OCTOBER 13, 2010 1:45PM

Some Chilean miners may have preferred to stay below ground

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It has been reported by the UK’s Telegraph that at least five wives (so far) came face to face with their husband’s mistresses. One miner had apparently four. According to the article, all the wives were unaware about their husband’s special leisure activities.

The mistresses or girlfriends also showed up at the mine in order to claim the benefits provided by the Chilean Government for the family members of the 33 miners who spent more than two months 2,300 ft below ground.


(The story about the mistresses starts at about the 1:05 min mark)

Given the tensions observed above ground, perhaps some of these miners may have preferred to stay inside the mine.



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there is always a cloud to every silver lining.
Snicker. "I wish to stay here and uh, make sure everyone gets out...uh...safely!"

Tinker: At this rate, we'll see ME TEN in short order!
This story is an inspiration to working philanderers all over the world.
Con: We cannot disagree with that!
I am still laughing...
Worse than meeting in ICU...
Catherine: Yes,oops!

o'stephanie: It is quite funny, although these miners may not find it funny. They seem to have a lot of stamina both below and above ground! ;-)
Not only will some of these miners have lots of 'splainin' to do, they may have lost the opportunity to go down where they used to when this is all over.
Nothing like getting shafted twice in one day.

Cartouche and Leeping: You're on fire! I laughed so loud!
Hilarious. I feel sorry for the wives tho.
Emma: I agree that the wives may not find it funny.
Well, the miners get whisked away immediately to hospital and none have emerged yet. Maybe there's a, so to speak, back door...
Myriad: Good observation! :-)
Haha, CNN talking about the lucrative offers the miners will get mentioned male endurance drugs. Viva Viagra.
Oh, my gosh! That's taking the saying "regretting the day they say daylight" literallly.
Cartouche and Larry... you would make a good comedy team.~r
Talk about worlds colliding! Maybe they'll pick up this plural wife thing that's getting so much attention here in th eUS.
Reminds me for some reason of a promotion for some airline years back where they let wives fly free. It was supposedly a very popular program until someone at the airline got the bright idea of sending the wives thank-you notes for participating.
Myriad: No kidding! They can sell it two ways!

FunsunA: The one who’s four mistresses and wife showed up at the same time will certainly regret it.

Joan H.: Me too, I thought they were both very funny!

Linnn: Yes, perhaps they’ll do. Thanks for dropping by.
Kent: This is a major screw up! I have a similar story:

I’m sure a lot of people know about the (upopular) speeding and red-light cameras. Well, they were first used in the Province of Quebec early 70s (the speeding ones). At the time, they were installed on freeways located near the capital (Quebec City). They also took pictures of the whole car, including its occupants. After a few wives of politicians received a picture in the mail (and realized that the person sitting next their husbands was somebody else), these humiliated politicians quickly killed the program.
Stellaa: True... times 5! Perhaps more will be added to the list.
I wonder what this says about men in general? If you take 33 men at random, how many would have side dishes?
Kanuk, this is a great post. Thanks for the information that MSM will not tell us!
Oh my! Look at all the funny 'Merikans applying THEIR OWN STANDARDS to those men with mistresses in a DIFFERENT culture. The wives down there are no more stupid than the wives up here you idiots. Do you think they wouldn't KNOW??!!!!!

I was married to a woman from the Caribbean. After a year of marriage I saw her looking at me 'funny' one day. When I asked her "what?", she just shrugged and said, "I'm trying to understand what kind of a MAN it is who doesn't even have one outside girlfriend."

Had I any question to ask those men, it would likely have been less about the stamina of their bodies and more about the stamina of their wallets!
o'stephanie: I hope this information gets picked up by MSM.

skypixieo: It's possible some wives knew. Based on the article, it looks like they did not. I'm aware that many men in some cultures have mistresses. From what I saw, most wives did not know, since their mistresses were outside the country (international work).
On the contrary. When either spouse goes outside the local area to work, international re-location included, it is UNDERSTOOD that they will probably have companions while there. Any "upset" shown by the wives was just that, a show. "Face" is involved, y'know?

The sexual "ownership" part of marriage is almost non-existent down there. Oh yes, it shows up in other ways, to be sure. But I know of men whose wives send clothing and other presents to their husbands "baby mother" for the outside children. Bastardy isn't even in their lexicon except for inheritance.

Should have read: ".........goes outside the local area for long periods of time........"
Skypixieo: Thanks for the additional info. Again, I’m sure some are aware of what’s going on. In one of the cases I was referring to above as an example, one sub-contractor working for me brought his “girlfriend” via an airplane from an adjacent country. I was in the office when she happened to arrive (much prettier than his wife, but we’ll leave that aside). In any case, when she went into an adjacent room, he walked towards me and made the point to keep this very quiet, especially related to his wife. In this situation, it was obvious his wife did not know. Perhaps she suspected something, but we’ll never know.

I wish everyone good night. Unfortunately, I won’t be here to remove the spam ads from China, until tomorrow morning. I already caught or removed three this evening.
And I heard a report that the Chilean government will require the rescued miners to pick only one partner with whom to share the benefits. But the marriage laws there would surely ensure that the legal spouse is entitled. All salacious grist for the inevitable movies from Hollywood and Chile.
It is unlikely that the Chilean feds would get involved in this. This would likely be handled at a very low, local, level. The role that law plays and the relationship between law and social custom is very, very different in those countries.

To anyone from a North American country it would seem impossible to understand, let alone work. Yet work it does. It would take me hours to explain what I understand of it - and that has no guarantee of being right in all, or even most, cases. I'm Canadian, I have great difficulty with a lot of it too!
ONL: I learned this morning that one of the miner’s wives refused to show up when he was extracted. His mistress greeted him instead. In this case, the wife certainly knows about the girlfriend.

Abrawang: According to the article above, the benefits are administered by the federal government. Whether the government limited the benefits to one person I wouldn’t know.

Skypixieo: As a fellow kanuk, I’m sure you have a much better understanding than you think you do!