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JANUARY 22, 2013 8:19PM

How fascist money has kept the Vatican afloat for 84 years

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In today’s issue, The Guardian is reporting on a sweetheart deal between Benito Mussolini and the Catholic Church that is still yielding the Vatican millions in ill-gotten gains. It seems that in 1929 the Italian dictator offered the sum of $92 million in today’s money to Pope Pius XI in order to gain the Pontiff’s blessing for the new fascist regime. Sad to say, the Pope took the bait, leading to years of misery for Italians and other peoples, along with generations of windfalls for what under normal conditions should have been a dying religious cult. This deal was a feature of the Lateran Treaty, in which the Mussolini government granted the Pope his own sovereign country within Italian territory: Vatican City.


The Vatican’s bankers soon transformed the Duce’s investment into prime real estate in London, Paris, and various venues in Switzerland, amounting to a cool $800 million today. And it’s not as if the Pope is just dying to enlighten us all about this pact with Satan. As Guardian journalist David Leigh tells us, “The surprising aspect for some will be the lengths to which the Vatican has gone to preserve secrecy about the Mussolini millions.” Well, let’s just say that this news is more surprising to some of us than to others.

So if you’ve been wondering why the Catholic Church continues to thrive despite all the common sense arguments against it, look no further. For the dreary details, check out the original article here.


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Frightening! But no surprise there, sad to say. "My kingdom is not of this world," Jesus said, but the Church has different ideas about that.

Snicker, snicker! Can you see what this clearly shows?

If the leaders of the Catholic church - or any religious group that sucks up money at every chance - truly believed there is a "God" whom they'd have to answer to at some point, they wouldn't dare to do this kind of shit.

Ergo - they DO NOT believe there is any judgement, by any God, of their actions, ever going to happen. And the only reason they'd be sure of that is that they know perfectly well that this "God" stuff is pure imagination.

All you believers are being taken for a ride.


Can't say I'm surprised, but it's still a bit shocking. It's no wonder they'd never open their books. sky has it pegged.
the history of the catholic church has plenty of evidence that its masters are more interested in preserving and expanding the corporation than testifying to the word of god, or even supplying social services. nothing new here. religion supplies a service to humans, at a deeper level than logic and every franchise is a nonsense to an atheist.
Atta boy Al, when ya can't subvert logic just make your gobbledegook a "deeper lever" that cannot be understood by people who only depend upon reason.

Obviously it's all too "deep" for us mere mortals to ever delve into; so we need the "interpreter"!

Lo and behold a new priest is born! All we dumb-uns has gotta do is pay homage to his special unearthly "knowledge" (and, of course, put a dollar in the pot) and he'll tell us what all those signs and omens are portending.....! Yeah, Right!

Tee, hee, snicker, snorx.......ROTFLMFFAO!
Mae Brussell, the late assassination researcher who broadcast World Watchers for 17 years in Carmel, had a special interest in the Vatican Bank - and their links to the Rat Line that smuggled ex-Nazis into South America. In this article, she writes about William Taub, the Wall Street wheeler dealer whose name came out during Watergate, and how he and Bill Donovan (who founded the OSS - precursor to the CIA) arranged for Mussolini to cough up the $20 million donation: http://www.maebrussell.com/Mae%20Brussell%20Articles/Nazi%20Connection%20to%20JFK%20Assass.html
In other words, Mussolini wasn't the only fascist to play a role in this sad saga.
I’ve seen your comments on the Church elsewhere.

Seems as though Judy Mandlebaum of Brooklyn New York has no problem finding fault with the Catholic Church.

Same here. I'm with you 100%.

The Church has been screwed up since its very beginning…when they first bought into that idiot god they got from somewhere.