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August 30
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MAY 31, 2009 11:43AM

Time in a Bottle

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I've heard of time in a bottle and even a ship in a bottle, but I have never seen anything like this:




A tiny fern is growing inside this bottle.  The bottle is part of an edging to part of my garden.  It's an idea I borrowed from a friend and I love it.   The "fern bottle" is the last one on the right of this picture.




But back to the fern.  It has grown inside this bottle spontaneously.  The closest fern in the garden to this bottle is about 2 feet away.  Nature continually amazes me.

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obstinance, fern, mother nature

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I'm going to steal this idea. Do you just put the bottles there, and the ferns grow??
P&P, I NEVER expected a plant to grow inside this bottle. I dug a trench at the edge of the flower bed and "planted" the wine bottles. I was careful to remove any roots. This is just Mother Nature showing her dominance. :)

(thumbified for obstinance)
Love that Mother Nature!
Stellaa, I just learned a couple of weeks ago that the friend from whom I had "borrowed" the idea went to a restaurant and got the bottles. We got the bottles the old-fashioned way -- drinking! Many good memories, indeed. (I even put a vodka bottle in the row for me!)

I did not know about the pear brandy. So do they have pear trees with bottles on the limbs until the fruit is ready? I would love to see a photo of this. (Off to Google it.)
How to grow a pear in a bottle:
Lovely and mysterious, just like nature to find a new way to amaze.
Now I have Jim Croce in my head.

Love the bottles!
Very cool!! What a delightful find. And I love your bottle edging.

I found something like this once. I unearthed an old glass bottle that had become a terrarium, with a little plant growing in it. Nature is truly a marvel, and it is always a consolation to me that she seems to find so many ways to work around our disastrous effects on her. Here's hoping she continues to be so resilient.
Hey JD, is that river fern or what? It's looks pretty neat. Nice pics.
Rated & Cheers!
I don't know what type of fern it is. I have a lot of different ferns in my gardens, but nothing near this one.
why don't i read this stuff more often, this is so cool!