arepas.

And then there were those who swore the key is in a particular doneness of egg: boiled 10 minutes, exactly, and chilled in ice water.

I had no idea how unique egg salads could be -- and how committed people could be to their versions. So this week, share your greatest egg salad with us! What seasonings or garnishes do you use? What do you serve it on? How do you cook your eggs? I'll be waiting, a spoon in hand.

Be sure to tag your posts: SKC egg salad"

Blog your submission under your real name by 10 a.m. ET Monday, April 12th. Francis will announce the winners Tuesday the 13th on Salon.

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"Under your real name" as in "MrsRaptor"
"Under your real name" as in HanyewiSunkmanitu tanka Wanbli Wiccemna (which IS in fact my real name)?
That second one! You don't have to create a new blog or anything -- just make sure to make your name clear somewhere in the SKC entry.
Fresh egg salad is among my favorite snacks. I add chopped scallions, finely diced celery, and top crackers with egg salad.
I hate cougars...I mean, I love actual cougars, but I hate those old cows who call themselves "cougars". Why don't they become extinct?