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August 22
I'm a 60 year old guy who lives in Vista California with my wife. I spent the 30 years before moving to Cali in Iowa, Wisconsin and North Dakota. And I have 2 grown children, a son and a daughter who live in Virginia and Iowa and a 22 year old step-daughter lives with us here in Vista. I'm a proud grandpa with 2 grandaughters living in Virginia. I like to write about a whole variety of things from my kids to cooking to politics to the car industry to my status as a "Cheap Bastid" and "Old Fart" and just random thoughts. And I really love writing about cooking really good, homecooked comfort food cheap. That's why they call me the Cheap Bastid. By the way--all the stuff I write is my stuff and you can't use it without my official OkeyDokey

MARCH 16, 2012 10:43AM

Open Call: Requiem or Reincarnation for Foodie Tuesday?

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OK, so I’ve been mentally threatening myself to write this for the last couple of weeks—ever since I never got a response from Emily Holleman to a PM I sent her on February 28 about the demise of Foodie Tuesday.

In my PM I asked her and her cohorts to “bring back Foodie Tuesday” as an informal, rollicking, no-holds barred celebration of OSers who enjoy cooking and creating with food—and eating, of course.  And I asked her to “reserve” a couple of “cover” spots on Tuesdays for Foodie Tuesday posts. 

 greasy spoon cook

Here’s the text of the entire PM:
Last week one of the more noted bloggers here lamented the seeming demise of Foodie Tuesday. 3 years ago when I first came on this site it was a free-wheeling, creative, raucuous and spontaneous weekly event.

Unfortunately it has seemed to go by the wayside. Quite frankly much of that was because its impetus was lost when an OS weekly recipe contest was being conducted parallel to "big" Salon.

How about doing something to bring it back? A bit of promo from you as editor along with a small dedicated space on the cover each week for 2-4 posts--change it up and let a guy like me who's on Pacific Time have a whack at it too without having to post at "Oh-dark-thirty".
Just a thought about something which could help refresh our pages each week.
(aka Cheap Bastid)

I never heard diddly squat.  This was always one of my favorite things here on Open Salon.  It got me interested in writing about food, developing recipes and working at doing good food, cheap.  And it was fun to get feedback, read other food posts and provide feedback.

Apparently this site is only interested in snarky, sarcastic GOP candidate bashing and the posts of 4 or 5 writers whose every utterance is guaranteed a cover spot.

What do you think?  Let me know. Oh, and let Emily know too.

(Yeah, I know this will probably get me permanently blacklisted from consideration for an EP--but I'll be in good company with Scanner and Tink--besides I don't get them anymore anyway).

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On the front page, there is question, "What is Open Salon?" in red, and if you click on it, you go to a blog by Kerry that describes what specialized pieces they are looking for on each day of the week:

Monday : A great travel photo (Tag: Roadie).
Tuesday : A review, recipe or post about food or wine (Tag: Foodie).
Wednesday : A stellar personal narrative (Tag: True Story).
Thursday : A response to an Open Call.
Friday: Our favorite pet photo (Tag: Aw).
Saturday/Weekend: The Big Stories: Your posts on/summaries of the big stories of the week (Tag: Big Story).

To my knowledge, they are no longer doing any of those things, but it seems that people are missing Foodie Tuesday more than the others.

I enjoy reading recipes and food writing, so I wish you all the best in trying to get it officially reinstated!
I like it when you do your foodie thing. Never mind the editors. Just be the you we love and give us what you got. You could do it everyday as far as I am concerned because you are good at the foodie stuff.
Jane--thanks. a couple of things--1) the "invitation" to write a piece on "unemployment myths debunked" has been running on the right side of the home page for 2 months 2) this morning I got a comment on a post from 2010 and for some reason I noticed it was post 581,000. The post I just wrote is 2,000,000. Much of what has built those numbers up is "spam" crap which yesterday afternoon slowed this site so much as to make it virtually unusable.
But mainly, I miss the fun we used to have with Foodie Tuesday. OK, and I'm tired of the political crap which mostly consists of people taking sanctimonious swipes at one politician or another and thinking that somehow they're grandglorious commentators.

Jeanette--thanks. I guess it's just me wishing for something that so many around here used to really enjoy once a week.
zanelle--thanks. I like to "paint" myself as the "antithesis of a foodie". I'm just a home/country/comfort/cheap cook with little limited imagination, skills and budget.
To hell with the editors, what do they know about food? This Tuesday I'll post my technique on how to properly cook Texas BBQ and hope to see all our favorites post they're best recipes as well... come Tuesday let's bury the elite media in a movable feast!!
I miss them and loved seeing the pictooores on the front..
jmac-I'm looking forward to it

Jane--well, I've always loved writing here too--I've just run into a "creativity deficit" the last 6 months or so. And, I now do my food blogging elsewhere in a dedicated blog
Linda--thanks. I'm hoping that we can generate just a bit of support from the "powers that be". it'll help this site and create a bit of the fun that's been sorely missing around here for quite a while.
jane--I've noticed the same thing. If you scroll through the most recent tab on any given day, the number of reads and comments seems to me to be nowhere near what it "used to be in the olden days". Don't know what to say except that my point here is: let's bring back the FUN of Foodie Tuesday!
I loved it. I have about a hundred photos of food prep that I do now, routinely for the day I do a food post which lately I don't. But I figure at some point I might. I love the foodie posts. They were fun, but better still, I LEARNED A LOT. GOOD POST WALT! I hope someone hears you, but I wouldn't hold my breath...we're kind of personnas non gratas, even though we're the meat of this stew. funny, ain't it?
Foolish--I'd love to see some of your posts on food and food prep. I keep wanting to do a bunch of short videos on prep. I just have to figure out how to edit the "flubs" out of the videos and get them to look at least semi-professional. And my wife is pretty cooperative when it comes to photographing me when I'm doing prep. I'm with you, there's a lot more to food and cooking than just purty pictures of plates of foo-foo foodie food.
Well, what can I say? I love food, I loved Foodie Tuesday and I love you./r
Christine--thanks. well, how do we get it going again?
I will be glad to do foodie Tuesday again, provided the editors are NOT involved.
Steve--let's bring it on next Tuesday. I'm already going through some of my files and photos.
Foodie Friday sounds better than Tuesday.
Larry--it's a given that a guy named Leapin' Larry would have to be aliterative about it.
Walter: Yes, you will be black-listed. I often, and I repeat often, made EP's and cover. Since I began to complain about how Foodie Tuesday was handled, I haven't had either in a year! Incredible.

My take is that Emily is a vegan and probably has "food issues." That the editors would deliberately allow the demise of such a popular feature is testament to what is happening to OS in general: disrepair.

Not changing the front page was only supposed to be "temporary" solution. Not! Today on the cover is a photograph of an eagle. I like eagles. So I clicked on it. THAT WAS IT! Just that picture. WTF? It's an insult to OS contributors. Spammers are still a dime a dozen. And yesterday I couldn't even log on.

I'm sorry Emily did not respond to you. I'm sure she gets many e-mails. Or not. Still . . . I'd think it her job.

You might want to e-mail your post to Kerry. He's fond of telling us that OS is his "baby."

You have only known Foodie Tuesday for 3 years. Before that, it was even more incredible!!!

Also, I see the "cabal" of OS "contest winners" have basically fled OS now that they are irrelevant. That says it all, for me.
Gary--glad that you're as frustrated as I am. And I think I've been blacklisted for a while--I thought my "pink slime" post was EP worthy (especially since I'm the only OSer who wrote about it) and I've had a couple of others lately on politics but because I'm not ranting and raving and calling candidates all kinds of names it's ignored. I guess we have to do it on our own. Problem is, I'm trying to build my own site and don't really want to cross post but I'll come up with something.
rwnut--the website is http://www.cheap-bastid-cooks.com & I sent it to you in a PM too.
I'd like to see Foodie Tuesday come back, myself. Even though the Irish Soda Bread I made for St. Paddy's Day contained Zante Currants. Judging by the speed at which it disappeared though, my co-workers did not object to the addition. =o)

Shiral--sounds like you read my Traditional Irish Soda Bread post. And...if Foodie Tuesday is to make a comeback, I guess we're going to have to do it ourselves. Apparently the editors couldn't care less.
Why does any of it have to be official? Is there better exposure or support from OS for those who participate in a formal Foodie Tuesday?

May I suggest that we just do foodie tuesday and tag it. Done.
I for one am very happy I found "a home/country/comfort/cheap cook with little limited imagination, skills and budget" Cheap Bastid! I really feel cheated. I joined OS just as the foodie Tuesday was coming to a close.
I have your site marked as a favourite, but I cannot find anywhere ot sign up to get your recipes sent to my email. Do you have that on your site at this time?
Gary does on his so even when I don't have time to get on OS, I don't miss the recipes.