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NOVEMBER 9, 2010 3:24PM

Bush In A Bottle

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I admit that I did not watch Matt Lauer interview George Bush on Sunday night.  I’ve long since given up on any mainstream media personality actually doing an intelligent, diligent job of questioning this man. During eight years of the worst presidency in the history of this country (and in contention for the prize of worst human being ever), I’ve had it up to here with obsequious millionaire television oafs doing their lightweight question and answer sessions with him.  However, I did read extensively about the content of the interview.  


 I find it difficult to imagine why networks would be vying for a George W. Bush sit-down and lauding their achievement in presenting us another chance to see Bush in action.  He remains wildly unpopular and detested, and long ago left no doubt in any sentient mind that he is a vile idiot.  Nevertheless, the lack of any sort of moral or principled thought process is to be expected from the corporate media these days. They’ll serve anything up on a platter if they can make a few dollars in advertising from it.  But, what of any value and substance, or perhaps unexpected newsworthiness were they hoping to offer with this much heralded interview of George the boy king?  How on earth could there be anything new to report on this former president?


It was no surprise that he doesn’t really think he made any substantive mistakes in his eight years of running the country.  No surprise that the poor-little-rich-white-boy is still petulantly upset over Kanye’s comment about him not caring about black people after Katrina.  It’s no surprise that he still considers himself “the Decider,” and that he thinks he was running the show and not Cheney.  No surprise that this muddle-headed, evil little man still defends his invasion and occupation of Iraq.  After eight years of Bush outrage, for me the man has long run out of surprise. I mean, it does make me want to bash my head into a brick wall, wondering how on earth a person so supremely narcissistic, thoughtless, vapid, and essentially stupid is given any airtime at all.  But the depths of his inglorious lumpishness – no surprise at all.  


But, I got to hand it to them - they got me with the baby in the bottle!  Surprise!  I sure didn’t see that one coming.  I suppose Barbara Bush added some formaldehyde to it?  Keep it fresh.  Honestly, what a touching story.  Seeing his almost-sibling in the glass bottle has strengthened his views against abortion for all these years.  There’s nothing that says “respect life” as much as a miscarried baby in a jar for the family to look at.  Touching, really.  Also, insane.  And I thought my family was dysfunctional.  

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Love it, Love it, Love it... Rated
Barbara - Thank you once again! Always so nice to see you on the comments page.
If only you saw with your own eyes Bush spit out the words that Kanye calling him a racist was the worst part of his presidency. -__-

I guess destroying our economy falls under the Kanye (who I just blogged about myself). Nice work