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Judith Wittbold

Judith Wittbold
Houston, Texas, North America
August 23
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OCTOBER 7, 2011 6:32PM

Serving life

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Life can make you happy

Life can make you sad

and sometimes it

can make you mad

You will make mistakes and

sometimes, be given breaks

you will have ups and downs

because... “there are bounds”

Do not fret

do not regret

be glad you are alive

and that you will survive



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Yes, I think it is so important to remember that we will survive.
Lovely poem.
rated with love
Dedicated to Dianne

Thankyou RP for your reading my posts.
I have much to learn from you
That undertone of knowing one will survive helps in those moments when it seems the downward spiral has no end in sight. ~R~
Clever and wise. You have a knack, Judy.