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OCTOBER 26, 2008 12:19PM

Common Sense - Part II - Debunking Sarah Palin

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A mere eight weeks ago, a rising star burst on to the national political scene.  John McCain solidified his declaration that he's a maverick in the form of three-inch heels, bright red lips and a wink.  Her name is Sarah Palin and she's just like you and me.  Hell, she lives in Alaska - how more "everyman" can you get than that?

I watched her speak, the crowd hanging on every word.  She energized them.  She spoke to the heart of the conservative base.  They were invigorated.  It reminded me of Obama in 2004.  Uh-oh.

As we've seen in the past few weeks, her shiny-new-pennyness is wearing off as more and more facts about her come to light.  But, it's just the media-elite attacking her, right?  None of it can be true.  They're just digging and digging, trying to find something, anything to use against her.  I'm John McCain and I'm pouting.  Here's the thing John, you should've known everything about her BEFORE you picked the maverick, rebel-rouser.  It's called vetting.


My husband laughs out loud everytime McCain or Palin say it.  You have to understand that everything in his mind somehow relates to livestock or horses.  "Honey, I'm just a little concerned that we live so far from a decent town.  What happens when we have a baby and I go into labor?"  His reply?  "I'll just do a c-section.  Do them all the time."  Now, I'm the first to admit that I've let myself go, but I, in no way, resemble an actual cow.  "Oh, shit!  I fell.  I think I hurt my leg!" I say in agony.  Does he run to me?  No.  He's out of the room and back with a gun.  "Just in case you have to be put down."  I guess, in his defense, I do fall down ALOT.  Especially after a few or ten cocktails. .....mmm.....cocktail.....

So his reaction to the freely tossed around term "maverick" goes right along with his mentality.  He's got an inside joke.  He has one over on me and millions of others.  Maverick was named after a Texan (shout-out!) named Samuel Maverick who back in the day (1860s) left his cattle unbranded.  Open range was the standard.  Meaning, for poor Samuel, that if you didn't have a brand on your animal, "rustlers" could take them and you'd have no way to prove they were yours.

Definition:  A maverick is an unbranded range animal, especially a motherless calf; it can also mean a person who thinks independently; a lone dissenter; a non-conformist or rebel.  

Let's look at the first part of that definition.  What happens to the motherless calf now?  It's taken into the barn and hand-fed until it's able to make it on its own.  Or, .......WARNING THIS IS GROSS......Paul will have another calf that has died in childbirth or from another animal and he will take the hide off it.  He then drapes it over the other "motherless calf", so the cow will take to it like it is her own.  Yes, there's trickery, even in cattle.  I don't think that says much for the McCain/Palin camp alongside the Bush administration.

Palin's claim to her maverickyness is that she took on her own party.  Here's the facts:  She ran for Governor.  Period.  That's it.  She ran for Governor when there was already a Republican in the seat.  Oooooh.  Maverick....or opportunist?  And we all know McCain's voting record - 90% with Bush.  90% agreeing with anything does not make you a rebel or individualist.

Oh, and you can't call yourself a maverick - it's like giving yourself a nick-name.  Hey, I'm the Pope!  Just because you say it doesn't make it true.


When campaigning for Governor, Palin championed the bridge which would connect a small island with about 50 inhabitants to another island that had an airport.

BEFORE Palin was elected, Congress pulled the plug on additional funds and support for the bridge.  However, she still continued her support for it while on the campaign trail.

Once she was elected, however, she used the appropriated funds for use in other areas of "transportation."  That's right, folks.  She may not have built that bridge, but she did allocate some of the funds to a different bridge (Knik Arm).  Bottom line:  She kept the money.  She did not give it back as she infers in her famous quote.

And apparently, those folks could've really used that bridge.


Well, she put it up for auction on eBay, but it didn't sell.  She sold it through a private broker at a loss.  She subsequently used the state's resources for her trips....and her kids......and her husband. 

Since the selling of that infamous plane, her favored mode of transportation was a police plane used in search and rescue missions.  According to the Alaska Department of Public Safety, she utilized it 19% of the time.  I hope no one was missing!

During his "Troopergate" affidavit and referring to the police plane, Todd Palin wrote, "It seemed like whenever Sarah needed this plane, it was unavailable," and complained that the state's police agency was not allowing his wife to use the King Air plane. "We were concerned that the Department of Public Safety was retaliating against Sarah for selling the Murkowski jet that the Department of Public Safety officials enjoyed using," he wrote. 

Really?  Hey, Todd!  Maybe it was just unavailable because someone needed rescuing in the vast Alaskan wilderness.  Maybe someone's plane crashed while they were hunting wolves.


While I cannot imagine what it's like to have a child with special needs, the right began immediately commending Sarah on the fact that she chose to "keep" her baby even though he had Down-Syndrome.  And she hoisted poor little Trig up on that stage for all to see.  Most people don't hold a sleeping baby so you can see their face.  I found it gross and felt like she was using her very own child as an opportunity to play on heart-strings.  Perhaps mine are lacking.  Perhaps my heart-strings have been cut due to lack of oxygen from my bleeding-heart.

I mean, wow!  What am amazing lady!  I am in no way down-playing the hardship - but all she did was have a baby.  Millions of women do it every day.  She already had four, why wouldn't she have another one?


But is he even hers?  As soon as Trig came into play, so did stories that he may, in fact, be her daughter Bristol's baby.  At seven months pregnant, Palin announced that she was pregnant for the fifth time.  This suprised even those closest to her as she wasn't even showing.  At seven months.  Hell, I'm showing now and I'm not even pregnant.

At eight months, Palin took a trip to my hometown of Dallas.  It was a beautiful April day.  The gleaming sun bounced off the crystal and silver as she spoke at the Republican Governors Association conference on energy.  "Hey, what's that?" "Oh, that's just my water breaking, doncha know."  Did she go to any one of the superb hospitals Dallas has to offer?  Baylor maybe?  I was born there and I seem alright.  No.  She instead hopped on a plane back to Alaska, where no one even noticed she was in labor, nor were they alerted ahead of time.  After the 12 hour trip brought her safely back to Alaskan soil, she then drove 45 minutes away from her home to actually have her baby.  Three days later she was back at work.  Three days!

What wonderful judgment this gal has!  And what a steal trap of a uterus she has!

What's even more odd is the fact that her daughter, Bristol, was out of school for five months during this period "with a case of mono."  Damn!  That's some case of mono.  In 8th grade I came down with mono and strep at the same time.  No, I was not a slut!  It was 8th grade people.  My sluttiness came much later.  I was, however, out of school for probably about 3-4 weeks.  I remember it vividly only for the shiny, light pink tafetta, puffed-sleeved prom dress hanging on the outside of my closet door that I had to stare at every single day of those agonizing weeks.  That dress haunts my dreams even now.  Why couldn't I be as crafty as Molly Ringwald?


Hey, you're the pick for VP!  Can we see your medical records?  Transparency in government and all.

Palin:  "Maybe.  But, only after the election."

Why?  She's got to be the healthiest of all of them.  Hell, McCain released his records and he has cancer.  Biden had an aneurism.  Would they show she only had four children?  Why didn't her doctor come out when all this controversy started and said, "Hey, listen, I delivered Sarah's baby."  I mean, there doesn't seem to be any confidentiality being broken in that.  But, I could be wrong.

To add a theory to the cover-up, Bristol would have been a minor at the time.  Levi (assuming he would be the father) might have been charged with statutory rape.  Not a good look for a conservative Republican.  "My teen daughter is pregnant and her boyfriend is charged with rape....No, I will NOT teach sex-ed in school.....No sex before marriage......abstinence.......God."

How come no one on the conservative side has picked up on the story of her actual marriage?  Oh, it's a cute story.  She and Todd were high school sweethearts.  They decided to elope.  Only, once they got to the JOP, they were told they needed two witnesses.  So, they walked across the street to an old-folks home and asked for volunteers.  Two agreed.  So, they all headed back across the street, one of them with a walker.  Oh, those crazy kids in-love embarking on their life together.

Eight months later their first child, Track, is born.  Eight months later.  Did I say eight?  However, he was not a pre-mature baby.  Just a regular ol' baby.  What was that about sex before marriage?


See Troopergate.  Using your political position for your own benefit is about as inside-Washington as you can get.

A new investigation by the AP shows the prized pipeline may have some issues also.  Well, if you consider that the person heading up the bidding used to be a lobbyist for the company that won the contract.

In addition, this week we learned that the RNC spent $150,000 on her clothing and make-up for the months that followed her announcement of VP pick. 

Holy shit!  I mean, I've been known to do some damage at Neimans - as my father can attest to after he got the bills - but what the.....

An additional $22,800 was paid to her travelling stylist and make-up artist.  Some gal from So You Think You Can Dance.  According to an AP article, by contrast, McCain's foreign policy adviser was paid a measley $12,500.  Priorities, folks.

She's a everyman.  I mean, her husband races snow-mobiles....excuse me, snow-machines.

The most hilarious part of the McCain/Palin hypocrisy machine is this:  The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (BCRA, McCain–Feingold Act). 

One of the very things that John McCain championed for in campaign finance reform is exactly the thing that has been done here in buying clothing for Sarah Palin...and her kids....and her husband....and her future grandchild's father.

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics and Washington has filed a complaint with the FEC over this very thing.  You can read about it HERE.  (Thanks to Ric for the heads up)

She certainly has a lot of people filing lawsuits and complaints against her.  And her "open and transparent" government musings have clammed up like that uterus of hers since becoming the nominee.

I know there's a million more issues I could site here: religion, book-banning, etc.  but my cocktail(s) just kicked in and I fell down and my husband's coming at me with a gun.

It's just common sense, folks.

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Updated to include the new info on the pipeline investigation......