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April 27
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JANUARY 7, 2011 7:26AM

Undecorating the Tree

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In an instant it all comes down

the glass, the tinsel

the precious little things collected over years

here and there

with life attached

the homemade efforts added on a whim

the memory of a first Christmas together


snowflakes and Santas and hearts

until a catch of light on the last branch.






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beautiful. peace and love to you kathy. RRR
"putting away a life"--your tag says it all. I hope this new year is kind to you Kathy.
Packed away, never forgotten, always cherished. I wish you solace in the new year, Kathy.

But the memory still hangs in our hearts.
That's right. And that's one sweet poem.
Putting away a life...well said.
Keep those memories. They are to be cherished and nurtured. R
- thanks for the reminder to enjoy the moment, Kathy.
Poignantly perfect, Kathy.
Wow. This takes my breath away. Blessings to you and here's hoping next Christmas will be easier.
It always makes me sad to take down the ornaments, but it is fun to look at them one by one reliving the memories attached. Beautiful poem, Kathy. R
Nothing but love and prayers to you Kathy.
Elegantly heartbreaking.
I hope that sharing these moments is healing for you, you express this so well. I remember after my mother died and we divided the Christmas decorations of our childhood as we prepared the house for sale. It was an unexpected emotional time. I treasure those ornaments each year and they bring wonderful memories. If I am ever in your place in life, I hope I can move on with as much grace as you seem to have.
I always have favorite things that I hate to put away. You made me think. Why do I put away my favorites when it makes me feel so good to look at them. So you have inspired me. I am taking my favorites back out and making a memory tree for all the time.
Beautiful, Kathy. There are so many memories in each little ornament.
Yes. Everything is so exciting and then the clean up no one looks forward to.
Best Wishes,
Catching the last branch is indeed the meaning of lifes successes.
You portray the sadness of the end of things so perfectly with this, Kathy.
ah, those things with life attached. those are the ones most missed.
what rita said
these ornaments will have another layer of meaning added to them
How wonderful, that you addressed that feeling, that melancholy feeling, of decorations coming down. )Which I may never experience because I'm too lazy to take them down this year...plus I like the pretty lights the whole year round.)
Lovely. R

After reading this I felt like I was touched.