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APRIL 4, 2012 11:13AM

The Ultimate Petty Crime--You Can Get Anything You Want

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Well, Ed I Tor put out a new "Open Call" for our "petty crimes" in celebration (I think) of this week's Supreme Court decision which leaves it up to law enforcement agencies whether or not to strip search a "petty criminal" prior to locking them up even for a short time period.

 So, I was reminded of the "old days"--yes folks, those olden days back in the 1960's which were commerated in song.  And I was reminded of a song about the "ultimate" petty crime.  Please sing along, although I doubt that any will sit here for the full 23 or 24 minutes of this musical folk parable but I would hope that you'd stick it out at least for 4 or 5 minutes, trip back in time (or if you're under 40 marvel at the historic aspects of how our society handled "petty" criminals in days gone by).

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I love this song! Brings me back, Walter. Thank you for posting it.
Erica--just a silly song for a silly open call
I downloaded Alice's Restaurant from iTunes a few years ago, and got a slightly updated version. (I didn't watch this video all the way through to the end to see if this is the updated version. Apologies if I'm retelling a joke that is in the YouTube video.)

At the end of the song, Arlo told of chatting with Chip Carter (Jimmy's son), who said they'd found an opened copy of the Alice's Restaurant LP in the White House, which meant that someone had played it at some time. From that, Arlo figured out that it's possible for a song to change history: In Arlo's words, "How many things do you know of that are 18 and a half minutes long?"
Right on Walter
I loved that song. Good ol' Arlo know what was what. I love his smirk as the cops look around the dump. Oh for the good ol' days. Thanks.
Love that line: "You would have thought after all this time, you would have learned by now: If you want to end the war and stuff, you gotta learn to sing loud all the time!"
Excellent choice Walt!!
Gee, Officer Krupke, Krup you!
Karen--this was an anthem "way back then". The only other album we'd listen to with one song which took up a whole side of the LP was "Innna Gadda da Vida". Those are 2 distinctly different sounds!

tr ig--"and litterin" Thanks.

Zanelle--ahhhhhhhh "the good old days"...damn I'm getting old.

Karen--maybe we've got to sing loud, louder, loudest. Maybe we haven't learned yet

jmac--I just kind of thought this was appropriate to the "theme" of the "open call"

ChickenMaan--I wish I had a pithy rejoinder for you on that reference to West Side Story. Other than my usual response to seeing your "alter-ego" avatar---"he's everywhere. he's everywhere"--which perhaps only you and I get.
But . . . he disposed of that garbage illegally!
Con--he most certainly did! Can you imagine in today's incredibly politically correct world, a song with lyrics that include the term "baby rapers". It just wouldn't happen--even with someone as outrageous as Arlo Gutherie "coming into Los Angeleez; bringing in a couple of keys..."
LOL! Walt, old buddy, I think you hit the nail on the head when you answered Erica: "A silly song for a silly Open Call". They must be running out of ideas for Open Calls around the office. Thanks for the trip down memory lane my friend.
David--thanks. I was just looking for an excuse to do something simple and simply ridiculous.
And we's can have cavity searches too!! I'm soooo hoping Officer Molestor pulls me over this week!! I need a good strip!! ~:D
Tink--I'm guessing that you'll go get busted just for the "thrill" of the cavity search. Either that or you get cavity searches so that you don't have to go to the dentist.
~nodding~ My dentist has a very strange way to give oral examines!! Both of us have to get naked....what? :D
Group W for you, Blevins!
I haven't heard this in forever...thanks for sharing. :)
Wonderful! Thanks, Walter!