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SEPTEMBER 8, 2010 8:09AM

Turkish sex researchers: "Size" really does matter after all

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 fat belly
The more the merrier?

Fat is fun! At least, that’s the word from Turkey this week. Researchers at Erciyes University in Kayseri have just completed a year-long study correlating body mass index (BMI) and male sexual performance. Their findings: men with excess body fat last longer in bed. In fact, heavier men were able to make love for an average of 7.3 minutes, while slender men could count themselves lucky if they held on for a mere 108 seconds. 

The reason? Female hormones. Men with excess fat showed higher levels of the female estradiol sex hormone. This substance apparently disrupted their bodies’ natural “male” neurotransmitter chemicals and slowed their progression towards orgasm. Ironically, the less masculine their bodies appeared, the better lovers they proved to be.   

The scientists compared the BMI and sexual performance of over 100 men who were being treated for sexual dysfunction with 100 other males who lasted longer during sex. They found that men suffering from premature ejaculation were on the whole thinner and fitter than their “better endowed” brethren.   

Using the researchers’ logic, you might think that American men, living in what the World Health Organization has identified as the world’s third fattest country with an estimated 66.7 percent of the population living well over the line, would be the world’s most exquisite lovers. Unfortunately, the study does not take a stand on this issue. Nor is there any scientific or anecdotal evidence to suggest that it is true. In fact, last year the global research website Onepoll.com conducted a survey of 15,000 women from twenty countries on the subject, and Americans showed up fifth from the bottom for being “too rough.” (Spaniards, Brazilians, and Italians took top honors.)  But as Benjamin Disraeli supposedly said, “There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.”   

This is not to deny that, when it comes to overweight lovers, there may also be an issue of “quality vs. quantity” involved, not to mention esthetic and cardiological issues etc., but why spoil a good story? For now, make sure your next love banquet includes plenty of chips and beer, bratwursts and pecan pies. Nowadays, when it comes to sex, fat is the new thin.

Click here for an abstract of the researchers' article.

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This really made my day! Now it's off to Burger King for breakfast... :-)
I think lasting-longer may be a function of fat man noting his lover's non-reaction/slow-response to excitement/climax.

Afterall, unless you're a totally clueless/selfish sexual person, one does take cues from their partner while making love. An excited/pleasured woman normally ramps-up a guy's** own excitement and race-to-climax.

Thus, a fat guy's delayed finish is, in my opinion, more a function of a less-interested/less-enthusiastic partner and has little/nothing to do with his own physical attributes.


** my example is the hetero scenario ... let's see if SBA chimes-in with her one-dimensional OS persona that always showcases her sexual orientation (yawn)
I think if I were a woman I'd find this the year's most depressing information.
Uh, yeah....no. While I like a guy with a bit of body fat (ie normal men) if a man is so fat his hormonal balance is off, that sounds just too fat. Who knows? I'd like to see what fat men they were studying.

Fat men often have blood flow issues. Nuff said.
You speak from my heart.

Agreed, the study seems pretty limited when it comes to actual sexual performance.
Hmmm. How bizarre. I find this really interesting but the picture has put me right off. Surely there is more to being a good lover than sustainable "thrustability?"
Oh, Judy, I find your report delightful and funny. Thank you for making me smile. The title of my recent post would go well with this. ~R
heavier men were able to make love for an average of 7.3 minutes, while slender men could count themselves lucky if they held on for a mere 108 seconds.

You have got to be freak'in kidding me, right? Seriously?

My mother passed 10 years ago. Your comment reflects what a truly horrible person you must be to state something like that.
Fat men snuggle better.
How I love studies! Science is wonderful, and research is wonderful, because there's always a paper to cite in support of and in complete condradiction of just about any point.

I wonder if there might be some alternative strategies available for those of us who are as yet unblessed by additional weight. Hmm...

Rated! For Science!
Let's hear it for chubby chasers!
It sounds like turkish sex researchers are trying to convince women to keep it up with the feeding of the husbands, instead of demanding the slimmer and sexier physiques they now see on tv with the soap operas. Any comment as to whether the men cared if fat women make better wives?
@ Oryoki Bowl: Nope. It sounds like Turkish sex researchers are trying to convince women to become lesbians.

7 1/2 minutes? (we won't ever go near the 108 sec. :~D) Makes me glad I never wasted my time with a 7 1/2 minute one shot wonder! (at least I wouldn't have wasted MUCH time...)

I guess I should laugh TOO hard. With the right person I might have an orgasm in 7 1/2 minutes, but I would also know that there would be several more coming after that - for both of us.

@ CrazyCzar: What's the matter dude, feeling a little "inadequate"??? Or is it that your envious of those "studs" that could make it all the way to 7 1/2 minutes?
At least I don't lesbo-out and beg the blog author to remove my comments.

Sound familiar?

This same blog author (sorry Judy) had to put up with your weird-ass comments in her previous post callin' every lesbian who didn't use a dental dam or female condom "a skank".

And then when several bi-sexual and lesbian commenters said they've never used that type of protection in their 20+ years of sexual activity, you got all embarrassed and asked the blog author to remove your ridiculous comments.

Oh, and when I typed that you should get a new girlfriend 'cause your frustration in not "gettin' any" was evident in your non-sensical rants, you got all "boo hoo" on me giving a lecture about the distinction between a wife and girlfriend -- again missing the point, but again, another asinine statement that you asked the blog author to delete.

And the beat goes on. You're so predictable and so borin'.
This reminds me of some other research that heavier women enjoyed sex more than skinny ones, including being more orgasmic. When you consider that a certain amount of fat is necessary for reproduction in women that makes sense. With men, not as clear a connection!

The time stats on these kinds of studies/surveys are always boggling. Many years ago, I mentioned to my boyfriend at the time that I'd just read a stat in an article like this that said the average American man only made love for 2 minutes and he replied, "I can't even get a condom on in 2 minutes."
Judy: I apologize for making your very interesting post a place for a certain homophobic fuckwaffle to personally attack me. He obviously has some "issues". ::eye rolls::
Does anyone else remember "The Seven Minutes," by Irving Wallace, published in 1969, later made into a movie? The title came from the seven minutes that sex researchers had determined was the length of an average act of coitus.
Everybody realizes that the thrusting part is not the whole of the sex act, right? Like, there's a lot of stuff before and even after. Plus the fact that for many if not most women, the thrusting part is not necessarily the high point, though it may be one of the high points. Really, this is an impoverished notion of male-female (or male-male) sex. I don't judge a man by either his waist measurement nor how long he "lasts." I judge him by the quality of his attention. You have to pay attention to show your partner a good time.
I think craze(d) czar is in serious competition with catnliar for OS moron of all time.

Not Your typical J. Mandelbaum article, but rated for its arcane nature.
This justifies my pot belly obsession.
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I haven't taken less than an hour since I was 19. And the older (and fatter) that I get the harder it gets to keep up that pace, but maybe exceptions do prove the rule. If you're taking
less than 20-30 minutes regularly you're just not doing your partner justice. Ever heard of taking a breather?
This showcases the problems with sex research. To get accurate times, the researchers have to watch. Think that's not going to make a fundamental change in the bedroom dynamics?

If they're not watching, then the couple have to set the timer and stop it and then report it. You still have the problem if experiment changing the experience --- who wants to interrupt proceedings to set the timer --- plus an issue of accuracy of timing and reporting.

Further, if the control group knew they were part of a study on erectile dysfunction, maybe they were motivated to prove that they weren't dysfunctional --- ie pressure to come sooner.

Lastly, a survey of 15,000 women is meaningless unless you've ensured that each has sampled a decent selection of lovers from more than one country. If not, then all you get is a set of prejudices, gleaned from places like Hollywood. Of course, Latin lovers will come out on top.
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Yes, I think you've just discovered a new application for Heisenberg's Principle of Uncertainty :)
The best way to delay ejaculation is to have already done it recently: did the researchers distinguish between first and second round?
How good were the fat men at coming back for seconds?