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MARCH 12, 2010 7:59AM

Israel, where size really doesn't matter

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  Israel and the Arab World

People who have never visited the State of Israel have a hard time comprehending how such a tiny, tender, tubular-looking country ever came to have such an immense impact on world affairs.

Well, they need wonder no longer. A controversial new viral tourism video being pushed by an allegedly pro-Israeli Canadian lobbying group  is peddling an Israel-friendly image among college students. The campaign is aimed at “more than 80% of students on a given campus who haven’t made up their minds about Israel and the Middle East,” Noah Kochman, a political science student at McGill University and chair of political affairs and advocacy for the Canadian Federation of Jewish Students, told The Jewish Daily Forward last month. “This [video] will drive people to a Web site that contains valuable facts about Israel… its culture and innovation.”

Whether you love the video or hate it, at least someone is going out of their way to assure our less self-assured brethren that - in one nation at least - size really isn't so important after all...


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Do YOU think this is an appropriate way to present the Land of the Patriarchs to the rest of the world? Let me know!
Uh. . . Did Sally Swift have anything to do with this?
Clever video, but I'm still not convinced...
Well, this issue does seem to be a hot-button item around here these days...
Their marketing is getting out of hand with this one. I didn't mind, "Israel, if you liked the book you'll love the country." This is just too over the top for me. But hey, I'm not a teenager... naa, I wouldn't like it for my kid either. My bottom line: respect.
Not really the size of Israel that is an issue. It more has to do with its irrelevance to most of the population of Canada/USA. The whole 'size' issue is just a way to make a cheap joke. Many people that would have been motivated to read the facts on their website won't be drawn in by that commercial. They may even get a negative impression of Israel.
Is prostitution legal in Israel?

Inquiring mind likes to know....