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NOVEMBER 11, 2009 7:47PM

BREAKING: Lou Dobbs Quits CNN, John King to Replace

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CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, whose controversial brand of advocacy journalism put him in the crosshairs of public opinion.  Dobbs announced Wednesday he will be leaving the network.



Veteran CNN journalist John King, who will be replacing Lou Dobbs in the 7 p.m. time slot, as announced by CNN Thursday. 


Lou Dobbs announced  during his broadcast Wednesday evening he is leaving CNN, effective immediately.

"Over the past six months, it has become increasingly clear that strong winds of change have begun buffeting this country and affecting all of us," Dobbs said.  “Some leaders in the media, politics and business have been urging me to go beyond my role here at CNN and engage in constructive problem-solving.   I’m considering a number of options and directions.”

The controversial CNN anchor has been with the network since its beginning, and asked to be released from his contract early, which was due to expire in late 2011, after discussions with Jonathan Klein, president of CNN. 


UPDATED:  CNN journalist John King has been chosen to replace Lou Dobbs in the 7 p.m. time slot.  The focus of his program will be political news. 


CNN announcement here:   Lou Dobbs Leaving CNN

On the Web:   Lou Dobbs Abruptly Quits CNN - The New York Times   


CNN anchor Lou Dobbs' formal announcement of his resignation, effective immediately, from Wednesday evening's broadcast. 

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So, sounds like Lou is going to be running for Congress or the president I take it.
He'll be a commentator on Fixed News by Friday.
I hear Fox Business is in the wind.
You know what they say about those screen doors.
"Constructive problem solving"? Is he for real?

When I first read this news, my immediate thought was: "Did he jump, or was he pushed?"
I heard that he's taking time off to go on a pilgrimage to Africa to find Obama's real birth certificate...
I hear "Skip to my Lou" playing in my head. Buh-bye....!
Could Lou please take Wolf Blitzer with him? Lou didn't really fit on CNN, he should be on Fux News or running for congress. I think it would be poetic justice if he ran from a district with a heavy Latino population.
If a screen door hits you in the ass on your way out, it's called a waffle.
I expect to see him any day now, manning our border, with a Howitzer in his pants.
So where do you think he is headed for? And did the shooting at his house have anything to do with this?
Ha! Is he going to Faux News? He should fit in perfectly over there.
Almost ... almost ... maybe .... Nope. Couldn't find a way to give a shit. Just go away, Lou.
I guess he couldn't keep up with analyzing Saturday Night Live skits or maybe got tired of hearing school children singing odes to the president on a news network. Sounds like he didn't want to go down with the sinking ship to me. Good luck, Lou.
Sorry, for those of you who came here looking for Prince Albert in a Can or my Veterans Day tribute, we're moving right along with the Big Story of the day.
damn. i'm too late to be the first one to say my money is on his mug showing up on fox. the guy's a buffoon. pffffft.
oh, and could that picture be any more obviously airbrushed? dobbs hasn't worn a pair of pants with a waist smaller than 38 in at least a decade. at a minimum.
I agree with John Blumenthal. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn a contract has already been drafted at Fox. Pretty sure the ACLU is not on Lou’s “Send Resumé To” list.
While it might be a head fake, FOX is denying that it has offered Dobbs a job.
and we all know that Fox news never lies.
Damn, he must be sly as a FOX!!
I hope he lands somewhere soon - what will I do without my Anti-Latino two minutes of hate in the meantime?

@Tom Cordle - Check out Wolf Blitzer on 'Jeopardy'

Not going away, just going elsewhere.

Lou Dobbs has officially taken TinkererTink69's offer to come on over to the soon to be newly restarted news rag of Lesbian Lunch as fashion reporter.

Along with Joan Rivers and her daughter, Tink hopes this addition will make the fashion industry cry(we hope of envy!! But of laughter is good too!!!)

Thank you.

I don't know what else he said but the excerpt you quoted sounds just like what Sarah Palin said when she resigned as Gov. Not a coinky-dink but a new conservative trend? stay tuned!
Oh goodie, the old fart's leaving for his retirement home. The guy has steadily been losing the plot for years now, with his anti-immigrant drivel.
I'll miss his unbiased poll questions. Every night they were the best part of his show.


Are you in favor of Mexican drug smugglers and rapists writing policy on Medicare for American senior citizens?

I, for one, will miss you, Lou
Of course this morning it's no longer breaking news, but still big news, and speculation continues in the public and the press. I've added the link to this morning's NY Times article offering more clues, but no interviews with either Dobbs or Klein, who refuse to be interviewed. Most noteworthy I thought was the end of the NYT article, that Lou Dobbs finished his broadcast and walked directly across the street to an Irish pub.

It will be interesting to see what fills that time slot on CNN today. Campbell Brown? Rick Sanchez?

It seemed apparent from Lou Dobbs' remarks on camera last night that the decision was an abrupt one, and highly emotional, even if it was months, perhaps years, in the making.
This douchebag will be on Fox by the end of the week.
CNN's polite way of firing Lou. At least I thoroughly hope that's what it is.
Kind of Blue, it seems apparent it was a firing, and not a flouncing. Dobbs was given options months ago, and suddenly had none.
I do sometimes watch CNN, but not Lou, so he'll not be missed! Public Radio is my favorite news source.
It's official--John King will be the new 7 p.m. anchor at CNN.

John King to Replace Lou Dobbs: Focus Will Be on Political News - NY Times
The article has been updated to reflect the John King announcement.
is there someplace to wager how long it will take for John King to tell viewers in that time slot that CNN has "the best political team on television"?
I expect you'll hear it tonight, Catherine. I happen to like John King, and get a giggle over the two CNN photos above, obviously taken by the same photographer who lacks imagination in hand placement in formal poses.
Dodd on Fox would be certain to enhance Fox's reputation as a news network, don't you think?
Ahem, that would be "Dobbs!" (Next cup, decaf.)
Although, Steve, Dodd would certainly enhance their reputation. Maybe yours wasn't a slip.
Tonight, Wolf Blitzer is going a fourth hour to fill in for John King, who will be taking over the 7 p.m. time slot.

Here's a bonus for you, a pic of John King taken as he was returning from Seattle by Leslie Sanchez just outside CNN center: Never a dull moment for John King
Goodbye, Lou, and don't let the door hit you on the way out.
Later, Lou. Don't let INS catch you without your passport...ohhh. Can you get one?
It's uncanny how similar those photos are! Nice breaking post, Kathy; sorry I missed it originally.
It borders on the bizarre, those two pics, doesn't it Saturn?

Anyone who finds there way here to read this breaking piece, please make your way over to Saturn Smith's very fine treatment of the discussion continuing regarding Lou Dobbs and CNN found here:

Thanks, CNN, for Making Lou Dobbs