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Juliet Waters
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August 01
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NOVEMBER 18, 2009 12:00PM

My 11th Sexiest Canuck

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I wasn't going answer this Open Call.  For some reason there was just nobody  coming to mind this year.  But then Salon picked Levi Johnston as their 11th sexiest man of 2009.  And as I was cringeing watching Levi and Kathy Griffin flirting away on Larry King, I remembered the secret crush I've been nursing for the last year.  So for that reason I've decided to take this bold step and announce the 11th sexiest man in my life. 

Yeah, I admit. I've got it Canadian Cougar bad for British Columbia born bad boy, Taylor Kitsch.  Older folk who can't stop rationalizing their sad addiction to   watching those wonderfully well written teen dramas, will know Kitsch from Friday Night Lights as the endlessly infuriating, dumb as a stick, but chronically fuckable inevitably lovable, Panther half back Tim Riggins.

If I were a Canadian teenager there would be any number of reasons why I would have a huge crush on Kitsch.  Before he was cast as a Texas small town football player, Kitsch was heading for a career in the NHL.  Then an injury ended his potential as a talented junior league player.  What else could he do but head to L.A., take a few acting classes, and get work as an underwear model?

But I'm not a teenager. I should know better by now.  So what is it about this kid?  Maybe it's because for now he really is what he seems to be.  Sure, maybe he'll become the next Mark Wahlberg and start executive producing American versions of popular Israeli television shows (Entourage/In Treatment, tomato/tomahto.).  Or maybe a decade from now he'll be adopting African children with his generation's version of Anjelina Jolie.  But for today, he's still an irresistably cute, apparently unapologetic asshole.   

Don't believe those guys still exist?  Here he is on ET Canada, doing some publicity last year for his role in X Men origins: Wolverine:

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Juliet - I agree! Taylor is a sha-la-la bandit! Very hot. Great pick.

Funny stuff. I am still trying to get my head around the idea of you being a cougar.
You got my vote on him! Friday night lights is a show I watch and follow!
Ding! Ding! Ding! I have an embarassing attraction to this kid. Kid. He's a kid! (I'm telling myself.) Oh, and I love Friday Night Lights. I love it in a way that makes no sense in a house with no TV and where nobody knows a thing about football.
He seems kind of arrogant for someone with the intelligence of French toast.
Gwool, maybe you're right. Maybe I'm not really a cougar, and more of a MILF Who Thinks.

And for some reason there's something about this guy that makes me think I would probably not kick him out of bed for eating french toast, or giving me cash.
I'm trying to figure out if my crush on Rachel Maddow is a regular crush, or a man crush. If you see what I mean.
Douglas, you are so right! Rachel Maddow will always get overlooked on these lists. Thanks for bringing her up.
I like French toast.
Yep, very hot. Imagine Hugh Jackman and Taylor Kitsch in the same film. I could die and go to heaven. Can't wait for the show to resume.
No idea who he is, but he's pretty to look at. Levi Johnston's just creepy.
I was looking for some of my missing strike throughs. Now I know where they went! Great post.
Yeah, but does he reside on Open Salon?

Shameless self-promotion
Ah, Taylor's your typical young buck. He'll have to work on that West Coast accent tho. I wonder if he's a pothead like Michael Buble, also from Vancouver. A very funny post.
Great choice! I had no idea he was Canadian - this was really informative. I just watched Friday Night Lights tonight. He does a great job. The show, I think, does a great job. I just wish they'd let him wash his hair sometimes.
i'd never heard of him, but he's pretty hot for a young guy, especially in that pic. nice choice.

i also had no idea salon picked levi #11. that's hysterical. and i liked their write-up, which mirrors my feelings: he's been a bit of an ass, but every time i see him, it's hard to look away. a hot ass.
OK, you turned me on to the kathy griffen / levi youtube and i'm laughing my ass off. kathy is a riot. and what a ridiculous yet fun pairing. thanks.
Poor Levi, though, Dave; not only is he clearly not sure whether Kathy "really" likes him, but he's not worldly and/or smart enough to keep up with her. Seems like he's having fun, though.
I'm not so sure about how much fun he's having. He's being a reasonably good sport about it (and does he have a choice, he's on Larry King?). But watch it again and check the look of blank horror on his face when he's watching the footage of himself with Kathy at the teen choice awards. That's a guy who's starting to wonder just who the joke is really on. At least that's my take.

Meanwhile, check out how bad I am at just chilling out and exploiting the hot young things made readily available for my consumption. Will I ever learn?
Props to Salon for their #4 pick! I seriously considered posting something on Stringer Bell. My 75 year old mother and I watched the first season of the The Wire last summer and we both loved him. My mom could never get past Avon's golf pants though.
Love this. Funny. And I like anything with "Canuck" in it. (posting from toronto)
Well, he doesn't seem like an asshole from the videoclip, but I'll take your word for it. I've never heard of him, so this counts as an official pop culture update. Thanks!
Please make him come over to my house. You have powers. I know. I need him to talk to me. About stuff. And things! Juliet, pull some Canadian strings, man. For a friend.
Believe me, Beth, if I had that power I'd been using for my own purposes. The best I've been able to pull off is wishing him back from college and into Dillon Texas for another season of FNL. And then there's the Wolverine sequel. And I think he's in some upcoming movie.

But I know. I need to talk to him about stuff too.