MARCH 25, 2012 5:26PM

An invoice from Hell

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figure 1

I'll make sure to pay this bill so that I don't end up you-know-where. I'm happy to report that this is not a medical bill.

To continue on the topic of this very short post:

Figure 2

  Iron Maiden: The Number of the Beast

(a seminal album I own since 1982)

 Here's the official video:

 Bonus video:


Anvil: 666 (from the album Metal on Metal also released in 1982)

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Hopefully, this is not a sign of bad things to come.
Maybe this is "The Invoice of the Beast."
As with all evil, you have to come at it the other way 'round: Turn it upside down and you'll see it's a campaign donation solicitation from Herman Cain.
Kent: very good one about Cain. Maybe he owns the insurance company I use for my house...
Do you live in the "Poltergeist" house?
Jeanette: I hope not!
Kanuk, I always thought you were the Antichrist, and now we have documentary evidence to prove it!
Mishisma666: People are often very surprised when I tell them what kind of music I listen to. Back in 1987, Metallica was already too commercial for me... When I started listening to these guys (~1983/84), very few people knew who they were (at least in Canada).
You can claim a religious objection to paying the bill. There's a lot of places that wouldn't work, but I don't think Texas is one of them.
Paul: Yeah, perhaps I should tell my insurance company that I don't want to pay this bill for fear of being cursed...
I live on CCR 665 -- that's as close to Hell as I wanna get
Tom: I hear ya! Thanks for dropping by.
666 times is the number of posts you will have to make about health care in the US before anyone will listen to you! LOL
hulagirl4evermore: Very good one! Well, I have another one in mind, but I don't have the time to write it right now. Maybe after the semester. Thanks for dropping by.