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Kate Gould

Kate Gould
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
December 31
The Fine Line Editorial Consultancy (http://www.editorial-consultancy.co.uk)
A fairly short while ago, I set up The Fine Line Editorial Consultancy after having worked in jobs of varying degrees of interest for bosses from the sluggish to the combustible. I decided I’d see what I was like to work for and what assistance I could bring to writers with the skills acquired as editor and slush pile intern. University had left me with the desire to steal female writers, labelled classics and consigned to the doldrums of academia, yet too vital to grow old on dusty bookshelves, and to explore them in all their unhinged, electrifying, mischievous, eloquent, mistressful glory so I created The Criticess, too. She appears here and at the site of The Fine Line Editorial Consultancy.