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A taste of what Rick Perry’s presidency would look like…

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Source: Wikikepdia/Sage Skidmore

It has recently been reported that the current governor of Texas, Mr. 'Goodhair' Rick Perry, is seriously considering taking a shot at the U.S. presidency. When he's not raising the anti-American position that Texas should secede or setting up official days of prayer to help end one of the worst droughts in the state history, he's still 'hard at work' enacting or vetoing various laws voted by the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate.

In this regards, if you want an example of what his presidency may look like, we just need to examine his voting history (and how he manages state affairs). As you'll see below, his latest voting record shows not only that he selectively enacts or vetoes pieces of legislation to please the tea partiers (hence trying to hold-on to his office or hoping to replace Obama next year), but he basically contradicts himself on important societal issues.

Yesterday, he vetoed two proposed laws… Well, I let you read it for yourself. Here's an excerpt:  


"Texas Gov. Rick Perry vetoed 23 bills Friday, including legislation that would have outlawed sending or reading text messages while driving.
Lawmakers approved the texting ban last month, but Perry called it an "overreach" and "government effort to micromanage the behavior of adults."

Another vetoed bill would have allowed transit buses in certain urban counties to drive on highway shoulders during peak traffic hours. Perry said it would have endangered motorists by not leaving an emergency lane." (The bold text is mine)


There you have it, folks! Drivers whose vehicle breakdown and need to move to the shoulder endanger other motorists, but people who text while driving do not (or is unimportant).

Confused? Well, I am too.

Perhaps someone killed because the EMS vehicle did not arrive promptly is worth less than one who died following a collision with someone who was texting. Who knows? 

Under Perry's position, state and federal governments should not 'micromanage the behavior of adults' when it comes to drinking and driving. Yet, texting while driving is as risky, if not more, than driving under the influence of alcohol, as discussed here and here.

How many politicians would fight for the right (or the freedom) to drink and drive?*

If you think that his contradictory voting/vetoing record is bad, you should see how he manages state affairs…

If Perry is elected to the Oval Office, expect him to 'micromanage' faculty members by changing Tier I public universities into community colleges (via state Republican's Governors), as he's trying to do in Texas:

Rick Perry Stirs Texas Higher Ed Turmoil over Reform Proposals

Higher Education Debate Intensifies

He'll also try to 'micromanage' adult women for their right to choose, as he's again trying to do in Texas:

Lawsuit filed to halt Texas abortion sonogram law

Those are only two examples among many.

At this point, it becomes clear on what issues he likes to micromanage the lives of people…

Anyone part of a group that may be micromanaged?


*Interesting trivia: I met a person who believed that it was her right to drink and drive when I first moved here. My jaw dropped when I heard this.


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I've heard nothing about him that's not scary. It'd be a wonder to me that he got elected governor, except I've heard commentary from someone in your area who notes that his views, seen as extreme by many of us, are considered mainstream with many in your area. That's scary, too. Independent of the issue of extreme, though, I do wonder how he reconciles the urge for secession with the urge for running for national office. Is it that they both represent opportunities for him to personally take power, and he's less concerned with the vehicle but with his personal status within it?
Kent, you're right. His views are quite extreme (New England standards). However, even hard core Republicans here are starting to get annoyed by his behavior. I have a colleague at work who's now really pissed off at Perry (since he want to destroy the university I work at). He's a very conservative individual.

I'm pretty sure that people in large cities (Houston, Austin, etc.) are not the ones who put him into the office.
IQ: Thank you! Unfortunately, it's getting worse over time, since he is now trying to pander to the extreme members of his party. When you have very conservative people who are turning against him, we're in big trouble.

Why isn’t anyone criticizing him for his anti-American rants, especially when he’s considering jumping into the presidential race? This is actually much more important.
Yaaaay! Just what we need! Another President from Texas! We've had so many great ones already. ;(
ONL: I would not be too worried. I don't think he'll get the nomination if he goes for it (which far from done). Thanks for dropping by.