Kat Hudson

Kat Hudson
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
May 16
Kathryn Hudson has been a writer for most of her life. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, she currently calls Baltimore, Md., her home. As an award-winning journalist, Ms. Hudson spent several years as a newspaper reporter. She is currently raising a beautiful daughter on her own as a single mother along with two obnoxious cats (they are probably both French-Canadian). In her free time she writes. In her regular life, she juggles a cute infant along with a job in sales, blogs, and short films about everything. She welcomes new friends and correspondence, especially from befuddled new parents like herself.


AUGUST 13, 2010 5:43PM

Fat girls aren't going sexless or dance-less any time soon

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Fat girls, we’ve been let down this week.

First, the study (funded by NutriSystem Diets, natch!) comes out that some women (trust me, lads, not ALL women) would rather skip sex than be 10 pounds overweight. Really? Why would you stop doing something that not only is fun, but makes you feel good? If I stopped having sex because of my weight, I’d be positively homicidal. I love it!

Then, Tracy Clarke-Fiory posted this gem on our sister site, Salon, that a night club in Montreal, Canada, was joking about banning “Fat Chicks.” Good. I am banning the club access to my money, my adorable personality and my fierce dance floor moves. Oh, and kiss my fat ass, too!

The fact is, us fat chickies are not going away. We are also not accepting sexless, dance-less lives because of our body size. To live without those joys? That’s like a cupcake without frosting, tasty but not very satisfying.

So, my fat sisters (feel free to join in thin sisters, despite the media hype, we love you and we should stick together)…I want you to go out there and dance this weekend. It might lead to getting laid (please be safe, condoms are cheaper than regret). And then we can give all those well-meaning studies and night clubs the big, fat middle finger.

Remember: Living well is the best revenge!!!

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I love it! I'm so weary of all the fat-bashing bullshit. Curves are a good thing. You've got the right idea...enjoy your life!
Beauty...the definition has been hijacked by popular culture. And who put THEM in charge anyhow? Great rant, sister! Dance and play!
Eat, pray, love.

Skip the movie, and just do it.

Of course.
Hey, can a fat brother join in?
:( What about the fat brothers? I can't dance either, so I'm double...never mind.

**hangs head and exits stage** Too hot to go outside, might lose some over fluffiness but...:D

Silly me. I thought getting sex was the reason for losing weight.
A roaring high five with a rate to go with it!
@ Cranky - C'mon in - we consider you one of the girls,/i> anyway.
Yay, nakie weekend! Woooo!
I waddle therefore I am.
Rated with hugs
No one should be sexless and dance less that just is not way to live...
Dancing AND sex all of the way! R
Fat girls get more action because the #1 thing a man wants in a woman is availability - and they assume a fat girl more likely to be available, so they approach more fat girls.

No, I didn't make that up. It's a combination of two unrelated studies done in the 1980s.

Stay fluffy!
It's time someone opened a chain of glamorous, exclusive nightclubs called FAT.
Right on...humor and zest for life and confidence are sexy...no matter what the scale says. Way to go on this rant!!! r
So cool! I work with a bunch of women who worry too much about what others think, think they're too heavy to dance (at least when sober) or wear a swimsuit, and unable to change anything in their own lives for the better. I have to spend 40 hours a week with these grumblegusses; so I try to be a good role model. And when not at work, I'm happily active in many activities: social, creative, and physical.

Life is great!
I started watching "Madmen" this year, for the first time, and one of the first things I noticed was the "fat" women. Now, I say "fat" because, by today's standards they are. But they are also beautiful, and sexy, and feminine, and soft, and everything a woman should be...The lead character is a size 14 redhead who leaves California Redwoods behind whenever she swings her plump ass out of a room. Refreshing...to say the least.

You go girl!
"Condoms are cheaper than regret." I can't wait till the next time I'm lecturing a youngster about safe sex. I will use that hell out of that line :) This is a juicy little ditty and I like you're attitude!

Oh, and by the way, I remember several years ago when I was much thinner, my best girlfriend was a big girl and her dance card was always full. When we would go out, I was the one standing on the wall. She had personality enough to fill a concert hall, and men loved her. That was the first time I really understood how powerful the spirit of a woman could be. She died of leukemia. She was a memorable character.

Now that I'm a little heavier myself, I think of her when I start lose my swagger. Debbie lives on!

Rated with enthusiasm!
These women who would rather lose ten pound than have sex, did they check their pulses? They must be having the worst sex in the world. I wouldn't skip sex for anything but dancing!

Tired of people being told how to measure up. I'm with you darlin' and I also refuse to shop at victoria's secret, impossible perfection in their commercials. No wonder women don't want to get naked with men. If men want to get laid more, they should stop making women feel they have to keep their clothes on. Fabulous post.
Word to your sistah! R, and keep dancing.
I just plain don't understand the part about “skip sex than be 10 pounds overweight.” Wouldn't sex be a helpful exercise? Why is this anyone's either/or question to poll about?

As it happens, I'm not keen on the use of the adjective “fat” before a noun like “person.” It suggests that this is a kind of person. People who criticize so-called “fat people” may find on another day that they are those people. Really it's not a kind of person but just a state of being—and, for many of us, it fluctuates.

Frankly, I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks a few well-placed extra pounds can even be attractive. That doesn't mean people should rush to bulk up, but I do mean to say that not all of us find “model skinny” an attractive ideal. It's not even healthy in many cases. Problems of anorexia and bulimia plague the fashion world. Yet we don't hear much public outcry about that. Geez. How about a little balance in the discussion of weight and a targeting of a rational middle.

I'm all for people deciding to lose weight for health reasons but they pretty much have to ready and willing for quite a lifelong quest or the weight just rebounds back, and sometimes worse, as happened with Kirstie Alley. It's not like her case was anomalous. It's generally not a simple matter to lose weight and hold it off. Anything one does to lose weight that is not part of a calculated, sustainable life plan is probably counterproductive. (Of course, these get-skinny-quick plans that sell you product would love it if you made it a life-long sustained plan to buy their product, but how realistic is that?)

Meanwhile, since weight is a complex issue that's not going to be changed overnight, people could be a little nicer to one another. It's not like it's contagious. And dancing and getting (responsibly) laid? It not only allows you to celebrate yourself as you are, but it burns calories... Just make sure to make a habit of it so that things don't rebound later.

More and more lately I think Climate Change, depletion of the oceans, poisoning of the food supply, colony collapse of bees, the dimished effect of antibiotics, or any of a number of other global threats are going to get us sooner than the traditional excesses like weight are. It depresses me so. So I'm glad someone can still find reason to dance.

Good post. Sorry to run on so long with my reply—I wanted to be supportive but maybe I should have “trimmed the fat.” I've got a treadmill calling to me for my morning walk and I'm going to go walking instead, though.
Speaking as a guy who loves women, I think seeing a woman's rib cage, her elbows poking out like knobs on her thin arms and thighs that don't touch at ALL is a little disturbing. This idea of beauty being skeletal thin is a new phenomenon.
just read an amusing article in the guardian you might like. it showed women and their brief sexual biographies. guess who had the most sex partners at 50.
First of all, your sentence does not lead into the thoughts that follow... your statements is, "that most women would give up sex rather than be 10 lbs overweight" which makes NO sense. Sex does not add on weight and therefore you would never have to give sex up in fear of being 10 lbs overweight. I am thinking that you might have meant, "most women give up on sex when they are 10 lbs overweight..." from the jist of your conversation. Not to be too legalistic but I like proper English and sentences that properly advertise the meaning of the following thought. Which yours does not.

To finish. It is a known fact and a national survey that overweight women get and solicit MORE sex than any other body type of woman. There are several speculations as to why: 1. they don't care about their body enough to be in shape, why would they care who they sleep with? 2. Overweight women are more likely to say YES as they have a fear of NO due to their appearance. 3. Woman that are compulsive with food satiation are also compulsive with other pleasures. or my personal favorite.. #4. Shapely woman know what they want, don't conform to others standards and aren't afraid to let it hang out!

Bottom line is, sex is healthy and those that have it are healthier (when practiced safely) ... larger women have more sex than any other bracket of woman by average and there is nothing to be ashamed about...

Big Women Get More Love and that is just how it is!
@Alan, I would really like to know where you received this abundance of information regarding the sexual behaviors of overweight women. I'm curious, that's all.
Kat, I like your story and I agree that there has been enough fat-bashing in the world to last us a lifetime. -R-