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NOVEMBER 7, 2009 11:29PM

Breaking News: House Passes Health Care Bill!

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Last ditch efforts came from both sides today.  Republican leaders made it clear that they would do everything in their power to block the Health Care Reform Bill from passing.  However, Obama stepped it up as well - appealing to as many Democrats as he could on why this momentus legislation is desperately needed for this country, asking them to "answer the call of history". 

With a sole Republican vote in Rep. Joseph Cao of Louisiana and 39 Democrats voting against it, the Bill passed with a narrow margin of 220-215.

The bill essentials:

  • Requires that most Americans carry insurance and provides assistance (subsidies) to those who cannot afford it.
  • Large companies would be required to provide coverage for their employees and be faced with penalties if they don't comply.
  • No denials based on pre-existing conditions.
  • Bars insurers from imposing lifetime limits on coverage.
  • Cannot charge higher premiums based on medical history and gender.
  • Insurance industry could lose it's anti-trust exemptions from price gouging, bid-rigging and market allocation.
  • The government will sell health insurance for direct competition with current insurers. (public option)
  • The bill expands Medicaid.


Now, on to the Senate.



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What will the Senate do with this historic bill? But tonight let's realize that something unprecedented happened. ~R~
Thanks BBE. At least it's a step in a better direction as opposed to doing absolutely nothing.
Woo hoooooooooooooooooo!

Any improvement in terms of getting more U.S. citizens health care is welcome. This really is a historic day. I'm quite sure this will not be then end of it, but it is a REAL START!
Yeah Chuck, they still have their own version and if I'm not mistaken, it hasn't even been brought to the floor yet.
...be the end of it...
Bumping for updates....
Haven't listened to the news all day, and this was the first thing I saw tonight opening up OS - great news, and a good start. Glad at least on Rep. found the balls to vote yes.
Well. Let's hope it ends how it sounds. Somehow I doubt that government is going to seek the welfare of the populous over the lobys. But we'll see. We'll see.

I simply don't have the faith in government that many others seem to have. In the case of government, it's a case of whether ot not you're fucked with a rubber or not. Either way, you walk away fucked.
Yeah, blue - It popped up on my screen. I imagine the lone Republican vote is the only one who actually listened to what his constituents wanted.

Bob - I agree. It's not that i have so much "faith" in the government - hope maybe? We have to start somewhere and this has been a long time coming.
I'm so afraid to get my hopes up about this bill, but at least it's a start. Something definitely needs to be done. Still, I wish they'd just agree to give all of us the same coverage that they (senators and congresspeople) have. Wouldn't that be the fairest thing of all?
I don't understand it either Lisa. If their coverage works for them, why not us? If it was crap, you know they'd fix that!
Sadly I must concur with BBE.

For a multitude of reasons the only workable solution is a single payer universal plan. Any other will simply invite a level of corruption and abuse that will make your hair curl.

Think people are having a tough time now scraping by with part time jobs or under-employment? Just wait until they are required to pay for health insurance that they can't afford. Meanwhile joe blow ceo goldman will get his, with before tax dollars, which he has plenty of (before and after), while mr and mrs joe blow will not have money to eat healthy food which will make them sick.

This bill sucks. I'd rather have nothing.

BBE.... who peed in your cornflakes?
I know I sound negative and perhaps dogmatic and I cannot articulate things like a Bill Moyers can, but I see this as a disaster. In time we will come to wish no bill had passed such as this. I too hunger for reform, but real reform not fake reform. I can understand calling this a positive step, but it is not a step but a feint.

I'm so tired of seeing people be hurt.
Why do you say that T? Seriously. You, BBE and Blondie have me all weirded out now. I know not to put all my trust in the government, but don't you think this at least heads us in the right direction? What am I missing besides the obvious issues?
Do y'all currently have health insurance?
Julie, a step in the right direction would be if more people had your heart.
Aw, Harry - thanks. Wait - you're not saying "Bless your heart" are you? ;)
I mean that as a 100% literal statement, a cold fact.
Harry - Mwuahaha! My plan is working perfectly. ::wringing hands::

BBE - I do know about the abortion issue and I'm not happy about it. It seems they want to push it through just to be the ones who did it.

So, only 11 million Americans could gain access through the government? That, I was not aware of. I assumed with making it mandatory, those that still couldn't afford a policy would fall under the subsidies.

There's no chance in hell that insurers will come down on their premiums due to the "competition" of the government?

On the bright side, once they're imprisoned, they'll receive health care.

Thanks for not making me feel like a dumbass BBE.
I am glad that there is something moving ... at least it keeps the debate alive. BUT ~ I have to wonder about the backroom deals that were made, and they were made - - - when will someone in power finally decide that it's the secrecy that causes most of the division. Just tell us the truth, show us the books ... we're all wearing big girl panties. Then at least agreeing or disagreeing would be based on the whole picture and not just the 2000 pages of the picture that's made public.
Insurance industry could lose it's anti-trust exemptions from price gouging, bid-rigging and market allocation. This may be the biggest way to reign in the greed of big insurance. Hope it makes it through the Senate. I fell a sleep watching C-span last night, but was glad the bill passed. I was also surprised that the Stupak (sp?) Amendment passed. That sucked. I agree with BBE that this has morphed into something almost unrecognizable, but we have to start something and this is eating valuable time. It HAS to pass this year or it will be gone for another generation. It can be tweaked later.
Excellent review -- and a huge step forward. Onward!
Just curious. How's life on your Okie ranch?

I really miss the hard work and the evening meals with friends. The social interractions with the people you worked your ass off with the day before. I miss that life and envy you and your hubby.

There's something about ranching that gets into your soul. It transforms you into a person you've never seen before. How cool it is, how wonderful the respite it all brings about.

Cowboys/girls forever!
Ann - I agree. I would like to know whose pockets were filled with that nice soft, money.

Mike - I think any step is one in the right direction. We've been fighting for this for, what, 60 years. It's about time. If anything, at least the insurance industry will have to adhere to some regulations. Maybe those that are unable to purchase the public option will have a better chance at something affordable from the big insurers. Who knows though.

Tom & Steve - Thanks for dropping by guys. I know a lot of care providers are definitely for reform, but you don't see it in the media too often. It's comforting to see it here, Steve.
Hey Bob - thanks for asking. You've got part of it down right! We're smack in the midst of reality here. Our calves will sell this week - no matter what - and the market is still not where it should be. But, we're hoping for the best. Just a little on edge at the moment. Hopefully the following week, we're back to enjoying this gorgeous place!
Yeah, Stellaa, the Stupak amendment was a bit shocking. Instead of trying to put it to a vote right then and essentially buying those votes, they needed to work on those Dems who held out.

Is there still a shot of the Senate coming up with a single-payer plan?

It just doesn't make sense to me why we wouldn't just expand a system that is already in place. Instead we are going to create an entirely new facet of the government. Bizarre.
The TARP bailout and Healthcare "reform" have been almost enough to make a Libertarian radical conservative out of me. Well, I exaggerate a little. And trust me -- my opposition to healtcare "reform" as proposed isn't to preserve my status quo. For twenty years my status quo has been to pray I don't need healthcare.

I have been saying and posting for months that the proposed reform -- even with a public option -- is nothing but more corporate welfare. I pray I am wrong about this -- but logic all too clearly shouts otherwise.

Under this "reform", tens of millions of highly-profitable low-risk citizens will be forced under penalty of fine and imprisonment into the clutches of corporate criminals who run the gigantic insurance scams called Wellpoint, United Healtcare, et al.

Meanwhile, the uninsurable will end up in a the public insurance pool, which will soon be bankrupt because it will be operating with only high-risk members.

When someone promised change I could believe in, I took that to mean at least fighting the good fight for a single-payer system as used by every other industrialized social democracy in the world. Instead, most politicians engaged in a race to the bottom of the corporate barrel.

Citizens of this country have been abused by insurers and legislators for far too long. In the past, I've suggested that if everyone stopped paying premiums to insurance companies, something useful would be done.

Now it appears, citizens are going to also have to risk prison by refusing to pay fines for not bending over to be rear-ended by insurers. Now The only recourse left is civil disobedience.

Is this a great country or what?
The catholic "cult"? A cult is a fad, I think after 2000 years it's not a case of whimsy. The true responsibility lies with those politicians who have failed the state by allowing any church to interfere with the system. Lisa is asking the right question, why are we not getting the same coverage the House and Senate get.
I just want to have a baby. We're in limbo here. We had to cancel our insurance (which only covered Paul anyway) because we couldn't afford it. Insurance or electricity. Insurance or feed for cattle. It's a tough call to make. If we want to have both of us covered, there's no possible way to do it. Yet, we wouldn't qualify for state programs. So, where does that leave us and millions of others?

I don't know if I'm all for something being done rather than nothing because my judgment is clouded. It makes me sick that someone else gets to make the decisions in my life for me. I'm 35, we'd really like to start a family, yet can't. And don't get me started on the risks of Paul's job. He got thrown off a horse just the other day. It's a scary place to be in.
Add a few zeroes to that now Tom.
No BBE is absolutely correct. This is FUBAR. It sucks, it is not REFORM, it is leaving out those with the most serious disabilities, for example TBI (how the hell are you supposed to pay for an MRI for example, which costs about a thousand bucks a pop) if you are poor? And this is a required procedure for a condition that is known as the "signature wound of the wars in both theatres and has just doubled the number of the people in the US who have it. On top of that it does not deal with rare and neurological diseases or the cost of expensive conditions.

AND IT DOES NOT LEGALIZE MARIJUANA. Which despite Obama's stupid, uninformed and out to lunch comments on the subject at the town hall meeting, is currently being tested by the FDA to treat very hard to treat neurological conditions, as is Marinol, the fake and more expensive version.

AND IT WORKS. I should know. I have TBI plus another rare neurological condition. I take Marinol right now, which works, but its' far more expensive and doesn't work as well. So my pharma bill thanks to MY exclusion from the workforce, COSTS YOU SIX GRAND A MONTH. And I still can't get an MRI. Or find a neurologist who will take Medicaid. This bill doesn't fix that problem either.

So this is not a victory folks. It's called pulliing the wool over your eyes. And a FUCK YOU to the American people who are going to pay more for less, when salaries are declining, the unemployment rate is actually about forty percent, and the bill, as I pointed out in another post, is actually ILLEGAL under both disabilities law and the International Treaty for Human Rights for People with Disability Rights, in that it does NOT provide equal access to the same quality of care for those with disabilities, who are twenty percent of the population of this country, ninety percent who are deliberately excluded from the workforce because of rampant discrimination, live in poverty and cannot get equal access as is MANDATED EVEN UNDER CURRENT DOMESTIC DISABILITY LAW.


And if you think otherwise you are delusional.
Yeah, but you see how BBE conveys the facts? With civility and information.

STOP YELLING AT EVERYONE! Italics are your friend. The code is: [i]whatever[/i] Just use greater than/less than symbols instead of the brackets. Also, you might want to consider periods as well as that's the longest run-on sentence I've ever seen.

I'm delusional? Yet, you are so angry that the legalization of marijuana wasn't in this bill? I totally think it should be legal, but there was no way that it would've been considered here. If the FDA is doing testing, that's great news. I hope the results show that it can do amazing things so they have no reason not to legalize it.

So tell me, does this bill specifically exclude people with disabilities? Can you provide any links to portions of the bill you are speaking of?
Of course she can't. Most nay-sayers are simply making numbers up as they go. We have had OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) up here in Ontario for decades and it works just great. Yes, we pay a lot more taxes up here and that's what pays for it. And yes there are long lines to get things like MRIs. But all in all it works very well. There's very little of the crap that the "No" side loves to talk about, and I get no bills for anything when I break an arm break dancing, or break my neck show boarding. Even when I'm tanning my gorgeous body in the Caribbean and get an allergic reaction to the sun all my bills down there are covered.

This is a good thing. Trust me. I'm a used car salesman. Ok... how 'bout a lawyer? Would you believe a Boy Scout Leader?
Ha! Breaking News my ass! Hah You are a thief!!!
This is not terribly different than the Swiss system, which is pretty good. I would swap in a nanosecond with the Swiss.

I think there has been so much mis information that it will take a while before people understand what is going on.

By the way, Al Franken is big on the Swiss system.

There is a lot to like in the new bill. People will get subsidies for health insurance from a max of 2% of adjusted gross income for people at 130% of poverty level to 9% of agi for people @ 400% of poverty level.

Plus Health Insurers are currently regulated by the States, currently. The market reforms built into the bill are significant, despite what people say.

The least rational part of the current system has been addressed. That is the fact that people that don't have employee group insurance can and are priced out of the individual insured market. The poor are covered by medicaid. So, we are systematically forcing a lot of middle class people into either assuming the financial risk of serious illness, and if they lose, pushing them into poverty where they will qualify for medicaid.

Adding 30 million people to some plausible form of health care is a significant improvement.

And with health care eating up 17% of GDP, the money has to come from somewhere. It's really no different than a progressive tax (from 2% to 9%) for those without coverage to get coverage, with the balance being subsidized by other taxpayers.

The real issue is getting the total cost rationalized over the next 10-15 years so that we are competitive in world markets. Most of the world does quite nicely on 10% of GDP. However to get it passed, no one was forced to give up anything. This is the year to give. Next year, we will start squeezing. And everyone will get nicked. Drug companies. Hospitals. Labs. Individuals who want expensive, unproven stuff. Doctors.
I'm grinning. go. health reform. go!
B.B.E. it is a positive step. face it. I have never seen such a negative organism!
B.B.E. it is a positive step. face it. I have never seen such a negative organism!
Looks pretty good. I wonder what it will mean for my new career selling supplimental health insurance. Somehow I think it might be good. But I am still learning....

At any rate I should be able to get health insurance now and that's a relief.

What happened with pre-existing conditions? Under the current law, even if I get heatlh insurance tomorrow any situation related to my MS probably will not be covered for three years. I will check in the morning. My nephew texted me a few minutes ago. He is super, super happy about this.

With all the situations I have had over the past few years with doctors and insurance, my greater concern is actually with communication within the health system -- particularly between healthcare providers and insurers. At the moment it is totally horrible.

And I have actually found that in many cases, hospitals and drug companys will pick up big bills. I know that isn't the case with every situation but it has been the case in many instances with me. I go to a research hospital where there are lots of referrals and free things.

But really -- no matter who is paying the bills -- government or private companies -- patients so very much deserve better communication about what they getting ,what their options are, what the consequences are, etc...
I just stupidly noticed that this was from November -- the last time the house passed the health care bill.


Anyway, my points still largely stand. I liked this discussion better than the more current ones.