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May 08
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NOVEMBER 28, 2012 1:30PM

Monkey in the Middle

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Now that the smoke and dust have cleared, it is time to take a look at what happened when Hamas dared Israel to respond as they launched hundreds of Iranian-provided missiles into Israel.

The most obvious thing is that Hamas suffered enormous losses to their missile stockpiles. On the first day of the fighting, an Israeli drone fired on and killed the military chief of Hamas, thus throwing their command structure into disarray. As the fighting went on, Israel selectively identified and killed over fifty high ranking leaders of Hamas. This, coupled with the surgical strikes on Hamas rocket launchers has significantly destroyed much of Hama’s military infrastructure.

In addition, Hamas’s strategy of being the victims on a world stage was shattered. Finally western journalists figured out their game. Thought clearly a significant number of civilians died, that was due to Hamas’s callous and diabolical exploitation of their own people. Rocket launchers were placed near mosques, schools, and apartment buildings to maximize world reaction. But their other big trick was finally exposed. Hamas finally got caught showing victims, who were, in fact, not victims at all but rather staged to play the part. CNN was first victimized by this, but to their credit, soon after showed it for what it was. One report, gone viral on YouTube, showed a man who was apparently gravely injured. But the fool then got off the stretcher out of camera range, but then walked back into the scene suddenly the picture of health.

After a week’s fighting, Hamas found itself facing the IDF on their border, ready to invade and, perhaps wipe out what of left of the military arms of Hamas, for the near future. So the end result was that Hamas took it on the chin while following the marching orders of their supplier, Iran.

Israel, on the other hand, showed the world, or at least Hizballah and Iran, that their Iron Dome missile defense system is robust and did its job so well that it became a game changer.

So was this simply an Israeli military victory over Hamas or is there more to the story? It turns out there is much more. While the Israelis did what they needed to do, it was also a teachable moment for the remnants of Hamas, but also as a strong warning to Hizballah and their bosses and military supplier, Iran. The heads of the intelligence agencies of Israel, Turkey, Egypt, and Qatar apparently orchestrated this, with additional help for our CIA.

Why this group? Because Iran has eventual designs on them all. Even though the Muslim Brotherhood controls Egypt, Iran wants them to be more aggressive with Israel. Turkey is on Iran’s list because the Turks are getting more and more involved in the Syrian civil war and Iran is aiding and arming the Syrian army. Qatar sits at the entrance to the strategic Gulf of Hormuz and is pro-west. Israel is on Iran’s list because they exist, which is why Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

But there is one more thing. Well, actually two more things. Netanyahu agreed to a cease-fire on the condition that Obama would immediately send U.S. Special Ops troops to the Israeli border with Egypt—the Sinai – to actively seek and destroy the supply of Iranian-supplied weapons being smuggled through the Sinai into Gaza. This is happening as I  write this. Yet this could never take place without the covert support of the Egyptian government.

What was the other thing? We have agreed to send several batteries of Patriot missiles, manned by U.S. military crews to the Turkish border with Syria. So the bottom line of all this is that the Israeli response to Hamas missile provocations was perhaps less a war and more of a warning to Iran and its proxies, of what the Israelis can do to them if they are foolhardy enough to do what Hamas did.

Oh, and one final thing. A few days ago it was announced that Syrian rebels had destroyed one of Syria’s three huge early warning radar sites, this one called M-1. This was of huge importance to Syria because was it designed to track the movement of Israeli warplanes all the way to Israel’s southern border with Egypt. And in addition, this radar also tracked naval shipping off shore of Gaza, the Mediterranean, and Lebanon. The Syrians are scared to death that they will lose the other two radar sites and so they have diverted troops from the conflagration with the Syrian rebels to protect these sites.

So a lot has happened to level the Middle Eastern playing field. But, Iran has vowed to, and has already begun re-supplying Hamas. And now we are sending troops to the Sinai and Patriots missiles to Turkey. So it is very much a geopolitical game of monkey in the middle. And one thing about that game—there is always a monkey in the middle, and the monkey keeps changing.

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It's like some awful big soccer game. Fall on the ground and roll around like your last breath is imminent so people think you are seriously hurt. Unfortunately, folks are really getting hurt here. Good post. /R
It is a terrible situation and the stakes are high. As you say, the people are really getting hurt while the extremists blithely go on using the common people for their personal agendas.