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Walter Blevins
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August 22
I'm a 60 year old guy who lives in Vista California with my wife. I spent the 30 years before moving to Cali in Iowa, Wisconsin and North Dakota. And I have 2 grown children, a son and a daughter who live in Virginia and Iowa and a 22 year old step-daughter lives with us here in Vista. I'm a proud grandpa with 2 grandaughters living in Virginia. I like to write about a whole variety of things from my kids to cooking to politics to the car industry to my status as a "Cheap Bastid" and "Old Fart" and just random thoughts. And I really love writing about cooking really good, homecooked comfort food cheap. That's why they call me the Cheap Bastid. By the way--all the stuff I write is my stuff and you can't use it without my official OkeyDokey

FEBRUARY 21, 2012 5:53PM

Foodie Tuesday: Cheap Bastid 101

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The old Cheap Bastid hasn’t been around for a while.  There’s a couple of reasons for this.  I’m unemployed and looking for work again and just haven’t had the inspiration to do much writing about anything, let alone food (even though I’m cooking every day now).  And second, I created a new website called Cheap-Bastid-Cooks where I’m working to move some of my old posts over and put some new content up.


But I’m always interested in spending less and eating just as well, if not better.  A couple of weeks ago, I took this picture after we got home from a weekly “run” to Costco.  And this is what Cheap Bastid is all about.


oil and sausage


Now, here’s what’s cool about this picture.  Want to save money?  Sure you do.  Sometimes you need to buy in bulk.  It also helps to be able to do some real basic math in your head.


At my usual grocery store, I spend $1.99 for a 1 quart bottle of canola oil when it’s on special or $2.49 at “full price”.  At grocery store prices, this 5 quart just would set you back $10.  Costco price is $7.  You’re getting the equivalent of a bottle and a half free.  So, this is definitely a “stock up” item worth buying.


Now, the Jimmy Dean sausage is a good deal too—just not quite as good as the oil.  This is 3 lbs. of breakfast sausage.  At Costco, this package is $2.23 a pound.  On special at the grocery store you might find the “store brand” sausage for $2.75 to $3.00.  Sou you’re getting almost half a pound free—and it’s better sausage.




OK, here’s a bonus.  I bought this at my grocery store for $6.  It’s 188 ounces or the equivalent of 4 bottles of the same detergetnt in its regular size which sells for $1.99.  In other words, I got 4 jugs for the price of 3.  It’s just a matter of storing the extra.




Last, but not least—sadly, I have given up my beloved Vernor’s Ginger Ale in the cause of frugality.  For years I’ve bought a 2 liter bottle a week for $1.99.  Now I can’t afford the luxury.  Dammit.


In today’s world, you just have to save money wherever you can.


Here’s a link to my new cooking only website.  Come visit if you’d like:


That’s the Cheap Bastid Way:  Eat Good. Eat Cheap. Be Grateful!

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Walter, you love this: I got a smoked picnic ham for 3.50 and it wasn't even close-dated. They were moving them out to get ready for Easter. I love working at a grocery store . . .
Hi Walt, I've missed your blog. I find that BJs Wholesale clubs offer similar savings. You have to shop smart. I buy my gasoline from them which is always five to seven cents less a gallon than other gas stations.

Hope you find a gig soon.
Bookmarking the Cheap Bastid Website!!

Rated, but of course!! ~wanders off for some sausage~ God I'm hungry!! ~:D
Gary--yes I do! That's a hell of a deal and you can eat for a good long time on it. Save the final left-overs on the bone (freeze it) for when you want to make "beans".

OE--Thanks, yeah BJs and ever SamsClub can be the same way, but you have to know what's a deal and what isn't.

Tink--thanks and stop by the "new joint" too
Already have!! Bookmarked too!!! And them biscuits look good!!! :)

~wanders off again~
I just love a good deal. I just bought 2 whole cut up chickens for 1.50 each...just a store promotion. Great to be in the right place at the right time. r
I'll rate, then I'm off to visit your site. Between you and From the Midwest, I'll have the equivalent of a cookbook! Good luck with the search.
I miss you here. Here. I want you here!
Walt love the new site. I like the different aprons...that is a shtick you should exploit.
Christine--thanks and that's one terrific deal! 10 days ago I came across a whole bunch of 85% ground beef that was $.75 a pound off because it was "yesterday's". I bought 6 lbs. and didn't care because I was going to freeze it anyway (one other "trick" I do is make my "pounds" 12 ounces which is enough hamburger for 2)

Chrissie--thanks and help yourself anytime--by the way if you'd like a copy of a cookbook I wrote for my kids just PM me with your e-mail address and I'll e-mail you a copy

Zanelle--thanks and I'll be around--hopefully I can get some inspiration to write some posts

OE--thanks and I never gave the different aprons a thought--hmmmpf I might have to go that route (with the stains on the white apron, I always say that it's a menu).
that's a very good-looking website, walter. but i was looking around and can't find one of those things where i can sign up for email updates. do you have that set up yet? if so, email me the info either as a PM here at Open or at candace@adobesoup.com. thanks. i'd like to follow but am not a part of that networkedblogs deal. yet. :)
Best of everything to you. Will check out your website. Hope you will find something work wise very soon.
Walt, I don't know where my other comment went, I made it this afternoon. Okay, let me try this again: Walt, thanks so much for giving us this link. I am putting it in my favs and so is Mel.

Dang OS, my rating stayed but my comment went south.
I never heard of Vernon's Ginger Ale. Cool sign. We shop at BJs, Costco's poorer cousin.
Thanks for sharing and caring here.
.°•.¸.•°❤ PEACE ❤°•.¸.•° •.¸¸.•*`*•❤
Gotta be careful though, sometimes the big container is higher than the the regular sizes per ounce. Not that your's are not thoroughly researched to assure the bargain. Just an idea I have found to be worth investigating. Excuse my late and slightly befuddled phrasing Walt, Did the doctor thing yesterday and have a few new meds to get used to.
I'll bookmark your frugal chef website, Walter. Those biscuits look mighty tasty.
Nice guns and abs. ;)
femme--thanks for stopping by. I'm working on the subscription plug-in!

Linda--thanks for looking. hope you like it

sheila--thanks. me too! it's doubly tough at 60!

David--I've run into that same thing a few times late here on OS. Thanks for stopping by the new site

Erica--Vernor's is an old brand started in Detroit but available here in SoCal. I grew up with it. It puts all other ginger ales to shame.

Algis--thanks for stopping by and commenting

gracious jane--glad you found the biscuits and the sausage gravy recipe at Cheap Bastid Cooks

Bobbott--that's the standing joke around our home, I'm so anal about it that my wife spends half her time at the store rolling her eyeballs at me and my "cheap-bastidliness". With those "big" containers it's important that you can store it and that it isn't going to "go bad"--detergent and cooking oil both make sense.

Belinda--thanks for bookmarking the new site. no comment on this old man's guns and abs, LOL
Bookmarked the new site, and shared it on Facebook to send some traffic your way. You always have good information to share. I miss Vernor's. That was a midwest treasure. But here I can get Blenheim's, which is a pretty stellar ginger ale, too.