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Julie Delio
Texas, USA
August 30
Living in a world that seems to be shrinking as I mature.


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JUNE 4, 2009 11:32PM

Bread on the Water

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Tonight I got to the semi-monthly meeting of the camera club a little later than I usually do, but I found a seat in the medical school classroom in the area I generally sit.  Some of the people I've gotten to know in the brief time I've been a member and I were chatting when I looked to my left and saw an unfamiliar face.  I extended my hand and introduced myself.  She gave me her name and said she was a first time visitor.

 I told the smiling woman that I was a newbie as well, having joined in January.  We talked a bit about the club activities and then someone behind me spoke to me and I turned around.  Shortly, I resumed the conversation with Ms. Visitor and told her that if she joins, it is strongly encouraged that members participate in the monthly competitions.  I told her that entering for the first time was difficult for me, but I was rewarded with a first place out of the box.  (See my entry Black Ice or Beginner's Luck @ Camera Club .)

 She looked at my name tag and asked "Do you have a blog?"  An interesting question.  I don't really consider what I do here as a blog, especially compared to so many of the writers here.  But I stammered out, "Well, yes, on Open Salon."  She said, "I know the photo.  Was it of a black car with ice on it?"  I'm sure my mouth hung open for a few seconds, but I told her yes.

I recovered a bit and then explained that I had never really thought of anyone other than my friends, both IRL and on OS, ever seeing anything I post.  She said that seeing my photo was the reason she finally decided to come to the camera club meeting.

 It seems perfectly reasonable to me that thousands of people would come here to read some of the brilliant essays, but to me this is a place to share my photos and have some fun -- nothing that would reach the real world.  I was extremely flattered.


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Bumped for real life colliding with Open Salon.
oh this was a good story mommy!
Wow! What a great story, Julie - and a small world! OS still seems like a secret club to me. I find myself explaining a lot ..."You know the online magazine Salon? Well, they have a blogging system..." I usually lose 'em way before I get to Freaky Troll ;)
I love it!

Sent from my iPhone.
When you're good, you're good, julie!!! What a neat story!!! How awesome was it to know that not only did she see your photo, but she remembered it! That's so cooL!
Thanks, friends. It was a real eye-opener for me.
This is so wonderful, as well as encouraging and validating for those of us who, like you, figure we know everyone who looks at our offerings here. It is especially wonderful that you inspired her to join the camera club.

Congratulations. Some of us have known from the start that you had all that talent. Now you are getting some "external" validation as well :)
Gee, you've become a celebrity!
Trust me, Steve, a very small fish in a wonderfully big and rich pond.
Wow. We are reaching real people, not just our OS family. The numbers show it but sometimes an incident like this brings it home.