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julie Kiernan
Narragansett, USA
May 13
yet to be determined
confined to the lonesome
Fooled around and fell in love 2 girls in their 20s, and an autistic son who is 23 y.o. We have too many pets to count and believe that a sense of humor helps to win the battles that this life presents. I hope to spiel my crazy self onto these pages before the poison peaks. Oh yeah, my husband never stops talking.. "All the lonely people, where do they all come from? All the lonely people, where do they all belong?" The Beatles


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JANUARY 27, 2011 10:31AM


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Hiding behind avatar #1, 2, or 3,
I divulge something different
to each person I "meet".
I look much the same as the man down the hall
And this teacher of  Arts will be pregnant next fall
While the Lunch Lady 3 writes better than all.
I'm married, divorced, alone, and betrayed.
I have lovers, am loved, and manage many sex slaves.
I fly jets, race cars and own the runway when I  strut, 
I've been published, won contests,
 made the cover more than once.
I live for the accolades,
the praise and the glory,
so read me and rate me,
believe in my story
I'm a woman, a man, an animal at times,
  I play the pro circuit and  write poetry that rhymes
My serve is my strength
 And that's shaky at best,
as are my hands in the morning after a night with Glen Levitt
I am many of all and all of too few,
I am silent or screaming,
vulgar or  prude. 
Whatever I do and whoever I am
  I'll be sure to reciprocate
the goodness you've shared.

A bio of long shots and tall tales

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Junk1, a fun approach to the open call here and add to the list Rhode Island resident! A state that holds many fond memories for me!
Excellent.. rated with hugs
i know you as one fine poet and a friend.
I just know you as a friend. R
hey hey! VERY GOOD. I liked this!
I really liked this.~r
You made my day.

...." and manage many sex slaves"

So you're Tink too! ;-) ~r
Here's a nice approach... clever poem!
Glenlivet? He'll shake everything the next morning...
wonderful poem, you are an amazing complexity.
rated with love
Love this. I wish I could write like that.
I don't remember thinking of any of this when I met you in the flesh dear.
But do love the rhyme and rhythm here.
designanator-So you've acquired a taste for coffee milk, corrupt politics, and Federal Hill, have you? We must talk sometime. Thank you for the visit!

Linda-You are so easy to amuse, and I love you for it!

Chuck-I'm honored that your opinion of me is so high. Thank you.

Dave-Does that mean you do not know me to be a fine poet?

Foolish Monkey-I'm so glad you like this.

Robin and Joan-Thanks for the compliments!

L'Heure Bleu-You are so good for my ego!

bobbot-I love that name, minx! I suits me!

ThroughMyEyes-You've discovered my secret! Please keep it safe!

Just Thinking- Oh yes, it's been known to make me talk in foreign languages. ;)

Romantic Poetress-You bring me to a higher place when you talk like this.

FusunA-You can write like this! I know the truth behind that pen.

Mission-You are giving away my secrets. Keep them close and karma will come around! ;)
Very clever... entertaining, too!
jane-Thank you, my friend. You always make me feel better, and you seem to get what I'm trying to say.

unbreakable-I'm so glad you found this to your liking!
Thanks for coming by.
This is really good. It gets deeper every time I read it.
Nice twist on this Junk 1 !
Harp-I'm glad you like this. Thank you for coming by!

rita-You always seem to leave me with a positive feeling, my friend. Thank you!
complex yet simple... well done!
Nice words and so true for many of us at times...
Alice-Thank you for your visit and I hope to see more of you.

Titus-Thank you for your nice comment. I'm always appreciative.

Algis- I always love to see you've visited. Thank you.
Clever is right! Enjoyed this!
I've known all along that a handful of people were doing all of these thousands of blogs under multiple identities. Thank you, dear, for showing yourself, and so artfully.
You left out "wonderful,"
so I thought I'd mention it.
Fabulous from start to finish!
So very clever....r
Interesting - I like what you did with this. Now I am wondering!
Perfect. and scary. Really, really well done here junk1. Wish I could rhyme, this just hums along.