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MARCH 2, 2010 12:41PM

Will Paterson Resign?

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david-paterson-100Not everyone huddled around the water cooler this morning is scratching their head over Jake picking Vienna on The Bachelor.  Some are officially on Paterson resign watch, as the embattled New York governor soldiers on in the face of a gathering storm.

Calls for the governor's resignation grew louder Tuesday morning, with the New York chapter of NOW leading the charge.   The Buffalo News is also reporting that the New York legislature's two top Democrats went to the Governor's mansion today to ask him to resign.   The AP is reporting that Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver changed his mind by the end of that meeting.

Paterson went on record Monday that he will not resign.  "I would think (resignation is) off the table," he told reporters.  "I find the whole discussion to be very remote from the issues we are facing right now."

A recent Marist poll found 66% of registered New York voters do not want Paterson to resign.

The New York Times is reporting that the governor skipped a morning budget meeting, claiming he was not feeling well, and has been in the Governor's Mansion all day as the calls for his resignation increase.   According to a statement just released from former Congressman Rick Lazio, ""If these allegations are true, then Governor Paterson must resign and resign now."  Senator Kirsten Gillilbrand, who was appointed by Paterson to fill former Senator Hillary Clinton's seat, is also calling for Paterson's resignation if the allegations are true.

Multiple sources are reporting that New York State Police Superintendent Harry Corbitt will resign Wednesday in the wake of the scandal involving the governor. 

The New York Times has joined the voices calling for Paterson's resignation if he does not come clean.   The Governor has scheduled a closed cabinet meeting for Wednesday in the Red Room at the State Capitol.


New York Governor David Paterson announced Friday, February 26, 2009, that he would not continue his campaign for governor, and denied any wrongdoing in office.  (CBS video) 


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(photo: Office of the Governor, State of New York) 

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Since I do not live in New York and am not impacted by his actions, I really have no opinion. If the man is not doing his job or is in someway harming the people of the state by his mismanagement, then by all means fire him. Not sure that his personal problems are enough to meet those requirements though.
As a New Yorker, I'm almost indifferent to the question. Paterson has been a political dead man walking almost since the day he took office. I just wish he'd show sign that he understands that his actions in this case were shameful and indefensible.
Thanks for rounding this all up, Kathy! It's certainly an exciting time in New York politics.
Saturn Smith has finally weighed in with her opinion on this, and I would urge everyone to read her post, as she's been on top of this story from the beginning: Paterson Should Resign
I think I was unclear in what I said before. I meant that I was indifferent to whether Paterson resigned from office. I didn't mean to imply that his actions in the matter weren't disgraceful.
I hope he sticks around. The SNL send ups of this guy crack me up. And, besides, New York State is so deep in the shitter, that they might as well scape goat him for as long as possible.
feeling better by the hour about living in Jersey...