APRIL 15, 2010 6:07PM

Check it out: Your flower photos on Salon

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I just wanted to make sure everyone sees that your gorgeous flower pictures are now a slideshow on Salon! We were bowled over by the wonderful photos so many OSers posted, from all over the world. And while we couldn't use all of the images we loved (generally for technical/sizing reasons), we are thrilled to know that there are so many fantastic photographers here at Open. So flip through, enjoy, show your friends and keep an eye out for the next photo Open Call, which is sure to come soon. 

Thanks, from all of us at Salon, to everyone who participated!

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salon, spring flowers

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seriously cool photos!
Judy, a wonderful community effort, many thanks for the interesting and creative open call and the final presentation!
Great choices, Judy (all but one, anyway). Loved the pictures!