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MAY 29, 2012 10:11AM

Foodie Tuesday: A Cooking Show I'd Love to Watch

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No recipe today.  I spent the weekend cooking and didn’t feel like writing something that no one is really interested in anyway.

So what to do on Foodie Tuesday?  Well, Cheap Bastid has always had a bit of a hang-up over people who have to “foo-foo” their foodie food, use exotic ingredients and otherwise make pretentious pieces of “plate art” suitable for cell-phone camera photos and insertion to Pinterest before a bite is taken.

Arguably one of the best things I’ve seen on TV food shows is when Penn Gillette (hopefully that’s spelled right) got up from the table on “Top Chef”—when it was pretty obvious that he wasn’t getting along with Padmah and left saying “thanks for the grub”.  My point is this—no matter how much sculpture one tries to put into a plate of food with micro-greens and over-engineered sauces, it’s still “grub”.

So with that in mind, I came across this short video SPOOF last week featuring Ted Allen—who judges “Iron Chef” a lot and who is the nominal host of Food Network’s “Chopped”.  This clip shows Allen as a guest chef on a morning talk show cooking up a meal (hint: this is a production of "The Onion"). It shows Allen's sense of humor and ability to laugh at the silliness of it all.  Here it is and I hope you enjoy it:

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Ah yes, we call them "miemelchefs" at our house.

Their recipes require impossible to find ingredients (even at Toko Heng Kee), take a lot of time and weird equipment to prepare, look great, taste like kaka. Gimme Donna Hay any day of the week.
V.--did you watch the clip? It's a hoot!
Walter, it's not working for me, I'll have to go to Youtube.
V--I pulled a different version of the same video off You Tube. Try it now.
Hahahahahahahahahah! Found it!
Food Network is a fave and Chopped is the best however when they did the Chopped segment on The Next Food Network Star.. that was great!!

I watch Top Chef and had no ida about he and padma..
I agree. Foofoos must die!

I have always found Rachel Ray's kitchen show (before she became was some kinda talk show star) to be pretty practical and useful. Most of the others, I say da heck widdem.
Steve--if you didn't watch this video clip, please do--it's an hilarious spoof. And we're getting more into Marissa D'Arabian because she bothers to talk about the cost of ingredients and substitutions to save money
Linda--thanks. So many of the "real" shows are just too damned pretentious for me
The clip is hilarious. Thanks for the laffs.
Oh Walt, you so hit the nail on the head with this post. I'm with you, I don't care one bit about presentation...not even sure what it is....just give me good food and a lot of it. Nothing in this world could make me go to one of those fancy places that serves you a plate of food all of which could be covered with the same hundred dollar bill it would take to pay for it.

Give me a big chunk of meat, a pile of mashed potatoes with gravy and, if I was feeling really foo-foo, some broccoli with a little cheese sauce on it.
David--that's why Ted Allen was so damn hilarious in that clip. He's usually one of those championing "foo-foo food" and for him to absolutely trash "gourmet" food in this clip is a hoot.
Oh, yeah, I watched the clip. Still wiping the coffee offa da computer.

Every outrageous line is a keeper.

I'm sorry, you have been chopped....oops, sorry, wrong show!!!

YOU HAVE BEEN TINK PICKED!!!!!! What is this honor? 12 cents (if you can find someone to pay you the twelve cents!! See Ed I Tor --- if you can find them!! Hahahahaha!!) and 1 dirty sock, the other sock was lost during transport from Paris(Texas)

I LOVED the Vid(I had seen it on Youtube before!! Gotta love spoofs!! Up there with Dan Akyrod(can't spell!!) and the Julia Childs on Saturday Night Live years ago.....:D )