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August 22
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JUNE 8, 2009 11:22AM

Laura Bush "Pleased" about Sotomayor Nomination

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This just published on Yahoo News:

WASHINGTON – Former first lady Laura Bush says she's pleased that President Barack Obama nominated a woman for the Supreme Court.

"I think she sounds like a very interesting and good nominee," Bush said of Sonia Sotomayor, the federal appeals judge Obama picked.

laura bush 

Mrs. Bush said in an interview broadcast Monday on ABC's "Good Morning America" that "as a woman, I'm proud that there might be another woman on the court. I wish her well." She was interviewed in Dallas, where the Bushes moved after their White House tenure.

On another subject, Mrs. Bush said her husband will have no comment on any Obama decisions. He feels that as a former president, "he owes President Obama his silence on issues and there's no reason to second-guess any decisions he makes," Mrs. Bush said.

Now, I don't know why I'm so tickled by this news but I am.  I had long thought that this dowdy, frumpy former librarian was a wallflower who was in total accord with all that transpired over the 8 years of her husband's presidency. Perhaps I was wrong.  Afterall, this is a well-educated, smart, professional woman from the generation of women who were encountering and learning how to break the glass ceiling and paving the way for the generations of women to follow.

 Maybe, Mrs. Bush's casual endorsement will get some of the firebrand Republicans (the "wise white men"?) to back off a bit and take a look at this nominee. And, maybe it's a message by "proxy" for people like Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan and Dick Cheney to back off. Here we have an avowed staunch Republican looking beyond partisan politics to who can be a good justice.  Hmmmm, maybe "W" could have learned something from Laura about "governance". 

 I hope you find this as curiously interesting as I did.


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It is curious that she is back, and then Cheney, but maybe that is the strategy to protect his image for the future, and to be fair, everyone would do that. Look at Bill out there seeking vindication by book, and by Hilary, although he blew that one, so maybe Laura is better, and definitely more cuddly than Cheney. Interesting to watch.
I have to say this doesn't surprise me. I have long thought of her an being an independent thinker.

Congrats on the EP!
Who cares how Laura Bush feels or what she thinks?
She always struck me as being an independent thinker too. And I've never thought that she was dowdy or frumpy. I'm glad that she spoke out on this nomination. She still probably carries a lot of weight with some GOPers. Good post.
Too bad she couldn't have been a little more vocal with that "independent thought" as her husband and his cronies decimated the constitution and women's rights over the past eight years.
I never loathed Laura like I do the rest of the lot. I think she's living in hell as it is married to the doofus.

"On another subject, Mrs. Bush said her husband will have no comment on any Obama decisions. He feels that as a former president, "he owes President Obama his silence on issues and there's no reason to second-guess any decisions he makes," Mrs. Bush said."

Gee, I bet Obama wishes Bush would disagree with him.
She was played by Elizabeth Banks in W and I have a crush on Elizabeth Banks so maybe it's alright to like Laura too?
I never bought the hype over her numbers being better than her husband's, and I don't buy the theory that people are going to cool down about Sotomayor because Laura doesn't find her unacceptable. Good article, though!
Great. Now I'm nervous again.
I'd like to think that Bush's silence is about respecting Obama or the office of the Presidency, but I frankly think it's that the guy doesn't give a s*** what happens and is just glad to be out of office and doing whatever the hell he wants every day. He seemed like he was in that "senioritis" mood for the last year he was in office. And if Bush really feels this strongly, why isn't he exerting influence over Cheney to shut the hell up?
Walt, thanks for posting this piece about Laura Bush. She is a bright lady... only wish her husband had listened to her and not Dick "lets bomb 'em" Cheney.

- rated for the wisdon of a wise former First Lady
Laura is an admirable lady and I've never thought of her as being dowdy. She seems like an independent, caring, "all-American" woman and the total opposite of her husband. Good post!
Isn't this new administration about HOPE and CHANGE?

I think her ideals are appropriate.
Has anybody else noticed that Laura's lost that glassy-eyed (medicated?) "Stepford" stare she had her last four or five White House? She looks genuinely content -- and lucid -- now. George stays on the ranch while she gets to stay in town. I'm happy for her.
I had always suspected that she was a closet Democrat. We already know she's smarter than her husband