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OCTOBER 24, 2011 1:00PM

YES OR NO? (100 word flash fiction) Prequel

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Having seen a highly recommended psychic some months ago, my head was swimming in "what ifs."
Had it been a terrible mistake to ask such questions; the answers which would haunt me and effect so many sleepless nights?  I regretted it.
She was so clear I would be faced with a serious "yes or no" scenario. Toward which outcome, I had no clue.   The thought of it gnawed at my brain and untethered my emotions.
Driving to the mountains always cleared my head, but I rarely attempted the journey at night.
The reality of swirling, frigid water awakened my senses. 
Photo credit:  Google Images - Psychic Dreams ("Sun through trees") 
 Used to illuminate an awakening of sorts; one of my own choosing. 
A forward to this exercise and to my first 100 word flash fiction:
  "Last Seen" 
Inspired by Susie Lindau and all who commented with encouragment to expand on this theme.

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Oh Lord.. this ending was not what I expected and it hit me in the face,
Well done.
Uhmhmm Linda's right!! r.
I see you are still in possession of that fine wine. As I said last time, this is an imagination contest. R
Thoth - Scary to think I wrote this one sans the amazing Merlot! That came later! Thanks for amusing me on a Monday morning!
Can't wait for Chapter II! Now I know why she goes up there....
I hope others give 100 word flash a try! It is a great exercise~
Susie - Thanks for the vote of confidence! I am cogitating on how to transition into the 3rd installment of this "mini-series" without numbing out the audience!
Wait, there was wine involved? WHY WASN'T I INFORMED, I COULD USE WINE TOO!! :D

Great story!!! RATED!