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Judith Wittbold

Judith Wittbold
Houston, Texas, North America
August 23
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NOVEMBER 21, 2011 12:29PM

Inside my mind

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If you could see inside my mind

This is what you will find

I am lots of fun

and share with everyone





I’m not!

Sometime I talk a lot.


I have fears

but no tears


Sometime I’m deep in thought,

and usually I get caught...



So if you could see inside my mind


this is what you will find.

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open+call, poetry

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Sounds like a lovely place to visit, along with the lovely words you write.
rated with love
well that is an enigmatic interiority, mz intelligent lady!
sweet and enigmatically phantasmagorphic
in the ulterior dream vaults
in the far

well to see inside a mind is to read to absorb literally
in spirit
that other.
Sounds delightful ~R~
Very nice poem, but don't know how you do it without the tears. I can't, but often they are simply happy tears and a lot of sentimental sappy stuff! There's that!
.... A Lovely and Sensitive young Lady. BB.
I can certainly see the 'fun' side of you shining through this poem and the way you presented it, Judith!

Big smile! : )