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Juliet Waters
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August 01
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MARCH 1, 2010 4:11PM

Olympics: Hey America, time to hug it out.

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Hey Americans,

How are you doing today?  Apparently not so great, according to what I just read in Salon.  

Wow, Allen Barra, one of my favourite baseball writers, has a very unfavorable impression of my country.  Normally I thrill to Barra's intelligent,  subtle analysis of baseball.  But I had a rough time understanding what seems to be some kind of bitter subtext, especially in his article about the historic U.S. vs. Canada hockey game

From what I do understand, (and it's hard because I'm Canadian and  we don't really do sarcasm) we're sort-a-nazis, with too many confusing national symbols, and a national sport that is too easy to play, but too difficult to watch.   Although when we won that hockey game we did, at least "save face." 

Holy Moose Crap!  We must have done something to really rub Barra the wrong way.  I haven't felt so bad since last week, when the NYTimes chewed out our women's hockey team for their innapropriate under age drinking.

So all I want to do today is repair the terrible damage that these Winter Olympics seem to have done to our international reputation and our relationship. 

Yes, I admit we went overboard in our exuberance.  Better hosts would have done a better job at hiding the fact that we didn't just save face with that hockey game.  We broke the record for most gold medals in the history of the Winter Olympics. 

We really thought the inflatable beavers, William Shatner, or at least Nickleback would distract from that fact.   But now that I think of it, I'm sure no one would have noticed that winning the most golds puts us at the all-time top of the medal board at IOC webstite, Reuter's, and  Wikipedia.   

Because look at you!  You guys won the most silver and bronze medals!  And that,  according to a logic that nobody else quite understands,  puts you at the top of the New York Times medal board!

Wow highest overall medals count without even coming close to the highest number of golds!  I'm sure you agree, Allen Barra, that's an amazing accomplishment.  Kind of like having the all time career home run record, in the minor leagues.

But these are just numbers.  And  I really want to return to the good feelings we've always had.  

So I've put together this small  scrapbook of  loving,  Olympic moments that we shared together.

Time to forget about all the bad stuff, like the other Salon recaps that heaped scorn on our fine punk rock fiddlers and then tried to fire us.  And your national sports media which underestimated your hockey team before the Olympics, then overestimated them until it was too late for you to figure out that you just didn't have a deep enough defense.  

But no more Hockey, that's our game.  I take your point, Allen Barra. We're just better at it. We always will be, so we won't bother you with it anymore.   (And if you want to give up on curling, ski cross, skeleton and PGS slalom,  we're fine with that too.)

I agree. I think NBC should just stick to broadcasting ice dancing (which is what they showed during the first U.S vs. Canada match up anyways).

Is  there anything more representative of these Olympics than the obvious friendship between the U.S. couple,  Davis & White,   and the Canadian couple, Virtue & Moir who train together with the same coach?

ice dancing

U.S.  (left)  and Canadians (top) sharing the podium, pretty much.


Oh, Ice Dancing.  It's so romantic!

But you know what's also romantic?  Short Track.  Check this out. Here's Canadian double silver medallist Marie St. Gelais cheering on her boyfriend Charles Hamelin while he wins the first of his two gold medals.  Make sure you watch it until the end.  You don't want to miss the quadruple medal foreplay.

Here they are sharing the love with the rest of the team. Aw...

Charles and Marie 




What a drag that Apolo Ohno got DQd in that race for pushing the other Canadian skater in an effort to get you guys another silver or bronze.

You know, he just seemed really nervous, according to  NBCs crotch cam. 

But he'll always have that Dancing With the Stars experience. And look, he finally got that bronze in the relay. 

Short Track podium _ Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

 Apollo Ohno (far right), Canadians (top)

Which reminds me. Congrats on the silver you got in team pursuit!

Speed Skating Podium_ Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

 Do I really need a caption? 

Well, I don't want to overload you guys with anymore pictures of yourselves on the podium.  Obviously you have tons.

I wish we had more.  But in the ones we have we're almost always on top.   And if we display them.  Well, that would be, like, so Nazi-ish. 

So honestly, America.  It's time to hug it out.  You guys did GREAT!  And I'm sure you'll do even better, someday.

In the meantime, see you in Russia! 

With love!














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I wrote a post about your Olympics, to thank Canada and Vancouver, and I will miss them, because the Vancouver Games were magnificent, so ignore that guy.
JW, that was the most exciting hockey game I've ever seen, including the Summit Series in '72. It's a shame either team had to lose. Cliche, I know, but still....

And the women's team? Fabulous. Did you read what Wickenheiser said about the "controversy" surrounding the post-game (by two hours) celebration? "Get real." I would hasten to second that.

The NYT, Guardian and the rest are inconsequential and irrelevant. After living in Vancouver, I thought the people there were incapable of organizing a telephone call, let alone a Winter Olympics. I was wrong. They did us proud.
Yep. Time to hug it out. :-). r.
Hey, I wanted Canada to win that hockey game!
and Obama owes Harper a beer. About the first time I'm happy Harper won anything.
Every country has its dipshits. We're no exception. I ain't a gonna apologize for him. He wasn't my fault.

Congratulations to your Hocky Team and to all their fans! Sincerely. They earned that gold, the athletes for their performance and the fans for their undieing love and support.

And congratulations to the entire Canadian team for their outstanding performance. 14 Gold medals! I never understood that dumb means of scoring the Olympics by the number of medals won by each regardless of whether they were gold, silver or bronze. That disregards utterly the worth of finishing first. Fortunately the people by and large know better. In high school track the scoring was done (probably still is) by giving 5 points for a first place finish, 3 for a second place finish and 1 for a third place finish.. By that scoring method, The US tean would score 103 points for first place, while Germany, the no. 2 team in total medals, would be tied with Canada for second place with 96 points each. But the Olympics are (supposedly) about the athletes rather than nations and national teams. Still, human nature wins out and we cheer on our own out of our nationalistic pride, and that's good too.

Congratulations to Canada for an Olympics well done, and for the excellence shown by its atletes in representing you.

Go ahead and gloat. They earned it for you! A 14 Gold medal performance ain't never been done before by any nation!
Funny stuff, Juliet. I'll gladly hug it out. But I will not put on a Speedo Banana Hammock and do it on Old Orchard Beach. Over a dog at a Sea Dogs game, maybe.
Some of the stuff I've read over the past 24 hours had me thinking I had woken up in Opposite-land. American complaining about Canadians being too flag-wavingly jingoistic, and saying that we "don't do sarcasm"?

Yes, we Canadians need to express pride in our country in a more subdued, quiet, humble style like they do in "U! S! A! #1!" I swear, Americans are great at many things, but apparently they can't cheer by just clapping, yelling, shouting encouragement to their athletes like "Go America Go!" or "Go USA" or even "USA" with a tone of encouragement to their side. No, every time I've heard "USA" chanted at any event or rally, sporting or political, it has a tone that seems like it is delivering a verbal smackdown to me and every other stinking foreigner.

As for humour, obviously we don't do irony, sarcasm, or self-deprecation like the Americans do - that's why they are renowned for their subtlety and dry humour.
I can't believe that anyone would be putting Canada down! I don't think that Allean Barra speaks for very many Americans. At least I hope not. If he does, then that's sad, and I apologize to Canada!
By the way, rated. My only regret is that I can rate this post but once. Normally, this would be a bit too bitingly sarcastic and snarky for my tastes, but not after the crap I've been reading on Salon and Open Salon any other sites for the past two weeks.

Much has been positive, especially on Open Salon. But the stuff that has been negative has just been so infuriatingly stupidly negative! If you don't like hockey or curling or the closing ceremonies weren't your cup of tea - fine. I don't have a problem reading about that, assuming the writer isn't a jerk and has some knowledge about it.

But I've read complaints about curling not being a real sport by people who've never watched more than a thirty-second clip, let alone tried playing it. Or if they have tried it and happened to land a stone on the button, made fun of the term "button" and claimed repeatedly that that meant they were as skilled as the Olympic teams. Well, I've only played basketball a few times but I managed to swish a few 3-pointers - that must make me as good as Chris Bosh or Steve Nash.

And that article by Allen Barra about hockey was just horrible. In spite of also being infuriating, it was at least also unintentionally funny - he couldn't have put on a better display of negative stereotypes about Americans if he had tried, complaints of "can't follow the puck" and all.
Point taken, and by everyone in American except one stupid guy. But as I asked in the other post about this stupid guy, does that mean we can contest the sudden death goal? Just askin'
Crap, I missed the Olympics? I thought they started next weekend.
Three cheers for the Canadians for proving that nice guys can finish first, and three boos for the NYT and Barra. Maybe you should sing him The Rodeo Song:

And it's allemande left and allemande right
Come on ya forkin', dummy, get your right step right
Get off the stage ya god damn goof, y'know (you know)
Piss me off, forkin' jerks, get on my nerves

(Gotta clean it up a little for American consumption, eh?)
Before the hockey game, I told my Canadian relatives that I would be happy either way, but that I doubted they would. So, I am happy today for them and certainly proud of the way the Americans played also. It is truly obnoxious to encounter those Americans who think we should win everything. These Olympics games were a source of both worry and pride for the Canadians. Hockey is so much more important nationwide there and so in the spotlight, they won. Good for them
Oh, Canada!

The Vancouver Olympics were wonderful, and, hockey fan that I am, I was the only person in my American household rooting for the Canadians. In fact, Juliet, I'll bet that this may be the only time ever that your kid and I root for the same team! Oh, what a game! What an Olympics! What a fun closing ceremony/party! Please accept the thanks of this grateful American for a swell time.
Though I love Canada no matter how many medals we gather you guys still have Neil Young. You win hands down (by the river)

You wanna know the truth?

Most Americans don't really care about hockey anyway. It's kind of the redheaded stepchild of professional sports. The pecking order starts with the NFL. They are the kings by a long shot. Then comes either the NBA or MLB, and good cases can be made for either one as being ahead. Call them the princes.

The NHL? A duke.

As I wrote previously, about 500,000 people in both Canada and the United States play hockey. The thing is that Canada has about one tenth the number of people the United States has, so the percentage of people who play hockey in the United States is much lower.

However, those who do like hockey in the United States are as passionate about it as any Canadian. And unless they live in the Pittsburgh area, Americans agree with the statement that Cindy Crosby is a punk.

I wanted to see Cindy Crosby crying because the all star team Canada assembled couldn't beat a bunch of scrappy and gritty though less talented team of second liners.

Of course, they'd have to build a dam around the hockey rink to keep those tears from flooding Vancouver.
The hockey game was fantastic. I played the sport in Detroit and all over southern Ontario many moons ago. It's in my blood and I love it. I was rooting for the Americans but the game was so well played that I am happy for the Canaduans too. It was great for the sport, eh!

As for the rest of the Olympics - just great fun and great competition. A wonderful respite from the healthcare wars. And Bob Costa's wardrobe Saturday night was pimpin!
Yeah, the Canadians pretend their all nice and friendly. Then they go and kick off their Olympics with a human sacrifice. Canadians aren't Nazis, they're Aztecs. Which is pretty awesome.

P.S. Thanks for curling. P.P.S. Loved the giant blowup beavers.
Don, Thanks for your post and the recognition. And I know that a lot of Americans enjoyed the games and the the hockey. Barra's lame article was kind of just a great excuse for me to gloat, a little.

Although I'm not sure I'm going to forgive Salon for letting him throw that big wet blanket on one of the best games every played. Right Boanergesi? I'll never forget a minute of that game. It was awesome.

Thanks for stopping by Patty, Mumbletypeg.

Brian, boy was I ever sick of Stephen Harper's face by the end of the Olympics. Christ, how many photo ops could he shove his face into. He owes everyone in Canada a beer.

Thanks Henry. I remember our little tussle from Con's post. And I appreciate your sporting attitude.

Gwool, I'd love to take in a Seadogs game sometime.

Don Ontario. I've been holding back the countersnark for a long time, it feels like. We've put up with a lot of abuse, so I'm glad you agree that somebody had to sling a little back.

Jeanette and Aunt Mabel, thanks!

Rita, thanks. But no you can't contest that goal.

Larry, wake up!

Tom, thanks for the song. And thanks Liberal and Scylla.

And Maria. That really warms my heart, though I suspect you were cheering for mostly for Babcock. He was great.

And Tony Wang. You want know the truth. We don't care whether you care or not. Really. In fact, in all seriousness, Americans liking Hockey has done more harm to this sport than good. As Barra points out in his article, a lot of Americans seem to only be interested in sports they can dominate at. And that's a drag for your athletes because they don't get much funding to leave the country or compete on any international level.

That said. I think you and Barra have misjudged how much young athletes are itching to get out of this rut. The one great thing this Olympics has contributed are facilities that will keep North American athletes competing with each other at a higher level. And hopefully that will carry over to the next Olympics.

And sorry to wreck your fantasy about Crosby crying. That would never happen. The guy doesn't have a punk bone in his body. He's a great athlete and a great person. So shut your pie hole. And next Olympics show up with a better defensive line.
Yep, it was a great game, and a great Olympics.

but quick tip:
Barra is an idiot.
Dont be a jerk about it to counter some other jerks jerkyness .
I was actually happy for Canada, since they would have NEVER GOTTEN OVER an overtime loss.

It would eat at them for the remainder of many fan's lives.

In the US, we have the NCAA Basketball Playoffs coming up. We have NASCAR. We have the Masters, the Kentucky Derby, Opening Day, etc.

So, enjoy.

You guys deserve it. It's your national sport and you are good at it and care about it.

By the weekend, we will be looking forward.


Overboard is when Joey Chestnut wins the Coney Island hot dog eating championship and the mindless ones bray; usa, usa usa; we're number one.

Congrats, Canada, on a stunning achievement.

Juliet, there's pride, and then there's foolishness. You really think that more Americans liking hockey would hurt the sport? Uh, hello, all due respect to you Canadians, but if that were the case, then why did teams flee your country to go to place like Phoenix? Look at it this way. A team left Minneapolis, and a team was put in place to replace them. North Stars become Stars, and Minnesota gets a new team, the Wild.

On the other hand, teams leave Winnipeg and Quebec, and do they get new teams?

They're not stupid. They know where the money is.

Hell, even Cindy Crosby knows it, and Cindy's a punk and a crybaby. Whines every time some breathes that way. Has a big body but shies away from physical contact.

That's why I say Crosby's a punk. When you can play physical but you shy away from physical contact, you're a punk. Now someone like Joe Thornton or Chris Pronger, who will throw his weight around, that's more like it.
It's your national sport and you are good at it and care about it.
It's nice to see that passive-aggressiveness isn't just a Canadian trait.
@Tony Wang: On the other hand, teams leave Winnipeg and Quebec, and do they get new teams?

I think you're just proving Juliet's point - because some Americans like hockey, we get someone like Bettman (a former executive of the NBA) doing his best to ruin professional hockey. Phoenix is hemorrhaging money and the team would be playing in Hamilton or Kitchener in Ontario right now if it wasn't for Bettman stepping in and contesting the sale. Yes, hockey teams left Quebec City and Winnipeg, but the replacement and expansion of teams in the States wasn't just the case of teams going "where the money is" - it was due to NHL actions to spread the league in the States and restrict it in Canada.

The markets of Quebec City and Winnipeg would surely be better than Phoenix, and if the league had been as aggressively active when those teams had financial trouble as when Phoenix did, they'd still be there. And speaking of "where the money is", you could plop another team in the Toronto area and one in southwestern Ontario right now and they'd be among the most lucrative teams in the NHL.

I don't know that more hockey fans in the States would be a net negative for hockey,but giving examples of the NHL letting marginal teams move from Canada but fighting tooth-and-nail to keep them in the US is a great example of the negative effects of the Americanization of the NHL.
Juliet, I love Canada and enjoyed the hockey game immensely, not minding at all how it ended. I don't get the bitterness thing, frankly. I grew up in Buffalo, NY, and we went to Canada all the time. OH CANADA was played at every Buffalo Sabres game, and my sisters and I knew the words by heart b/c those damn hockey games were always on the television (three brothers who played hockey).
Thanks Juliet. All those silver and bronze medals sure have made some people cranky. But I'm not too polite a Canadian to go: Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah! (Mature, I know, and I'm not even that nationalistic, but the bitter Barra's a bringing it out in me).
For the record: Lacrosse is our official National sport, not hockey.

I believe the 12.6 billion dollars was wasted on 14 days of "sports" (if you count bobsleigh), and should have been spent on health care, education, and the arts.
I'm sensing sarcasm. From a Canadian? Will they leave us nothing to be the best at?

I guess I'll just stick with cynicism.
I jsut wanted to point one thing out:
Barra was not hating on Canada. Was not being bitter about Canada.
He was being a jerk about all hockey...the sport, and everyone who plays it or watches it, regardless of any nationality.

So I would suggest North American and European and Hockey fans world wide hating on the hack Allen Barra
Winning 100 gold medals wouldn't make up for inflicting Nickelback on the world.

A pox on your house.
julie julie...sister mcgill-ite...i am a canadian living in the us and yes...i held myself back from pumping my fist in the air as even though we vowed to own the podium...its true...we are canadian and we just don't rub it in very well. i think its good we had the expos(e). they were right up our alley...they never won anything --they made us comfortable and let us cheer because we knew we'd never really have to step up and figure out what to do with a winner...

meanwhile..tiny point of is not our national sport. lacrosse is.

being canadian is a lot more complicated than people realize.
I say congrats to both of your hockey teams. As for the women's team, there's something strangely alluring about a woman smoking a cigar chugging a beer atop a Zamboni--but I wouldn't want to be in front of it.

For me, the men's final redeemed a lot of time wasted watching team mogul freestyle skateboarding something-or-other. Great game and great way to end the Games.

Unfortunately, now hockey goes back to being #4 sport in the US.
Great post. I'm a fellow Canadian and got so sick of all the complaints. What Olympics haven't had glitches? That air in Beijing must have been sooo good for the athletes to perform in. Yeah, we had weather problems - that's winter. The hockey? All I can say is - we won.
I am a proud supporter of Team USA, but I don't think Americans need to, or should, dominate the Olympic stage. I wish every athlete at the Games could go home with a medal. To me, they are all champions; only the best athletes in the world earn the honor of competing at the Olympics.

That said, I believe Canada earned their hockey gold. They were the better team, and they played to win, as opposed to showing up. Besides, what with hockey being Canada's religion, they might have all been in serious trouble if they had dared to lose! ; )

Ah well, we'll always have the memories of the 1980 Miracle On Ice to console ourselves with... and Team USA did bring home an impressive number of medals this year. : )
I like the clothing ads in this thread about as much as anything.

I don't know any American who counts who begrudges Canada its victory in hockey or anything else.
Ahhh, HOCKEY!!
The greatest game in the world.
I'm a life long Blackhawks fan and was proud of Captain Kid, er, Jonathan Toews being named the best forward in the tournament and the plaudits which were given to Kaner.
I visit various message boards, etc.
I see a lot of whining and, some of those jealous wannabes/neverwillbes who call Crasby "Cindy".
I played for a long time.
I sure wish I'd have been able to play half as good as he can.
Of course I was disappointed that my Team U.D.A. didn't win THE GAME however, I am one of those people who is a REAL SPORTS FAN so, I express no sour grapes.
THE GAME was terrific and held my attention from the opening faceoff to the heartbreaking OT winner.

Thse who babble about Americans not giving a damn about hockey are the same as all those others who whine about everything else.
For instance, how many ANTI-YOUR GUN people actually know anything about guns?
How many people who whine that hockey is all about fighting actually understand what the game is all about?
Have they watched the grace with which these men & women skate?
I think not.
They are the sme who say there are no atheists in foxholes.
Have they been in a foxhole? Hell no!!
I have and, I AM an atheist.
I could go on & on however, I always get this blog a day late and, nobody here ever replies to me anyway.
So, congrats, Canuckers.
The only way I might enjoy sour "grapes" is because I'm a fan of Don

BTW, Juliet~~
How do you think the REAL Candians feel about all this?
You know, the ones who aren't Q-frogs?lol
Tussel? That warn't no tussle, Juliet. That was just good sporting fun. Leastways, on my part. And you're welcome. These were excellent games!
Both teams deserved to win. One team managed to win. It was an astonishingly well-matched, brilliantly conceived encounter between two teams at the top of their respective games. A "game for the ages" is a cliché and a truth. Those of us who follow hockey may never see its like again. It was THAT good.

One difference, perhaps: the Canadians ran four lines. Of those four, TWO consisted entirely of NHL captains. Firepower like that is unheard of, and beyond formidable. Even so, our guys never gave up, never relented, never lost focus.

Mr Barra's article was, to be polite, idiocy. He doesn't know the game, its players or its traditions. In Canada, where they invented it, hockey looks to me like half-sport and half-religion. It's just different up there.

I would note that Canada has begun a massive program to teach young girls how to play the game. And look at the results. Canada is a country that believes in the fair play we sometimes merely boast about. They have national health insurance, gay marriage and on average live THREE YEARS longer than we do.

They're doing something right up there. Congratulations, Canada. We are so lucky to have you as a neighbor.
1. Wow, that blog was pretty smug for a Canadian ;)
2. We all know what logic the NYT is using for their medal count. It's called Mass Compensatory Narcissistic Personality Disorder
3. It's official. I now hate that the US is a 3rd world country. Stop making fun of us. We're poor. I know we treated the rest of the world like a doormat for the last century or so, but it hurts, so stop it.
4. The Olympics were awesome, I don't care that most of our athletes were Jacobellisian. We're all frigging Jacobellisian. Look at the state of our economy. "Woot! watch me do a Method Grab!! What, my 401k is in the dumper? Who cares, I'm an American. Nothing bad can happen to me!!"
5. Canada=classy (This blog not included). Watch the Hockey medal ceremony. Sincere applause for the US. Ovation for Ryan Miller. That WOULD NOT have happened in the US, regardless of the outcome.
6. The best team won; fucking god dammit all.
7. 90% of the Canadian Hockey team went home to where?
8. We still have lower degrees of latitude than you guys and there's nothing you can do about it, short of invading us, which you won't do because you know we all have guns and love to use them.
Greg, I'm sensing some kind of national insecurity complex. *High Five*. Welcome to the club. Really it's not so bad.
I sincerely hope the "bad feeling" is just a joke. I was conflicted when it came to the USA-Canada final. My first thought was that I did not want the USA to win and take this important win from Canada. Then as the game approached I knew that I could not root against the U.S. I had planned to, but I can't. This is family. No matter how annoying my little brother is at times (the U.S.), I can't root against him. I remained conflicted all thru the game. I wanted Canada to end it, but I did not want to lose (die). In overtime I held my breath with the puck down by the U.S. goal. I feared for Ryan Miller and the guys more than I did for the U.S. Then Sid the Kid put the biscuit in the basket and it was suddenly over. Miller went face down to the ice. It burned a little. But it was good.

I was a little disappointed with the pouty faces of some of the USA players. To his credit, Ryan Miller was respectfully dignified in accepting his Silver. Silver is good, and it should not be accepted like it is a steaming, smoking turd. Winning is not everything. Fairness, respect, and a dignified effort are everything.
Bill, thanks for your sincerity. My snarkiness probably doesn't deserve it.

But, honestly, I think too much was made of the massive disappointment Canadians would feel if we lost. There are few Canadians who have never suffered the massive disappointment of losing an important game. There hasn't been a Stanley Cup win by a Canadian team since 1993.

So, yeah, that "well, we don't care about hockey anyway" attitude the next morning from Allen Barra was kind of a sucker punch. And I do wish Salon had been a bit more thoughtful about who they assigned that game recap to.

But no American fan should ever feel bad about rooting as hard as you can for the U.S. It means you care about the game, and that's what should be important.

And if we hadn't won, the 13 gold medals we did win would have eased the pain considerably. It was just icing on an Olympic performance that we were already proud of.

And obviously the U.S. has a lot to be proud of as well. Even if you hadn't won the overall medal count, the intensity with which your players played that game showed us everything we need to know about how much Americans love hockey.
I posted a congrats to both hockey teams. I hoped Canada would win hockey because I'm surrounded by people who don't appreciate the game. I loved the women's team celebration and the giant beavers. I'm still a bit confused by curling though.

Congratulations Canada !
I thought you were fabulous hosts and I dig your punk fiddlers! I really enjoyed everything Canadian about the games, and your civility and general lack of ego-games made us look a bit arrogant by contrast.

I was thrilled that you won the hockey gold. At that moment, everything snapped into place as it should be. Congratulations.
I just got yet ANOTHER petty, angry rant in my inbox from this guy who cannot seem to let go of whatever he chooses to tale on, even if it isn't his own.
Here it is:

"apocryphalomiracles to XJS AND ME
We have read with interest your comments on several posts, and have a question; are you truly illiterate, or just faking it? Your comments are so laden with typos, misspellings, etc., it makes our collective head swim. Oh, and the one on Juliet's blog about the Canadian men's ice hockey victory, where you say "I think not", what a clever turn of phrase. Think that one up all by yourself?"

Wasn't that wonderfully informative?
I loved your post....hilarious...and congratulations....we americans tend to be quite arrogant....We are to the point where our only viable export will be life insurance and hair pieces...rated...
Hmmm...need to read this article you mentioned. Don't totally understand the argument but frankly, I was out of the Olympics loop. Though apparently the hockey game was amazing.

Thanks for your smart and balanced take. We need a picture of you on a podium!
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I agree that that Allen Barra`s article about the historic U.S. vs. Canada hockey game is rgather controversial essay writing.