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OCTOBER 17, 2011 9:54AM

The Power of Blue

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Blue becomes you...part II
Minnesota Summer Evening Sky 
s1572960002_30008622_525 BLUE PROFILE 
Blue becomes your moody blues 
"Bubbers" dripping in Tahoe blue 

"Baker" Basking in blue Nevada skies
Blue horizons over pasture playtime 
Syd's beach ball (period) 
Mary and me 071
Those baby blue eyes that mesmerize
"Baby JJ" back in the day of tomboy blue
 Not so "Baby JJ" with Baby Dylan today 
Blue pillow beneath bulging bull dog (grand puppy) 
Graydon in cowboy hat 
Putting on the Autumn blues 
A splash of  Summer blues 
Blue bucket that belongs to the beach
Crisp Arizona Spring 
Mystical Mystery Blue  
Favorite blue bottle & blue bear S&P shakers 
Former TWA Terminal at JFK  (my alma mater)
Blue Hue
Truest baby girl blue 
Little man in blue...tough to be through with blue...
Favorite blue blankie 
A view of some blue 
Gazing up at the endless blue 
Waning shades of blue
Saying good night to blue 
Or not!  Irresistible blue!
All photos from my family collection, taken by various family members and myself.
TWA Terminal photo from Google images.

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A parade of photographs old and new
Exhibiting the infinite love of blue.
But the blue bayou? Wonderful photos.
Love Baker and the pictures of them watching the ducks.
This photo blog is guaranteed not to make you blue. :)
bobbot - you'd think I'd have one of those! Thx

Linda - got a thing for the bright side of blue...for sure! Thx
love the images! theme.
Babies in blue can't miss. Lovely photos exploring the most superior of all colors.
Power and beauty of blue
Certainly live through you
Thank you for a lovely view
Of family life close and true.
Snowden - Can't help myself! Thx

Miguela - Amazing just how much blue surrounds us; comforts us. Thx

Fusun A - Love the poetic comment from you, whilst perpetuating the blue! Thank You!
My gosh, Cathy! You’re sooooo lucky! Just think; with all that blue you only need a bit of red and you can make P U R P L E !!

*wanders off to find Tink*

We share the love of blue, which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. Great photos!

Fabulous photos of my favourite colour too. You should start a blue photo album.
Sky! Don't tempt me! I'm crazy for red, too! Cheers!

Lezlie - I'm a bit over the top for blue lately. Two posts on the color blue and now I need to get over and read you! Thx!
Linda C - I think I have done that here! Second post on the color blue in a week! A bit obsessed, me thinks! Thx!
Beautiful blue photos! The children and animals are gorgeous too!!
Karen - Thanks much!
Ha! blue is my favorit colour. Fantastic collection.
blufeather - You are a lucky bird! Such feathers tickle my fancy!
so pleased you continued this theme! r.
Beautiful and too cute. Great pics, Cathy. R
Jon - Thanks, Jon. It's light weight and keeps me in a very serene and grateful place.

Thoth - Thanks much!
Numinous tribute to blue. I'll never see it the same way -- ever! xoxoxo
Joan - Ahh sweetie, I know...but try to visual the gentle blue waters bathing you in healing, soothing serenity. That's all we can do. My love and prayers are with you!
Lovely Stuff TY for Sharing. BB.
All gorgeous photos ... but my absolute favourite? The one of those two happy-faced, adorable children laying on their backs in the long grass with their hands behind their heads. Now THAT is a special moment to treasure.
Blackbird - Thanks much for stopping by!

Little Kate - Funny you should mention that photo! It's the one out of the bunch that is framed and in my living room! Thanks!
And treasure that moment you do. : )
Little Kate - You are such a genuine sweetheart!
Nick Drake (have you heard of him, heard him?) once sang,

“Tell me all that you may know
Show me what you have to show
Won't you come and say
If you know the way to blue”

Wish he was around to see this photo essay.
A grand blue wonder each and every one.
James - Love that and no, haven't hear of him before. Will have to check him out. Thanks much for this great comment!

Scylla - Thank you very much! Hope you are doing well and thriving. Sometimes there are just no words to describe what we are feeling and photos simply say it best.