APRIL 27, 2010 11:59AM

Salon Kitchen Challenge: Mayo mania

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Last week's Salon Kitchen Challenge celebrated Earth Day the hippie way, with a VW Bus-load of granola recipes. Dual winners and constant competitors Mandee Tatum (better known around these parts as Iamsurly) and 1_Irritated_Mother brought us a Summer of Love-style tie-dyed ice cream/granola cookie recipe and some truly rebellious instructions for the making of delicious pancakes, respectively. Read Mandee and Mother's  posts at Salon and check out Francis Lam's roundup of other great entries.

Now, this week's challenge:

"A few days ago, we revealed ourselves here on Salon Food to be strongly in the pro-mayonnaise camp:


Mayonnaise is the King of Sauces. On its own, it's the all-purpose sauce of the South. You add some buttermilk and some garlic powder or whatever, and it's ranch dressing, aka Midwestern Sauce. Mix in some garlic and extra virgin olive oil, and it's aioli -- Mediterranean Sauce. Add some chipotle peppers to it and, well, there are whole swaths of the restaurant industry that serve the indigenous cuisine of Chipotlemayolandia.

We caught some flak for this, but we remain unbowed. Mayonnaise is the limitless condiment, the maker of good things.

So this week, we're asking you to get our back. What is your favorite mayonnaise-based recipe? Do you mix seasonings into it for your own sauce or dressing? Do you make an amazing macaroni salad? Do you slather it on fish and bake it?

Be sure to tag your posts: SKC Mayo"

Blog your submission under your real name by 10 a.m. ET Monday, May 3. Francis will announce the winners Tuesday the 4th on Salon.

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Maybe I am dense here, but what do you mean by blog under your own name? Change your avatar name to given name at birth? Sorry, the blonde is winning today! Thanks!
Link to "mandee" goes nowhere FYI.
I can do mayo... off to research
All you need to do is include your real name somewhere in the post, if it's not your screen name.

Link fixed. Thanks for letting me know!
I wanted to do a post for my friend Jodi Kasten's site eatjax.com featuring my fresh fish tacos in which a key ingredient is the mayo based sauce. So I think I will... and post it both places, assuming that doesn't cause some kind of conflict.
And you are welcome Judy.
I am not versed in this mayo mania. But no worry... my research has begun. Ingest much helium!
Okee dokee! Should have come back to see this comment before I sent you the PM! Maybe I should come back to this challenge when my head is clearer! It's the foggy, rainy weather here! Thanks!
Finally, something to sink my teeth into. Good work on this one.
Mayo sucks. It's only good mixed with ketchup.
Gotta go with the Wolfman on this one. Wasabi is the new salt and pepper!