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Kathleen Lange

Kathleen Lange
Chicago, Illinois, United States
March 11
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MAY 29, 2010 11:31AM

Me: Unplugged

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This post is a follow-up to my earlier post, "TiVo is My Crack Pipe."  I had pledged to those who read my blog that I would be getting rid of all television reception in my house - for good.  This doesn't extend to my Netflix subscription, but means that I won't be watching any more Modern Family, Law and Order or The Office episodes while catatonically trancing on my couch.  The END.

 So now what?   My plan is simple: It's time to get a life.  I'm not sure exactly what that means, but if my whirring mind from the time I woke up this morning portends anything for the future, it will be filled with visits to Home Depot and planting my own flower boxes for my deck (which is really just a tiny landing facing the alley behind my apartment - so it could do with some loveliness).  I also plan to start writing more religiously (meaning routinely - not about religion) and reading absolutely everything I can get my hands on.

As for my blog, I want to return to putting up a new posting every day and think I will get back to my roots a bit.  I used to work as a writer in the movie industry and actually did a film minor in college.  Couple this with my absolute obsession with film and love of both writing and giving freely of my own opinions/advice, and it makes sense for me to start writing film reviews.  So look forward, readers:  I shall be bringing you my own expert opinion on at least one film a week.  It could be something in the theaters or something I think you should rent on DVD - but it will come.  I can't wait to start.

The other fallout I'm hoping will come from this lack of television in my house is that I will get outside more, be more active, do more actual cooking (as opposed to microwaving) with real fruits and vegetables from the Farmer's Market, go to the Farmer's Market, see more friends and just generally enjoy the city much more.  I also plan a trip down to the Art Institute to buy a membership.  I love art history and need to start feeding that bit of my soul. We'll see how it all pans out, but I'm feeling optimistic.

Now I need to admit that, as an addict, I have already noted a tendency to substitute one addiction for another.  Currently, at any time of the day you will hear podcasts streaming through my apartment.  (I'm partial to This American Life and Dr. Joy Browne.)  But I have to say, listening is a far different thing than watching and listening.  Whereas television practically demands that you are sedentary and thoughtless while you watch, my podcasts allow me to be up and about my apartment - cleaning, making lists, cooking, sorting laundry - wow, I lead a boring life.  But the good news is I am getting things done, and the boring aspect may just change.

Just wanted to keep everyone up-to-date, and show that I do follow through on my commitments.  I am officially TV-free at my house and will let you know in future "Me: Unplugged" episodes if that brings any big changes to come. 

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I'm so jeolous. You live in Chicago which is paradise in the summer with all the concerts and culture. Head to the Art Museum and simply wander! Nice post. R.
Good luck and enjoy; it's sounds like you'll free up quite a bit of time.

I gave up my TV about 12 or 13 years ago--more from circumstance than by choice--and found the transition painless.

I'll pass over in silence the fact that I spend 6 hours a day lurking in the Electronics Department at the local Best Buy.
Bernadine: Thanks. You're right, I'm truly lucky to live in Chicago and I need to start making the most of it. I plan to learn the Art Institute inside and out.

Drowning: I guess at least at Best Buy you get bumped into by other folks. Perhaps if you really are there enough the salespeople will chip in and get you a television of your very own - if only to get rid of "that guy who won't leave" and improve their sales. Nice strategy.
Kathleen. I have been thinking seriously about doing the same. I don't watch TV all that much, though, news and sports seem to dominate. Truth is, I can get most of what I need and want via the internet.

I will continue to follow your progress.

In the meantime, wishing I were closer to Chicago as well. I love the city. I would certainly take advantage of it's many gems.

Good luck.
RARoberts, Jr.: I say, go ahead and do it! It's been over 24 hours without a television, and I have gotten a LOT done. Living without TV is much more productive. (And, unfortunately - expensive. I seem to spend a lot of time shopping now...)