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JUNE 1, 2009 10:27PM

Self-Imposed Deadlines

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Memorial Day 2008, my husband, his adult daughter and I went to California to spend some time with family.  We had a wonderful visit, which culminated in a good, old-fashioned Italian dinner prepared by the matriarch of the family, the oldest sister.


 (just part of the family -- the blonde ones are in-laws)

After dinner, everyone had a good time looking at my deceased father-in-law's photos.


People said they would like to have copies of different photos, so I, being the good (read "foolish") person that I am,  offered to ship the photos home, scan them and distribute them to all the family.  The next day I went to the UPS Store and had them pack up and ship four albums and a lot of loose photos.

Well, during the past year I have thought about these photos a lot.  First I thought I'd have them done in time for really nice Christmas gifts.  But that didn't work.  One of the problems is that a project like this is quite time consuming.  It also takes a space dedicated to spreading it out with a scanner and a computer.  I tried doing it in our bedroom, but I couldn't stand the mess.  Then I tried the guest room, but when we had guests, I packed them away again.

Around the end of April, my sister-in-law told me that she's going to Cleveland (where they were raised) for an aunt's 90th birthday celebration in June.  Perfect!  I have a deadline.

Here's what I started with:


It may not look like that much, but it's over 500 photos.  They date from the 30s and date through the 1990s.  Here's one of my favorites -- my father and mother-in-law.  I never met her.


Saturday I spent the entire absolutely picture perfect day inside wrapping up the scanning.  Then I made a slide show (with music!).  I burned DVDs for all of the brothers and sisters and their children.  And I made a CD for each of them with the images of the photos.  Composed a little letter.  And then I got the pleasure of packing them!


All of my materials, ready to go.


I made very basic DVD jacket covers, which needed to be trimmed.


I started to pack address here, but soon realized I needed more space.


The packing station.


All my babies, ready to go.

They have all been mailed and now I'm just waiting to hear from the recipients.  I feel very good about completing this ahead of my self-imposed deadline.

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I'm impressed and somewhat intimidated by your industrious effort ;0) That was a kind thing for you to do for the family.
OK, I am very impressed. This is a wonderful thing to do, and I know that your family will be very pleased to have the photos. Good job, my dear!!
Thanks, ladies. It was a big task, but one that I hope will be enjoyed for a long time. There are four generations of baby pictures, three generations of wedding photos, photos of my father-in-law when he was in the Civil Conservation Corps, his brothers in the military -- a real treasure for generations to come.
Way to go, Julie! I scanned all of my mom's photos a couple of years back. It's tedious work. Good on you for completing this worthy project!
What a kind and loving thing you have done. I'm impressed.
This is just so, so nice...the kind of thing I never seem to get around to doing. But my husband's sister put together similar collections for everyone last Christmas in lieu of the usual meaningless gifts we've all sunk to in recent years. She had copies of a bunch of old photos made, then got them nicely mounted, and wrote up little summaries of the lives of each person, which she glued to the back. The best gift ever!
Wow, look at you go! I'm impressed.
Thanks everyone for the kind comments. This is a very time consuming job, but well worth it. Even if no one else likes the finished product, I do. And finally getting the originals sent back to my sister-in-law is a big relief.
this is what makes me sometimes wonder if i was not adopted.
No, Lisa, you're not adopted -- I have the stretch marks to prove it. But why would you need to do something like this when you have me?