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Just Thinking...
October 04
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MAY 14, 2012 11:54PM

You Ignorant Slut

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 Long ago, when my mother once remarked, "You look blowsy" I thought she meant 'vibrant, bright-colored, gyspy-like.'


 I distinctly remember the event:  I was in my late teens and finally daring to wear on a date the Forties-inspired, brightly printed bandeau halter with long, flowing skirt I'd secretly tried on in my room close to two dozen times.



After each donning of the outfit, I'd crack open my bedroom door, make sure no one was around, then throw open the door to inspect myself in the mirror across the hall. 

 Once I grew used to the sight of three or four inches of skin showing at my waist (gasp), with more cleavage revealed than ever before, I thought I looked daring and wonderful.

Grown up. 


Avant- garde.

(This was the late Seventies.) 




I have carried this illusion all of these years, this illusion that my mother's amused-yet-annoyed smile that evening was of pleasure with a tinge of jealousy for her bold and vibrant daughter going out for the evening in gypsy-like attire. 


Until today. 

Today -- when I looked out the kitchen window and felt the discrepency between today's garden and yesterday's post filled with photos of an earlier, burgeoning Spring. Those photos were demure and innocent. Today's garden is vibrant and brilliantly-hued.

I thought happily to myself, "Such a blowsy garden..." 




I hadn't thought of that word in years. 

I tossed it around in my mind for awhile while gazing at the various irises and poppies.




 I soon was looking up the meaning of the word 'blowsy.' The dictionaries checked stated: 

blows'y, (blou-zee), adj:

  *  characteristic of or benefitting a slut or slattern; used especially of women. 

*  (esp. of a woman) untidy in appearance, slovenly or sluttish

*  (of a woman) ruddy in complexion; red-faced 



 That certainly puts a different spin on the word 'blowsy'...





 Mom's careless phrase was the only remark made about my outfit that evening by anyone, that I recall. If my date loved my look, he preferred to show appreciation by fondling, and anyway, who cares what he thought?  I barely remember him, although I'm sure he seemed important at the time.

I do wonder if Mom realized I had no idea what she meant as I walked away from her words with a smile.  I am sure she knew what blowsy meant, piecing together now the times I heard her use the word...and about whom.  

I say that somewhat matter-of-factly now as, even with surprises like this, I accepted she could be impulsive and thoughtless a long time ago. My mother managed to blurt off-hand, searing remarks to most of her friends and all of her family, at one time or another.

Thank goodness she also had her charms.

 I do try not to repeat her verbal patterns.





Sometimes I fail. 

I've decided to keep close what I first thought my mom meant when she spoke those words over me -- it's the same as how I felt when my younger self assessed the reflection in the mirror so long ago:  

I was beautiful that evening, vibrant and bold.


...and so is my blowsy garden. 





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I related to this...maybe too much...xoxo
How about blowsy as a synonym for "bold, flamboyant, flaunting"? As in flaunting one's vibrant colors and beauty. That's what occurs to me as I look at the flowers. They are not subtle, they are in-your-face, bold, and dramatically flaunting their beauty. Nothing wrong with that. That seems more accurate. [r]
I don't understand how Mothers can be jealous of their daughters. I've got two gorgeous daughters and I'm so proud of them. Of course they are prettier than I would be hard not to be considering they're almost half my age. As one of my male friends once commented, "Youth is beauty."
Gorgeous flowers, and I smiled at your mother's comment, straight out of the mother's handbook of "If I can't tell you, who can?" ... I'm sure you didn't look like a slut, though. :)
those are some fine looking flowers- and I'm sure you were one, too. Jealous is impossible to avoid, even the ones you love the most :? how hurtful
And still, you love them and they love you.

Maybe blowsy is slutty, and maybe that means vibrant and bold, after all, it's not the mousy demure ones that are brazen enough to date the entire football team, right? And just because one might look it doesn't mean one owns it, right?

Wonderful tale of misidentification.

It's really nice the way you use these stunning flowers pictures to win the argument with your mother. The peak of spring. You and your garden at the peak of spring - maybe she was a little jealous?
I lo-o-o-ove the flowers! Gorgeous. Flowers are bold and outrageous to attract bees, and so are young girls. You reveled in your youth and, ultimately, your mom let you. Nuttin' wrong wi' dat.
You are a fine person. Choosing to remember your mother's hurtful comment in a better light is a wonderful testament to the strong, caring person you are. It had to be quite a shock to read that definition all these years later. I love how you've woven the beautiful pictures of the flowers of your garden in through your story to illustrate the beauty of what you choose to remember about your bold choice of attire that night. I'm sure you looked stunning.
I wonder if your mother regretted later what she said... She certainly should have.
I guess your date agreed with your mom, huh. Wonder if his memories of the evening are as joyous as yours. Delightful story, beautiful blowsy garden!
I'll have to remember blowsy and slattern for my next bipolar generated comedy skit (think Kramer).
What UB said. I was just typing a version of that and saw her comment.
Good juxtapose with startling contrasts.
I think it's very difficult for parents to see the little girl blossom into a young lady. For mom's it may be the youth they once had, for dad's, knowing what the boys are thinking. I too had to endure remarks, but from my dad.

I like that you have reconciled your feeling of beauty to that of a bold flower. Your garden must be gorgeous!
It is crazy how certainn words uttered by certain people just stick in the amber of our memories.
Yes you were beautiful in your lovely dress. I'm sure of it. I'm sorry your mom referred to that way, but you seem to be in a healthy place about it. Thanks for the new word!
Beautiful pictures. Story of Mom reminds me of my own.
I think at a certain age women fear loosing their own bloom and may resent that in their daughters. I am sure that was the case with my mother.
You've managed to bring funny, sad, and beautiful all into one post. I bet you looked wonderful, just like your flowers. It was the 70's after all.
I tend to interpret the meaning of unfamiliar words by how they appear in my mind. 'Blowsy' brings up an image of a woman on summer day, dressed in yards of light fabric that blow away from her body in the breeze. I bet that's exactly how you looked.
What a beautiful post, in so many ways.
I've been speaking English 67 years and never heard that word. I learned a new word, enjoyed beautiful pictures, read a very well done post, A very productive visit. Thanks! R
I love the photographs and how you tied them in with your idea of the word blowsy. I have never been jealous of my own daughter, but certainly envious of her brains and beauty.
By the way, my mother used to say I looked like a hoor. Whatever THAT is... :) ~r
JT, I didn't know that "blowsy" had that pejorative connotation. Good post!
This is charming. Thank you for allowing us to see this experience. r.
Gorgeous flowers, by whatever adjective. You were too, because young people are as beautiful as flowers (even when they themselves are hyper-aware of 'flaws').
Just a few offhanded comments by my mom stay in my mind too. And my kids are always telling me I said something twenty years ago that I can't remember at all. I like that you are vibrant and your garden is too. Great blowsy post!
I am familiar with the word, surprised to hear it used with a teen from a mom. Your garden is indeed vibrant and beautiful, loving the photos. All though a bit softened over the years, my mother has a sarcastic bent to her and very rarely compliments, it has made me aware of how I speak to my kids. Enjoyed this today JT, thanks.
Your comparison of the lovely lush flora
and the ripening of your own feminine, uh, lushness...
was just perfect.
I guess there is no reason why nature cannot be slutty...Thanks for the wide eye views here.
Where IS this glorious garden? Gorgeous. While I'm an editor and know exactly what blowsy means - and while I think your mother must have meant to be critical - I'm glad you didn't take it as anything but a compliment on your daring foray into the adult world. I, too, would have taken it as a compliment on my appearance, after having tried on an outfit two dozen times and pronounced myself ready for the world.
Have enjoyed the word "blowsy" and "slattern" for a long time .
Loved this piece and the image of your oblivous satisfied smile as you might or might not have appeared blowsy.
As an example of blowsy, I'd use Kirstie Ally, for some reason.

Your garden is slightly slutty, but that's a good thing. ;)
I'm glad you're going to hold tight what you first thought your mum meant. Well done you!

As I look at your gorgeous photos, I swear I can see little faces staring back at me in those irises!!!
You are beautiful, vibrant and bold. So is your garden. :)
This post speaks volumes about you, your character and your enormous heart. I'm not sure why our mothers were so quick to label our youthful exuberance for life with such sexually judgmental language, but they sure seemed to do that. Mine would just come out and say "you look like a slut with that red lipstick...with those hotpants...with your skirt so short." You should hear her NOW when she talks about today's teens!

You don't say?! My mother had said this to me before too....I thought blousy meant to look like a blouse, which I thought odd she would say that when I had on a tight fitting tank top. Grrrr. yet another reason to despise her!
Your garden is beautiful and reflects the beauty of the gardner.
A mother either covets her daughter's beauty or a daughter her mother's. There is no other way.
Gorgeous flowers and I love the way you spun the memory into something positive. At least at the time, you stole her power by not knowing what it meant and assuming it was positive, walking out with a smile on your face. Words like that can be very hurtful coming from your mom.

Once, in the mid-70s, my mom wasn't happy with my hip hugger/crop top outfit and broke a brush on my butt, then when I laughed and skipped out the door to school, she threw a chair in the yard.
I love the qualifier on the dictionary definition here, "used especially of women." Since when has a man EVER been referred to as blowsy?

I'm glad you thought it meant something different back then, and that you have, even now, claimed it for your own.

(Also, while I would never used that word to describe younger women today, I do sometimes wish for a little more modesty.)
What's that song? You always hurt the one you love...mothers, parents, we always like to think they did their best but man,'re right to "break the cycle." That's something concrete that we can do. Keep the faith. Beautiful garden, by the way.
HI all, thank you for this wonderful response!
I felt nervous posting this one...

Our electricity has been off most of the morning and will continue to be again this afternoon, but I will be back to reply individually, asap, to these great thoughts -- and your support for my non-slutty younger self !

Those of you who wondered if I did look a bit slutty, I will be back to deal with each of you personally as well : )
What a wow-wow Wow-Wow blowsy great treat.

Beauty . . .
I read somewhere that Socrates ask`ref Beauty.
Meditation . . .
'May the Beauty that I see become` Within me.
any editor or politico can Fear:` flowers, birds, bees,
and one may fear orange Lobsters pinch webbed toes.
over lobsters soup
sharing with peers
fear of seagull and
rain storm puddle
a editor in green kilt
playing his bagpipes
in sleeveless T-shirt
Hawaii Flower shirt
Beauty brings tears.
Tears fall in soup
and all live happy
ever after - I hope
I enjoyed Beauty . . .
Arthur says,
. .
'May the Beauty that I see become` Within me.
Beauty brings tears.
Tears fall in soup
and all live happy
ever after - I hope
I enjoyed Beauty . . .”

True stuff. What does it take, I might put it to him,,
To make Beauty within me, eh?

Oh I am sure he got the answer.
Unfortunately, I'm of the opinion that our parent's generation, as parents, were assholes. If I treated my children they way many of us were treated, I'd be in jail, and rightfully so. Sorry to be so blunt. Peace.
Such a contradiction..the beauty of your garden ...the verbal misuse..your wonderful feelings and attitude.Your great images and this so sentimental story reminded me of a song "The flowers in her garden,was the envy of her friends"..not so referring to the actual garden,mostly to the insight gifts...Rated,with thank you for sharing..Just thinking...I think in your work were most feeling!!!Kisses
Wow, I knew "blowsy" was somewhat pejorative, but I didn't know how much, nor would I have applied it to a daughter of mine (not that I have one). I had to go look up the etymology because I just couldn't let this rest as something a woman would apply to a beloved child. Apparently it started back around 1570 and referred to a wench or "beggar's trull" as a "cant term" like the rhyming Cockney slang (examples abound including in the Austin Powers movies) so I prefer to think of "blowsy" as one of those fun and comely wenches at the Renaissance festivals that take place, the ones with jousting, lords and ladies, and enormous turkey legs. And I think your garden is fun and comely too!
I'm a Brit, so the word "blowsy" is quite familiar. For those who watch those British comedies on PBS, it often describes Hyacinth's sister (the one who's not married to uber-slob Onslow).
If it's any consolation, when I was growing up (something my wife declares hasn't happened yet) a "slut" was a messy or untidy woman. "Slattern" is a synonym. "He shouldn't marry her. Have you seen her flat? She's a complete slut."
Shame you don't have a picture of yourself in this "blowsy" outfit.
I'm sure you looked beautiful in that dress...and those flowers are gorgeous!
Beautiful flowers! Let's hope there was something lost in translation with yourMother & you! R
Your mother saw you in a totally different way that night. As for me, I like blowsy flowers. Iris, Lily-of-the valley, Rose, Daisy, Philodendron, etc. etc. How much blowsier can you get:)?
Oh I just love this, what a darling story. Your photos of the garden are amazing. I think sometimes words are thrown out to us by parents trying to kinda help us see risque looks.haha! Loved this and your flowers are terrific!
Our home is still having trouble, electricity-wise....sorry not to be around, I write this hoping it will post : )
Back asap...
and thanks all of you!
This is so sad. I think it's funny what words can mean or seem to mean to us. I'm glad you're taking "blowsy" and making it a positive thing.
Sometimes mothers just don't know how to show their love. I'm sure she loved you in her own way anyway. I love your garden and how you worked the idea in your piece.
Guess I have been on uneasy terms with my mother for so long I had forgotten just how searing such a cutting remark can feel.
When nowadays we have young girls practically pimping themselves with the latest outfit craze, I guess our late 70's burgeoning selves can look pretty tame by comparison.
Happy blowsy gardening to you!
It is of note here how the OS editing machinery in the comments window is telling me that "blowsy" is not a word.
Also, that my computer's dictionary adds this:

"ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from obsolete blowze [beggar's female companion,] of unknown origin."
Was your boyfriend then a beggar?

MIchelle, nice to have you come by : )
I think this mother-daughter thing can get so complicated, the power of words can be so strong, it's a lucky child who gets a parent who understands this.... unless you are saying you relate to the bright flowers in your garden, you struggle with snails too?
: )

Donegal: I like your take on it! While I loved the outfit and loved dressing up to go out, even in late teens my mindset was more about the dressing up part than realizing how flaunting I was. The Persistent Fondler helped me realize the power of an adult woman's body, one reason that night stands out. : ) As for my flowers, the description is perfect!

Love Life: I don't get it either. I keep thinking to add more, but keep coming back to: I don't get it either.
Thanks for coming by! You are a good mom, appreciating your daughters and their youthful beauty. : )
Deborah, isn't that the truth!! I was just getting used to having breasts, much less larger ones, being a late bloomer -- it took awhile to understand how best to dress them so as to avoid the Mom remarks (and the undesired Fondlers) -- many of her lovely remarks I understood just fine. : )
Nice to see you!
I love this post and the wonderful,"blowsy" photos.
I like the word "blowzy" and I think your garden redefines it: colorful, uninhibited and no excuses. Beautiful!

And what your mother said to you was lousy.
Thanks, Julie : ) I'm glad I didn't know what she meant. Jealousy is a strange thing, isn't it, rearing its ugly head in such odd corners...

dunniteowl, thanks for the 'wonderful tale' for the football team, that tale is not mine. There was that gorgeous kicker once upon a time though : )

Seer, she had her jealous moments. Less for my looks than her just not being front and center of attention, maybe...which goes back to looks and youth, I suppose....and no, she could not have pulled off that outfit! Ha : )
Nice to see you!

Thanks, Luminous, I spent awhile arranging which flower where in the person the garden is a bit...slatternly, anyway. The brights are interspersed with green-y textures -- sloppy weeding this spring, not home enough. Glad you came by : )

So true, Phyllis. She was mid-forties when I was born as youngest of four. She didn't spend much time worrying whether I was actually home, or behaving, or not by this age...nice to see you : )
Well now, there's a nice garden.
Mom's say such dumb, reprehensible things, but we love them, isn't it.
What, you've never said a dumb or reprehensible thing ?
So that's why you cultivate Iris.
The total Georgia O'Keeffe slut of the garden. God I love her.
I think Kim's implying your flowers look sexually explicit. Maybe you should put tiny thongs on them before your neighbors scream obscenity and perverts stop by at all hours to "cultivate" all over them.
I am replying out of order here, but couldn't resist you, Ms. Margaret.
I am surrounded by old men neighbors who rather like(I suspect) their new-ish lady gardener neighbor who loves to walk around and smell her erotic Irises...or this that just Iris...? Iri-ii? (Oh, that's just too much.) Roses too. They smell wonderful.
I do have to harvest all the poppy flowers before the local youth come steal my poppy pods to try to get high...

I was wondering who'd mention Georgia O'Keeffe, God I love her too. My first print of hers was given me years ago by a lesbian woman who gazed deeply into my eyes a lot...
And Kim, since you mentioned, my old friend and I used to joke about our mothering mishaps with '" Oh, I'd better toss more cash in the Therapy Fund..." I freely confess to saying all the wrong things sometimes, that why I like to write! I can read myself before I blurt -- also why I love to garden, the plants love my rambling. Some of them do, anyway...
Thanks, Unbreakable, for your really kind words here. She and I spent a lot of time together at the end of her life -- she freely said she wasn't a good mother, although she kept house and home together alone for us for many many years.
Blurting all the wrong things though?
Oh yes.
Plus, I was the daughter she *didn't* get, so.... I say, we made our peace.
Thanks for coming by!

Chicken Maan-- the evening was an eye-opening experience...for both of us : )

Patrick: Ha! They are rich words, aren't they? Floozy, tart, tacky, common...those were popular with Mom too.
Those weren't directed toward me though.
(She was a bit of a snob, I'm sorry to say...)
I like 'blowsy' for my garden though!
Nice to see you : )

Thanks, Mission. Glad you came by!
Thanks Anne, I do love to garden. Flowers are newer to me than veggies and herbs, but when we bought our first home, a good-looks-challenged fixer-upper, I started spending much more time planting beauty somewhere!
As for family, none of us can get it *all* right : )
Thanks for coming by!

So true Linnnn! What's that phrase, about a hundred compliments needed to outlast a sharp criticism...?? At least here I didn't realize the insult for this long a time~
Nice to see you : )

Hey bluestocking : ) Thanks so much for that, I am just smiling!

Ande, maybe you've touched on part of my mother's issue, I'm not sure. I'm glad I thought she meant vibrant as that was what I needed to hear : )

Thanks, jls ~ I wasn't ever the too-much skin type (I think : )) and had decent taste, mom's thoughts notwithstanding, so I like to think she was the misguided one : ) She was early sixties when I was in my late teens so that likely has a lot to with it right there...
Thanks for coming by : )
greenheron, I like how you think! That is kind of the vibe I had too, add bright colors : )
Nice to see you!

Delorys: How cool a comment to get -- thanks : ) Glad you came by!

Gerald, I appreciate that, a productive visit ! and I'm not sure how you got by all these years without the use of the word blowsy in your life, poor guy : )

Oh Joan, a 'hoor' ! That made me snort with laughter : )
Mom also liked 'common' and 'tacky' and 'white trash' and 'vulgar' -- I was all those at one time or another -- to be fair, I am positive I was just annoying to her as I went out of my way to be for awhile, but eventually she and I found a good place together, many years later -- for which I am eternally grateful.
Oh thanks, Margaret!!!
(hello? Anyone there? : ))
I keep scrolling by the irises and finding myself wondering how in the world would a thong fit! Suddenly I'm at the machine sewing custom iris thongs!'s Friday night, what the hell, might as well sew flower thongs.
(Humming to myself....talking to myself for that matter....)
Erica -- yeah, neither did I. This is likely best. : )
Nice to see you!

HI Jon -- thanks! Glad you came by : )

Thanks, Myriad, and so true! I love seeing teens and young adults around, all lovely and awkward, or not...I just want to hug them and tell them it's all okay (except the smug or rude ones, they can be annoying).

HI zanelle! At this point I embrace my blowsy self : ) although I'll skip the bandeau halter other than private viewings...
I think it's best I had sons -- although they're now grown and mad I was too different from girls they meet and they say they've been blindsided by what 'girls are'
There's always *something.*
Nice to see you!

Thanks, Rita~ It isn't exactly what one would think one would say to their daughter, is it? Who knows what was going on in her mind...
and again, I'm so glad we eventually got along fine -- after I became a mom. She thought I was a very good mom and she said so all the time in her later years...that helps with some of the other stuff.
Thanks for coming by : )
Somehow I missed this post, well better late than never, love the pics and never had a problem with blousy... women or flowers.
OH my, if anyone's still looking back here -- I'm getting to you! : )
Totally loved the fotos of your garden, and the thoughts, all of them!
Hey James, nice to see you here...and thanks! I just wish I'd understood the power of all that lushness a little earlier, I might have protected myself better.

Algis, a little sluttiness helps propagate the species, no doubt : )
I find those flowers a bit erotic...depending on the day...
Thanks for coming by!

Dolly, thanks for the insightful comment -- critical is likely, not thinking first, certainly. She isn't the only family member who would say what they thought without the restraint of internal editing...a sure sign of a.d.d.
I did love to go out in those days, I feel lucky my part of Atlanta felt safer, more like a village, back then : )
Nice to have you come by ~ and the garden is in Oregon, out front and back there. : )
Hi fernsy ~ my garden is down right slatternly.
Kirstie Alley, I can see over blown : ) ...although I kind of like her gutsiness.

Kate: Thanks for that! ...and I see those faces too : ) Sometimes other things....
My neighbors might be whispering about me.

Belinda, thanks! I will keep that with me : )

Hi Lezlie! Your mom and I might have a nice chat then about those trampy lookin'....
I am breaking the cycle!
It's different when it's your own mom and you're the daughter needing validation it's okay to become a full-fledged woman...that's how I see it, anyway.
Love it as alway when you come by : )
(...and I've come so close to calling you again, lately! Then Life intervenes...)

Patience ~ sorry to pile on another reason!
I think I had 'blousy' as in loose flow-y gypsy blouse in my mind too....
Ah well, we must carry on. : )

David...thanks! Always glad when you come by : ) Gardening is the best mental therapy, I just love disappearing into the world of growing things..

davyboy ~ Oh, say it's not so! Somewhere on the planet must be a content and beautiful mom happily embracing her daughter's fresh beauty, her lovely entrance into womanhood...
Nice to see you here, thanks for coming by ~
HI asia -- I think you are right, my not getting it seemed to make her more frustrated with me. I love your story -- control is such a strange conundrum, the power of it when first tasting it such a rush.
Thanks for coming by ~

Jeanette: I thought the same thing! Nice to specifically target the women -- we enticers. Oh brother.
I agree with you on the modesty -- what can we expect when on TV all ages of women seem literally poured into their clothes...when I drive by the girls walking to school I am just glad I had sons and those outfits are not my problem...'til my sons date one of them...and so far, they don't like that look either.
Nice to have you come by!

Thanks Rob. I do my best to break that cycle! Not perfect. Having sons might help, but they have their own stories about me, I'm sure.
I do my best in that garden too -- where struggles and bad moods go to get buried. : )
Nice to see you ~

Art! Nice to see you ~ and thanks.
"Beauty is as beauty does." is the phrase that went around our house a lot when I was growing up...glad you like the blowsy garden -- my sanctuary. : )

HI James -- love that name, James (our oldest son's name : )).
I 'd say Art has the beauty within life down pat. It shows in his poetry, don't you think?
Nice to see you!
Shaner: Ha! Well I could have worded this whole post differently....
Thanks for coming by ~

STATHI, thanks so much for your kind comment. Insightful, you are.
Nice to have you come by!

cc: 'blowsy' does evoke a comely wench, billowy bosoms spilling out everywhere...I'm like that too, looking up things I'm curious about.
Thanks for coming by ~

GeeBee: I do have a photo, actually : ) I get reluctant aout too many personal photos online.
My mother was an Anglophile, I would n't be surprised if she picked it up while watching one of those comedies...but I don't think she meant I was not that evening.
I was a bit comely wench-like though : )
Nice to see you here ~

trilogy, thanks! I felt beautiful : )

Marilyn, thanks also : ) and yes, something was definitely lost in translation...
Nice to have you come by ~

John: How kind! and I"m with you, the blowsier the bloom...although I admit to a fondness for the more delicate wild versions too, just in my yard it's bright and bold. : )
Thanks for coming by!
More blowsy flowers, in action! ...sent by my uncle, I add here for your viewing pleasure:
My day lilies that I cross bred myself are starting to bloom again... The first one is a pretty one.

I've missed talking with you!
Hi Phyllis!
I've been in a strange mood lately.
Husband out of town, end of the school year...and what I haven't talked about here is the adoption application and process we began almost three years ago has been shut down sort of recently by the social services (we were going for adoption through foster care system) since our income crashed so badly last year.
So, at another proverbial fork in the road...maybe I'll run for city council. (not.)
I will do something new...
As I mentioned early on in a post, when I am depressed, I take photos of flowers : )
These blossoms from this post have all mostly faded now -- now the roses have come on, all here when we moved here. I named our house The Rose House as they are the prettiest part. : )
Did you happen to check out that video link I just put up?
So cool!
Thanks for your note -- I'll come around, get over it, and get chatty again.
Sad about the adoption process- like income should matter if a child needs a home. I can't wait to hear what you do that's new...

That video was so cool. The flowers exploding open. Wow.

How do you like my new outfit? I decorated it with the first day lilies.