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JUNE 28, 2012 7:06AM

Bad seed: Sperm-smuggling serial rapist receives life

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It’s only natural to regard man-on-woman rape as a heinous crime, among the worst of the worst, right alongside torture and child abuse. But take away the fear and loathing for a moment and it becomes clear that the perpetrators are frequently as self-deluded as they are psychopathic. This is part of what makes such criminals so utterly terrifying.

 Marcel Lychau Hansen

"His enormous self-confidence makes Marcel very popular among women." (BT)

Take the case in Denmark this week, where a convicted rapist called Marcel Lychau Hansen, who is regarded as Denmark’s most notorious criminal, was found guilty once more for hatching a clever scheme to get himself off the hook. The 46-year-old Hansen, known as the “Amager Man” after his rape and robbery of three girls and a young woman woman in a house in the town of Amager in 1995, was sentenced to life in prison last December for two murders and a series of rapes. His oldest victim was a 76-year-old woman, whom he strangled in 1987, and his youngest was a 14-year-old girl whom he raped in 1985.

Since much of the evidence against him came from DNA samples taken at the various crime scenes, Hansen came up with what he apparently regarded as a fool-proof plan: Last December, during the closing arguments of his trial in Copenhagen, he slipped his 23-year-old son a vial of his own sperm, instructing him to head out and rape a woman, then plant the smuggled sperm in the victim’s body to baffle the police. He apparently believed investigators would come to think that a second rapist was at large in Denmark - for example, a secret twin or some such person - who just happened to possess the same DNA as Hansen. This, he hoped, would clear his name and get him out of prison.

The perfect crime, you might think. Pure thriller material. But it was not to be: Hansen's daughter-in-law discovered the sperm sample (the press doesn’t explain how or where, nor what she thought it was and what it was for), and turned his bottled demon seed over to the police. This week Copenhagen City Court added an additional conviction for attempted rape to Hansen’s bulging rap sheet.

Soon after uncovering the sperm caper, the police discovered jewelry in the son’s house belonging to the four women his father had raped in 1995. Hansen junior, an earlier product of that selfsame semen, has also been charged as an accomplice. So it doesn’t look like the Hansens will be prowling the streets of Copenhagen again any time soon.

The psychiatrists called in to advise in the case have described Hansen, a lifelong criminal, as suffering from a personality disorder, which seems like a bit of an understatement. He is convinced that the rape and murder charges against him are false, the evidence be damned. During the trial, Hansen himself spoke up and said that the real killer “must be sick in the head, a psychopath who hates women.” Swearing he was innocent (having already smuggled his sperm to his son), he told the court: “The person who did these things will strike again, and if I’m sitting in jail then, people will see that it wasn’t me.”

Perhaps, but we may never know this for sure: The infamous “Amager Man” could be out on parole in between twelve and sixteen years. Or maybe a lot sooner, if his guards don't keep a sharp lookout for small, sticky bottles...



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