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NOVEMBER 8, 2012 9:01AM

Circus Tents and Clowns

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Post election I’ve heard a lot of talk from political pundits and writers.  But two refrains seem to be repeated endlessly and by an assortment of people – from the Right to the Left.  This isn’t the first time these topics have been analyzed and grumbled over – I remember well when the Republicans lost big in the 2006 midterms, as well as the 2008 all-around election and the drums were being continuously beat on these issues as well.  Then, as now, neither topic made even a whisper of sense to me.


The first big piece of conventional wisdom – is that the Republicans need to “widen their tent.”  Everyone says this.  I – Mean – Everyone – Says - This.  Widen – broaden – more inclusive tent.  It’s always a tent of some kind.  Anyhow…nearly all “serious” thinkers agree that this is imperative – Republicans, Democrats, independents, progressives – they finally agree on something.  This tent must now “reach out” and include more of a diverse base.  You know, Latinos, blacks, other minorities, young people etc.  Hey, maybe even gays!  After all, there are only so many white, middle-aged men to go around and vote for them. 


So, yeah, everyone who isn’t completely irrational in the Republican Party thinks it’s vital to appeal to a wider variety of people.  But the part that flummoxes me every time they trot out this particular bit of dogma is – how the hell are they going to do that?


If all they want to do is give the illusion of being inclusive without any substance, in order to seem desirable to the broader electorate – well – Mitt already tried that, didn’t he - at least in the last few weeks of his campaign?  All of a sudden he loved the Latinos, and wanted them to have a path toward citizenship.  He cared about 100% of the people and wasn’t anti-choice, not really.  He also turned suddenly into the “peace guy” and the “woman guy.”  And none of it seemed to make a difference.  Maybe because he didn’t really mean it – he was just saying it to be liked.


And at the Republican convention, didn’t they trot out every single woman and person of color that they could find?  Of course, they were all on the stage and not in the audience – but at least they existed – and they seemed to be in the tent. 


I don’t know…it doesn’t make any sense to me.  How do they appeal to minority and women and gay voters, when they really don’t like them?  They don’t have any policies or worldview that would be supportive of them, or that they might be in agreement with.  So, why do they keep talking about expanding that stupid tent?  They don’t like blacks, or Latinos or gays.  They might like women a little bit – but it’s in a psychologically damaged way.  And every time they try to fake it and pretend – well, it’s just offensive and embarrassing and no one buys it – because it is indeed, fake.


The second thing I’ve been hearing a lot – from both sides – and I hear this every time the GOP gets whupped in an election – is that it’s so – so – so important for us to have this two-party system of different ideas.  I heard Rachel Maddow wax passionate on this last night – but she’s not the only one, by far. 


Even given the narrow two-party “choice” we’re given every election, why does anyone think we need Republicans anymore?  Their ideas and intentions are stale and discredited – as has been made increasingly clear over the past thirty years or more.  Personally, I wish with all my heart that the Democratic Party had taken the House and Senate in a cataclysmic landslide.  Then something might get done around there.  The Republicans are only a colossal impediment to progress – not an asset.


They have no ideas to offer – they have nothing to bring to the table – nothing.  I wish the media and assorted politicians would let this old fantasy go already.  No one needs them.  Not the country, not the Constitution, not their constituents.  It’s over, Johnny.


Oh, some might say – “No!  No!  We can’t have one Party just running amok – with no counterweight.”  But, the good news is, we don’t…because the Democratic Party is already full to exploding with every conceivable point of view.  You’ve got your moderate Democrats, who are really the Republicans of old – and then you’ve got your more progressive or liberal wing….the whole governing package is there – no one needs the Republicans to muddy up the waters.  I wish people would stop trying to revive these fossilized relics of the past every time they’ve swallowed too much water and are about to drown.  The entire world would be so much better off if we just said goodbye, and let them go. 


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it is a different game today indeed, but alas still a game to
these gamers whose game is the future of 300 million,
nay, 7 billion people.

the tent got uplifted in a hurricane.
it is flapping in the wind.

torn to pieces.

as for why someone wants to be a republican,
i often wondered why the hell lincoln ever did.
he said
'These capitalists generally act harmoniously and in concert to fleece the people, and now that they have got into a quarrel with themselves, we are called upon to appropriate the people's money to settle the quarrel. '' in 1837.

it's all over now baby blue.

your empty handed armies are all rowing home.
When it comes to the Kate Flannery Blog, I confess that I am a fan in the blithering idiot category. When I read, I sometimes pump my fist in the air like a testerone-poisoned college boy. Sometimes I express my feminine side by screaming like a pubescent girl in the presence of a teen idol. Of course I would not act like this if there were ever anything in the Kate Flannery Blog that I disagreed with, but it appears that there is no danger whatsoever of that occurring.

On Kate Flannery's first point, it just so happened that I was listening to Public Radio from the U.S. on the computer this morning, WGBR in Boston and all that shit. I heard exactly this point REPEATEDLY. As if the Republican Party is ever going to diversify! What claptrap! I would add two points only to what Kate Flannery has said. First, there are no more street smart people in the United States of America than African-Americans and Latinos. Because they are street smart, they cannot be conned like middle-class white males can. They know who is with 'em and who is not. No amount of fast talk can conceal that from them. They are themselves experts at fast talk. They know the game.

Second, white people generally, including the liberals I heard speak this morning, are boring, which leads me to suspect that Kate Flannery is not really white. Yet, white Republicans—a redundancy, as Kate Flannery points out--take boring to a new level. They are boring and predictable in a bone-crunching kind of way. Latinos and African-Americans require a little charisma in their leaders.

The second point in the Kate Flannery Blog was more thought provoking for me. I had not thought if it that way. Kate Flannery has a point there. In the face of the liberal touchy-feely compulsion to try to make life bearable for everyone, I have always felt that there needs to be someone who asks, “How are we going to pay for all this shit?” Or more to the point, “Who's going to pay for all this shit?” However, Kate Flannery is quite correct in the point she makes that we do not need Republicans for that. There are plenty of Democrats perfectly capable of fulfilling that role.

It seems clear that we need to go the route suggested by Plato in The Republic. We need to disenfranchise rich people in the political realm while at the same time interfering as little as possible with their obsession with making money. Isolate them off in their only little graspy, needy realms where they can spend their days happily jacking each other off socially but have no political power.

In short, I was wondering if this Kate Flannery that writes for the Kate Flannery Blog might consider marrying me and taking care of me in my old age.
Brassawe!!! You have NO idea how much your comment means to me! To have you in my corner is more meaningful to me than a hundred others. You make me smile and laugh, and give me such reassurance that someone else on this bloody planet is in sync with me...as well as to feel that what I say matters. I was actually feeling a little bit dismal about this blog and what I have to say...and then this morning, I decided to log on and find you and this amazing comment. You have, quite literally, my dear, made my day! And, of course, as to be expected, I agree with your additional thoughts on the matter. Unfortunately, I am white though. I had really hoped to have some sort of mixed blood heritage - I think that would have made me more exotic in some way. And, I am so flattered by your offer - but since I don't really believe in marriage (although I have been thus married for 28 years - one of my many complexities) and my old man would frown on the polygamous undertaking, I will have to pass - sadly. However, at some point, I wouldn't mind coming down to Mexico and bringing you some homemade soup for your soul!
I was prepared for the bad news in the comment by Kate Flannery and therefore, can endure the bad news with some grace.

As for the point at hand, I find that American politics right now, from a vantage point of remove, is perhaps the most entertaining spectator sport in the world. It is so patently obvious that the Republican base heartily dislikes Mexicans. The base heartily dislikes African-Americans and is enormously uncomfortable with them. So now they are suddenly going to embrace these people at last? (There has been much talk of this for years.) It is high comedy of the lowest sort. Of course they will find some figures to front up such as Herman Cain. That was the highest of low comedy. Wealthy lunatic right-wing Cubans from Miami will be a group to look to, primarily because they are emphatically not Mexican. Marco Rubio is the man to watch in this respect, a man blithely willing to deny his own father's story.

The woman thing is more bizarre and something that fascinates me. Is it possible that the Republican base, including the women who form a part of it, simply do not like women?
I mean, consider this. The past few years have revealed that the Republican party is full of gay men who detest gay men.
Brassawe - See - that's how I feel exactly - it's entertainment. George Carlin said something in an interview once about how he manages to enjoy his later years (that I take to heart) - I'm paraphrasing here - he watches what happens from an emotional distance really and as entertainment and he feels that when you're born you're given a ticket to the freak show - and when you're born in the United States, you're given a front row seat. I find the whole thing really hard to believe quite often. These people are talking and oh so serious, and I can't understand why everyone else isn't laughing along with me. But you get it, and that's what I love. As for women...yes...I don't think any of them like women. Coming from a woman - me - let me say that there are plenty of women out there who hate every other member of their species. Women are fabulous but can also sometimes be quite monstrous. And for the most part, I think they are the ones that vote GOP.