julie Kiernan

julie Kiernan
Narragansett, USA
May 13
yet to be determined
confined to the lonesome
Fooled around and fell in love 2 girls in their 20s, and an autistic son who is 23 y.o. We have too many pets to count and believe that a sense of humor helps to win the battles that this life presents. I hope to spiel my crazy self onto these pages before the poison peaks. Oh yeah, my husband never stops talking.. "All the lonely people, where do they all come from? All the lonely people, where do they all belong?" The Beatles


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OCTOBER 20, 2010 4:34PM


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I know what I saw, and it was as real as the pain that consumed me!
I asked for it, really.
Calling out  in the night, 
'' don't forsake me!"
And so you stayed, bringing comfort, singing  amens, alleluiahs, and Sweet Jesus, my Lord,
You embraced me.
 Now in the night when I feel the pain, I remember I've found
the Answer. I know what I've heard, and it's as real as the  
Blood that  hums through me.
"Faith is a bird that feels dawn breaking and sings while it is 
      still dark."    anonymous
Come on guys! Give me what you've got!
Whether you believe or not, have faith or doubt,
Have at it!!!

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Hey, I'll go with faith every time - as soon as I see it heal one amputee......
I believe and am so glad you feel His comfort..beautiful, just like you.
skypixie-there many prostetics that work better than human
If you do not have faith you have bubkus.
Rated with hugs
I would never question your faith...
Without my faith I would have ceased to be.
It is essential to me now. It is not a religious choice. faith is personal,rather like a personal mandate on your soul for when it's ready.
I experienced more than one miracle along the way. I believe you.
May blessed relief be ongoing.
In 96 I came to my faith in a similar way in the middle of the night. I believe you.
you believe it - which is all you need for proof. each one of us finds belief in each our own way. i know, for myself, i am in the palm of god's hand. sounds like maybe you are too.
CINDY-Thank you for the feedback. The feeling is so comforting!

Sheila-Thank you for the thumb's up!

Linda- I don't want any bubkus ;)

Patrick-There are many naysayers and I was looking for a fight ;)
I've had too many experiences to have faith in man, too many experiences to doubt God. I don't believe much in man but I do know there is a God and I know I'm not Him.

Bummer that free will means we don't get to blame him for the mean stuff humans do. That's on man.
I recall someone's asking me, Why do I have faith? My response, if I didn't I would have lost the battle against suicide . In those dark nights of the soul, I might feel abandoned by the universe, but God transcends the universe and she is always there. I have a medal of Mary, first worn by my grandma, then my dad when she died. My youngest granddaughter is fascinated with it. I whisper to her she is "Mommy God."
Have faith that you are a radiant mirror of love
rated with love