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Julie Delio

Julie Delio
Texas, USA
August 30
Living in a world that seems to be shrinking as I mature.


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APRIL 11, 2010 11:03AM

Bluebonnets, Bluebonnets, Bluebonnets

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Pioneer Village, Fredericksburg, Texas


On the Willow City Loop, Gillespie County, Texas


On the Willow City Loop, Gillespie County, Texas

Willow City Vista

On the Willow City Loop, Gillespie County, Texas


Somewhere in Central Texas


Art, Texas

Angelic Rest

On the grounds of the Art Hedwig United Methodist Church, Art, Texas

Alamo Fire

Wildseed Farms, Fredericksburg, Texas

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Thanks, friends. I spent last weekend wandering central Texas, taking in all of the beauty -- and good food.
Julie, spectacular shots! I especially love meadows filled with flowers like you show here.
Looks like it is an abundant years for the wodlflowers - it is definately beautiful in Central Texas when this happens!
oh wow! Don't think I've ever seen Texas look prettier. Stellaa's right, you do have a good eye.
So interesting how Texas Bluebonnets and CA Lupines are related! Gorgeous photos Julia.
Yay! I always loved Spring in Texas.
Again, thanks so much. The credit really goes to Mother Nature. She really puts on a show here in Texas in the spring.

@Sheila -- There are hundreds of varieties of lupines all over the world. But us Texans take great pride in our state flower.
Beautiful absolutly beautiful!
Julie, these made my day. They also made me homesick. No wildflowers yet in Northern Illinois.
Fabulous photos. I really enjoyed the tour!
These pictures are very beautiful. rated.
It's been such a joy watching you grow into the extraordinary photographer you have become. These are just breathtaking--the flowers are all beautiful (and much welcome after such a long and crazy winter), and your photos genuinely do them justice.

You've also got a great eye for composition (maybe THE central element in photography in my view). Every one of these could be used as examples of how to compose a photo--backdrops and setting things off center a bit and foreground/background. I'll be showing these to all sorts of folks this weekend!!
Well, excuse me for missing this the first go round. Beautiful Julie :)