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MARCH 6, 2012 10:56AM

Cheap Bastid Gets a Haircut

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I have to confess that I am follicly challenged.  Yes folks, I’m pretty bald and have been for a good long time.  I gave up long, long ago trying to disguise it or compensate for it. 

OK in the late 90’s a couple of times I tried to grow a ponytail but every time it would get to a length where I could start to think about putting it into a ponytail, I’d get disgusted with how hot and uncomfortable it was and whack it all off.  It took about 6 months to get that long.

So for the last 10 years or so what I’ve done is get it all whacked off about every 6 weeks.  Yep, a number 2 clipper all over.  I quickly figured out that going to Super Cuts and spending $15-$16 to get peeled was a waste of money.  So I went out and found good old fashioned barbershops.  Guys cutting hair on guys.  BS’ing about the Chargers or the Padres while getting clipped.  Smelling the smells. 

And it still cost me $10 a pop.  Well, when I started going over to Ed’s barbershop rather than Butch’s it got a bit cheaper.  Ed only charges $8 for a Senior Citizen rate (over 55) but I always tipped him 2 bucks so it was still a ten-spot.  So, I’ve been spending $100 or so a year for the last 10 year to get peeled.  And I was still trimming my beard myself—Cheap Bastid is too cheap to pay four bucks for a beard trim.

Now a while back I saw an ad in Fry’s for a hair cutting kit for $10.  “Hmmmm,” I thought to myself, “that’s a lot cheaper than going to the barber.”  How hard could it be to give myself a haircut, especially when it’s just getting whacked off the same length all over. 

I didn’t think anything of it for a year or so and then a couple of months back I took a trip over to Fry’s to look around.  The $10 clipper was crappy but the $12 clipper set was a good one.  So I bought it and brought it home.  A 12-piece set!  Wow!  Of course I only need 3 pieces—the clippers, the #2 or ¼” attachment and the little brush to clean out the clippers.

So, Cheap Bastid spent $12 and so far I’ve cut my hair 3 times.  Damn, I’m money ahead already. 

Now it takes a bit longer than going to the barber because of all the gyrations I have to do to give myself a haircut--especially the back of my head and my neck.  And the biggest thing is it’s a bit messy and I have to go straight from cutting my hair to the shower and hope that I get all those little bitty hairs washed off—which never happens and I end up scratching until the next day.

self haircut1

But what the hell.  Don’t I look purty?  (but when did my ears get so big?) I never knew being cheap could be such hard work.

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I love it! That is such a nice even and fine haircut. I have cut my hair for about twelve years now and I like the control. I hate that little drape thing and all those mirrors at a shop. You did the right thing and cheap really is better. Post more hints. It helps.
I have been cutting steves hair for years.. The money we have saved and spent on other things..:)
I've been cutting my own hair for over twenty years. I bought my first set and really did a number on my poor head the first time, then I read the instructions, duh. I have thick, curly hair that is a bitch to cut. One side in completely different that the other. (I am a Gemini, ya' suppose?) But I have another pony tail that is about a foot-long now and starting to look OK, if you like an old man with a ponytail. The sides are simple and I've saved thousands of thousands of dollars in those 20 years.
I go to Joanne’s Barber Shop in Carmichael. She charges $6.00 and she is a great barber.

It's a one person shop and Joanne is a trip and a half. Probably 60'ish, she wears hand knit sheath dresses with a long floral patterned apron. She wears a wide-brimmed leather hat all the time.

I figure I won't start the home cut until my hairline recedes more and I am ready for the short all over look.
I usually let my gardener cut my hair. He does such a great job on the hedges.
Zanelle--thanks. cheap is always better!

Linda--thanks. yeah, we'll spend the money on other things--like groceries

ScanMan--yep, and as long as I have a beard, a "disposable" razor will last me at least 3 months

Jon--thanks Jon

AnotherSteve--there is definitely something to be said for a visit to the barbershop. I wonder how barber's manage to make ends meet.
John--good idea--does he use a weedwhacker or a hedge trimmer?
Re: how htey make ends meet,

I figured they must run Mah-Jongh games in the back.
Walter, YOU have BALLS!
FoolishMonkey--yeah but I don't trim there.
It looks great, Walter!
You are a handsome devil...and funny. Don't tell your wife I said that first part.
Pretty good. Maybe you could get someone to do it for you. That you trust...
Thanks to all 3 of you. I'm just an old bald Cheap Bastid, trying to get by and look as good as my 60 years will let me.
OMG: So funny. Walter, remember when haircuts were 25 cents!!! We're fucking old! I love it.
Gary--I remember when they were a quarter--and every 2 weeks like clockwork my dad would take my brother and me to the base barbership for a crewcut. We'd have a quarter for the cut and a nickel for a tip. A couple of years later we'd have to save up out of our allowance for the bi-weekly cut. When I was in 5th grade I was allowed to grow my hair out into a flat-top and when I was in 8th grade I got to grow it out so I could part it and comb it. Woo-Hoo. Life was grand in a military family.
Ya done good, Walter. I'm in the process of letting mine grow out - what's left of it. Probly do the ponytail or maybe just let it swirl all over hell like that guy at the Oscars who took the first Oscar, for cinematography or some such. Or like Einstein. I've been cutting it myself these past 30 or so years and I'm tired of my barber and tired of my customer. We shall see.
Matt--Thanks. Yeah, I wish I could grow mine like yours and feel comfortable. I've always had a "pelt" on the sides and a toothbrush on top. I gave up long ago with fussing with my hair. And I'm getting damned tired of looking so old with this white beard too.