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April 27
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JANUARY 5, 2011 11:04AM

God's Autopsy

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Long white legs



almost not a hair

like the legs of a young girl

not an old man

smooth to the touch



Hands that knew the sun


and grief




like the face and head

but not the rest

the rest smooth




A sturdy chest that housed a heart

that beat beyond its years

beyond its challenges

that loved beyond its years

beyond its challenges

beyond all


Not a mark, not a wound

aside from old scars

that one from being thrown from a raft as a boy

that one from being saved as a man

half-moon intersecting stem to stern



All wounds healed

all smooth

all silky

nothing broken 

feet washed with tears

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How beautiful. I'm glad you're sharing your journey with us. It's a privilege to read your words.
Beautiful, Kathy. Well done. R
Everyday we are walking with you side by side hearing your inner thoughts. Some will be painful. I long for peace for you.
rated with hugs
"feet washed with tears" will live a long, moving life.
thrown from a raft as a boy...saved as a man...all wounds healed~
an honor to read.
Lovely, Kathy.

I'm so sad for your loss and your pain. I cannot know or understand what I haven't experienced, but your words bring me to a place of tears and deep compassion. Your love, grief, and loss are expressed with such deep, abiding eloquence.

hearts break open, then
All wounds healed
all smooth
all silky
nothing broken

Blessings on you, Kathy. Excellent work, as always. Thank you for sharing. R
So beautiful. I hope writing is helping you through this difficult time. Good and healing thoughts to you.
All I can say is "Wow!" This is heartbreakingly beautiful.
a beautiful tribute and the best title I have ever seen. I am proud to be one of your readers.
"And stood at his feet behind [him] weeping, and began to wash his feet with tears..". What a fitting image for a man for whom faith was so important. The images in this were stunning, and heartbreaking, and immediate. Keep it coming; I hope it helps you as much as it blesses us.
"all wounds healed." yes.
"that loved beyond its years"... so beautiful...

"that beat beyond its years".... I can just see that heart beating and beating... so strong...
You have touched the skin of memory and it has no hairs to behold.
Telling, searing, raw and loving. Thank you.
Some words simply request silence. Honored.
I love the line, "Hands that knew the sun."
this goes to some deep place beyond words.