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APRIL 20, 2010 12:16AM

Crist Puts His Ear to the Ground

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Florida governor Charlie Crist, who is widely rumored to be considering running for the U.S. Senate as an independent.  Crist told reporters Monday he is listening to advice in that direction.  (photo:  MSNBC) 


Florida Governor Charlie Crist gave ground Monday to the spreading rumors that he is considering abandoning his Republican party affiliation to run as an independent in the upcoming U.S. Senate race.

After abruptly pulling his television ads from several markets early Monday, he sat down with reporter Sarina Fazan of ABC Action News in Tampa and responded to questions about the direction of his campaign.

"I can tell you I'm getting a lot of advice in that direction.  I'm a listener and so I'm certainly listening to it," he said.  "I am certainly listening to people's counsel and advice because I think that is the smart thing to do."

The Associated Press is also reporting they spoke to the governor by telephone Monday.  According to the AP, Crist said, "I care what my fellow Floridians think and what their thoughts are much more than anybody from Washington."

Crist is trailing 23 points behind GOP opponent Marco Rubio in a race where he was initially well ahead.   Several Republicans, including Mitt Romney who has been campaigning with Rubio, are urging Crist to get out of the race rather than run as an independent. 

The Florida governor has until April 30th to make up his mind.   Smart money is on Crist to stay in the race.


UPDATE:  The Palm Beach Post is reporting that Crist's campaign chair resigned late Tuesday, citing all references to GOP had been stripped from the Crist for Senate official website.


On the Web: 

Crist listening to suggestions he run as an independent (video) - ABC Action News 

Ignoring DC pressure, Crist mulls independent run - Associated Press 

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Well done, Kathy...this should be another interesting race...I predict these November elections are going to be hot and heavy. xox
Crist is down 23 points to Rubio? Is Rubio the Tea Party or hard right guy?

This could be the classic play of the radical wing having much more pull in the primary only to get ax handled in the general election when 1) more people turn out and 2) they are more moderate in demeanor.

Who is the Dem candidate? This could be akin to what Liberman pulled off when the anti war wing of the Dems knocked him off and he came back to win the general.
I'm anxious to see how this turns out, and whether independent candidates have a chance this time around. If Crist picks up speed, it could be an important signal for the Tea Party, Palin, and all the rest.
I will be watching this one too, and looking for the results. I don't think the Democratic candidate has a chance (unfortunately) , so this will be the interesting one to watch.
I hope Charlie Crist does run as an Independent, and I hope he kicks Rubio's Butt. But it probably won't happen.

To answer Gwool, Rubio is your classic Cloned Republican, molded in the traditional republican (Reagan/Bush era- Laissez Faire - "F" the middle class) style. The "Rs" recruited him to run against Crist because of Crist's "friendliness" to Obama in '09. They're afraid Crist won't be loyal. On the other hand, Rubio would shine their shoes ... daily ... if it meant political gain. He's a party loyalist, all the way.

Interesting: The Dem is a relatively unknown, under-funded, but very bright young black man. In recent polls, Rubio was miles ahead of Crist with Republicans, after a well funded adv't campaign. Polls comparing he and Crist to the Dem ...Kendrick Meek ... also had Rubio ahead. In a three way race, Crist comes in last. But all of that predates Crist's veto of a bill that was in high disfavor with teachers. I suspect the bulk of their votes would follow Crist ... plus it puts Crist in the general election where he can garner some Democratic support. He'll need it. The Rs are out to destroy him.

Florida ... largely based on its elderly population, along with the large number of elitists we have collected in recent years ... has grown to be more and more conservative. The elitists know that their bread is buttered off the suppression and money of the middle class. And they know that the elderly are easily intimidated and swayed by the Republican's constantly painting Democrats as socialists out to steal their "freedom/money." Beware of Big Gov't, they cry ... as they slip another Ashcroft into the system, and another *Freedom* Act to allow them to read your mail. Then they grow blind while the banks and Wall Street rob us naked.

I remain a Republican due to the local election environment. Otherwise, I'd have little voice in those elections. But I also do so because I don't believe that true Republicanism is at all like the crap they portray today. The party was invaded by Big Business so that they could legitimize their otherwise criminal misdeeds ... ergo the fiasco on Wall Street simultaneously with a ten year massive reduction is SEC investigation funding. I find that timing interesting.

Marco Rubio ... who is Kennedy pretty ... will help continue THAT tradition. He couldn't care less about social responsibility. Crist ... no saint ... would be much more moderate and proactive to the needs of the middle class ... by comparison, an asset in D.C.

Personally, I want the party back for what honest Americans seek ... Freedom and Justice for ALL. The elitists have had it far too long ... and real democracy is jeopardised by that. Justice is not just in the courtroom. It is legislative, too. Screw party lines. We need to take Washington back for John and Mary Doe. Rubio ain't the way.

End of Rant (with apologies to Kathy for using her post to rant them).
Rod, late night word online was that the teachers are mobilizing to support Crist. Your comments are appreciated here; I share many of your observations. Rant away.
I'd love to see more candidates enter the race as Independents, sending a clear message to both parties that enough is enough with the political games.
Very good work, Ms. Riordan. It was very informative and reflected a great deal of research. This was very well done & thank you for it.
Nice work, Kathy. Those links at the end are a very nice touch too.
I hope Crist runs just to screw Rubio and the Rs.
After stumbling upon and viewing of the film "Outrage" on HBO on Demand a few weeks back, my once nonexistent opinion of Governor Crist drastically changed.
He's practically a Dem anyway. Good for him!
If you want to know all about Charlie Crist put Kirby Dick's great documentary "Outrage" onyour Netflic queque.

Charlie's not up to the level of Roy Cohn, but he's a cheap thug.

And the Mrs. has moved out.
Considering pols in DC and how crappy things are going, I'd rather be the Gov of FL than try to come back from 23 down. I don't know either of these 2. With no other info I would route for the 3rd party. 1) I tire of the 2 party system. 2) I like routing for the underdog.
I do find the Republican attitude to be quite interesting, "Run as a Republican or get out of politics". I guess its an all or nothing proposition.
He's toast. The only reason he vetoed the teacher bill was for votes.
Yes, please Charlie run as an Indy. Split the republican vote and let us get another Democratic senator in there!
Kathy, (O.K., make that Ms. R to me).
This portends great, ominous, and even interesting things!
Crist is only down as far as the Grandiose Old Party's primary polls are concerned, (which in Florida, sack-racing senior citizens take, of even more senior subjects than themselves; via shell-phones, lest any real informative polling ever actually occur).
There are lots and lots of yellow dogs scattered around in the boonies of the sunny-bunny state; some dems, some indie. And if you count indies and dem's he is comfortably leading, and that's why he's temp-toeing through the independent wet tulips the way that he is.
Shame he went to the trouble to get married and then was dissed as a VP candidate for Sarah Palin. Waste of a wedding.
More about Crist and GOP self-destruction: