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Juliet Waters

Juliet Waters
Montreal, Canada
August 01
Montreal based writer, book critic, single mom. Currently working on a book about a year learning computer programming. Visit me, or


JUNE 20, 2012 3:42PM

Code Year: Codecademy scores $10M and features my skills

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Yesterday Codecademy announced  $10 million in their second round of venture funding (a big chunk of that from Richard Branson). But notice who's mentioned in the small list of accomplished students. Yes that's us,"Juliet Waters and her son Ben."  That's a list of four students out of an estimated global wide  sign up of seven million. So, yes, we are proud.

I haven't been blogging as much lately because I'm deep into Human Computer Interaction, a free five week online course given by Stanford through Coursera, another high quality free education startup. There I'm designing my first web/app and getting rigorously vetted by my online peers. But I'm still keeping up with my Code Year. More than ever, I'm going to need all that JavaScript to get it functional.

If that weren't keeping me busy enough, last night I went to a first meeting of organizers of Montreal's inaugural Mini Maker Faire, which will be at the Olympic Stadium August 25-26.

One day soon, I will come up for air and describe my exploits in HCI and Maker Culture  in more detail. 

But for now if I've discovered one thing it's this:

Learn to code and you may never have a free minute again for the rest of your life. 


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Scary, daunting, new frontiers and all of that, plus the end of free minutes, yikes! Congrats on the shout-out.
Is that code for boredom?
It is a scary and all that. And probably really, really boring to anybody who isn't a total codehead, as I seem to be for the moment.

But I had a lot of free minutes back when I was an underemployed writer. Seriously, a lot. And I spent most of them worrying about money. So I can handle frantic for a year.
OK. Uncle. I have to favorite you to keep up on your posts. Good job to you and Ben!! Anything Sir Richard Branson supports is good enough for me. Can't wait to learn more!
Thanks Deborah,

One day I'll make it back to New Mexico. Everyone keeps telling me that the mini maker faire will be empty because they'll all be at Burning Man. I'm really not sure what I'm getting myself into here.
Congratulations! Very nice.
put up a link to your code & Ill critique it mercilessly. but fairly. wink :p
All I can say ... scary
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