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Just Thinking...
October 04
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JANUARY 25, 2011 8:05PM

Circles ~ Flaws in the Round

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I love circles. I find them the perfect shape, architecturally, and I'm continually attracted to them:  in clocks, tables, mirrors... anywhere, really. What is more beautiful than a bubble floating on the breeze, catching the light on a sunny day?  

The trouble is:

I think in circles. No matter the subject, I will consider every aspect of a topic all the way around and through to the other side, often right back to the beginning. While in general this might sound good, and it can be (see what I mean?), this usually just makes it very tough to have enough of a decided opinion that I take a stand. I keep seeing different points of view.

Mentally, I swim more than I stand, I drift more than I stride. My thoughts swirl in an eddy, surge on the currents. Emotionally? A different story. I'll take a stand... (Possibly another flaw there.)

Circular thought can also use up too much of my creative energy, that necessary thrust of manifesting my idea from the ether to the page. Or to the fabric. Or the painting. Too much stays thought....all tangled together and connected. Where is that beginning, middle, and end? 

 I talk in circles....complete with "on the other hand" punctuated throughout, some days. My poor children have never heard a short, concise point of direction, or encouragement. No mini-lectures here! Husband has perfected his looking-interested-while-paying-no-attention face. That is partly why writing is so satisfying, there is time for editing the voluminous material. 

I walk in circles as well....yes, I am an absent-minded-circular-thinker-talker-walker. I clean that way, I "organize" that way. Every day that I clean house, a random four dozen items from anywhere in the house are put away tidily, and several chores, again randomly noticed, are (usually) completed to exacting standards. 

Unfortunately, it's hard to feel satisfied about how spotless the coat closet is, how perfectly aligned the silverware drawer is, when the living room floor hasn't been picked up very well.

Some (most) of my friends and family wonder how I get from one end of the day to another... circles of course... 


...but I do like how they look in a room.



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Excellent! I love how you tied this in with circles! It's been so fun to see how people have really applied themselves and done more than just lists (as I did) for this OC. And of course it's always interesting to get even more insight into a blogger I admire. I don't know that your way of being is a flaw - it seems rather aesthetic and even-minded to me!
Love this...and what a lovely living room! xox
STOP! I have motion sickness.
My problem is I wander off in the middle of thinking and have a hard time finishing things.
And the seasons they go 'round and 'round
And the painted ponies go up and down
We're captive on the carousel of time
We can't return we can only look behind
From where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game

Welcome to OS, Joni. ;>D
you do it so neatly, tied up like a package.
A round circle in a square frame, no less! For creative people, I think the process is far more satisfying than the result. Because we know what we can or would do differently. And we do.
I'm having to share the computer with son's homework deadline and cooking dinner, I'll be back for other posts soon : )
...the menu tonight is pancakes with a side of peas, grapes for dessert.
Oh just kidding.

Thanks for your comments! You are much appreciated....
At least you don't think in straight lines- if you did you would never be able to see the other side of the beginning of your thought!
I talk in circles too. Yours makes more sense though.:)
Greta post and rated with hugs
Oooh, I can relate. Though rather than a circle, I make many random shapes that almost form a symmetrical pattern, but not quite. I love how you wrote this.
"just fascinating." is the scariest comment I've ever received... : )

vanessa: wandering off and walking in circles are the same thing in different shapes, no?

I have family members who resemble these's genetic. You know who you are...
Thinking in circles is probably the most sane way to process anything. When I think of the days of the week, it is always as a circle going from right to left. I wonder if thinking backwards has any merit? :))
I think that this means you are more creative than the average bear. -R- them... no flaw here that I can see. I can imagine us doing a beautiful dance around your circle rug.
I love that photo with all the circles. Your post makes me dizzy and that is a good thing!!!
The world is circular, life is circular, I think we are meant to think in circles.
You ain't alone:

"You see, all my life's a circle
I can't tell you why
Seasons spinning round again
The years keep rolling by...."
-- Harry Chapin ("All My Life's a Circle")

"We can't return, we can only look
Behind from where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game"
-- Joni Mitchell ("The Circle Game")

Now ... pass that bottle on the right, 'K?
Every circle begins with a line.
Every word began with a sound.
Origin starts with a circle, that lovely letter, the O.
O Thank O You O Just O Thinking O, and here are a couple of XXs for good measure!
such a nice way to wake up on a frosty day...with comments! Thanks everyone for coming around, I will be back to individual comment at some point if I can...
...we have a kid with a broken arm who needs extra help in the mornings, but thanks again!
I like your way of thinking in circles, for then you are not likely to lose the end of a thought but more likely to bring it back home. Safe and sound. And completed.
Hahaha. I am such a linear thinker, I can hardly even grasp what you mean here! We would be hilarious in a conversation, JT. But I love you, circles and all.

Lezlie, this has crossed my mind before about you and I ... another bonus of online community : )
Circles are perfect, so there goes your flaw theory. I love your room. More blue than circles!
greenheron: I like your take on circles : )
Blue was more my husband's turn in color choice...I'm plotting a rebellion soon, I like warmth!
Circles mean you think and act from your heart. You find balance by knowing when everything "comes full circle." It always does. Even the ad on your post has a life cycle circle graphic!
Thanks for that, Cathy...I drive my family crazy a bit not having the "straight from point A to point B gene".
I love it.I'm a circle sort of gal too.Very clever post.
Thanks, diary...glad you came by : )
There's nothing circular about this fine piece of writing. Nice room.
What a cool comment, Fay, thanks!
That room is a work in progress, but the circles will stay : )
Circle. Joni Mitchell's game. The Oroboros, the Wheel of Fortune, as well as most Carnival Rides. Did we not as children set ourselves whirling like dervishes to land, right down on our butts, too addled to stand any longer? Ashes, ashes, we all fall down? -- I myself have a nervous tick. With my thumbnail, I trace circles on the mid-joint of each finger. It is a botherance, and a meditation. I do it unconsciously, but there it is - the Circle.
Fay, you remind me of the lusty suitors in The Merchant of Venice. One of them promises, "I'll never fear so sore a thing / As keeping safe Nerissa's ring."

How's your ring these days?
Fay, your intriguing piece reminds me of the suitors in The Merchant of Venice. One promises, "I'll never fear so sore a thing / As keeping safe Nerissa's ring."

How safe's your ring these days?
Thanks Leon...shall I tell Fay? : )
You've put into words something about the way I think that I have never been able to.
This makes you sound like you'd be great in politics! Hahaha! I know what you mean. We need people like you to shake things up.
Maybe you could try spirals. I think that's what inspired the Guggenheim Museum by Frank Lloyd Wright. An engaging piece of writing, JT.
Hi Anna : ) Ha ha funny. Now is politics better or worse than my being a lawyer ? , another profession my family thinks I'd be brilliant at with my circular thinking ways...
Nice to see you around here again...
Thanks Sarah, spirals are the way out!
...and they are my second favorite shape architecturally : )
Very interesting thought and well written. My partner says my thoughts are rarely connected, but he laughs about it. R
A similar circular pattern exists in my brain. Remember Organization begins with a circle. LOL